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Meet Emma. Emma has just booked a two
week holiday with her family to sunny Spain! Everything has been taken care of except
the most important thing of all: Who’s going to mind Milo? Emma feels bad
always asking family and friends and she won’t leave Milo in scary
overcrowded kennel! But now Emma has a new choice: makes finding the perfect minder your
for your dog easy! Just enter your location and the dates
you want your dog minded then click enter and HEY! Presto! All
available mines in that location appear in one simple listing. You could browse hundreds
of real homes and filter by price, minder experience and family dogs! Take
your time finding the perfect match for your dog, then make a reservation and
book online, all in less than three minutes:
simple! Now Emma can really relax knowing my Milo is safe in a real home
with a loving minder having a great holiday too. With
one-on-one care and attention and lots of fun playing games with his new friends! Emma and Milo both loved their holiday so much, Emma now uses HouseMyDog to mind other dogs in her own home: lots of our members do. Being a minder is
a great way for Emma to make some extra money and for Milo to make lots of new friends!
And with all that extra money, Emma is already planning her family
holiday next year. Oh, and Milo is already planning his holiday
too. Finally, dog boarding has been made easy. Real minders, Real homes.

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  1. Ha ha Jon Snow is a minder! I love it!
    Cute little animation, but more importantly, dead easy to understand. 🙂

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