Hinduja Family Business Empire (Richest in UK) | How big is Hinduja Group?

Hello and Welcome to TFC, I am Navin. This time we will start our journey in London
and reach Buckingham Palace, Queen’s residence. Just near the Palace, we will find this 25-bedroom,
$500 million house. This is the home of UK’s richest non-royal
family, The Hinduja Family. The Hinduja business empire was started way
back in 1914 by a small trader from Sindh, Seth Parmanand Hinduja. He started trading goods between India and
Iran. And 5 years later he established his first
international office, in Iran. And now 100 years later, Hinduja group has
transformed into a worldwide conglomerate, with presence in over 100 countries and has
over 125,000 employees. So grab your popcorn, as we take the journey
across the world to witness the business empire of Hinduja Group. We will start our journey from North America. In Canada, the Hinduja group owns industrial
fluids manufacturing plant in Ontario and in US they own chemical plants in Georgia,
Michigan and Ohio. Moreover in US, the group owns a health management
company and operates one of the leading outsourcing company Hinduja Global Solutions (HGS). HGS operates 11 delivery centres in Canada,
14 centres in US And in Jamaica the group has 3 business outsourcing centres with over
2,000 people. From sandy beaches of Jamaica let’s move
to South America and reach Argentina. Here, Hinduja group’s iconic brand Gulf Oil,
operates a blending plant and a fuel station. Moving ahead, Hinduja’s own chemical plants
in Brazil and provides product engineering services in Mexico. From South America, we will move to Africa
Here, group’s heavy vehicle company Ashok Leyland, which is the world’s fourth largest
bus manufacturer, has regional office in Kenya and Ivory Coast. In Ivory Coast the company has sold over 3600
trucks and busses. Moreover Ashok Leyland trucks and busses are
also sold in over 11 other African countries. From Africa, we will travel to Europe and
reach one of the most picturesque countries in the world, Switzerland
Here the group owns a Swiss regulated bank, Hinduja Bank and also partly owns the billion
dollar medical virtual reality start-up, MindMaze. Moving to UK, lets watch a football match. Hinduja’s Gulf brand is the official partner
of one of the most famous football clubs, Manchester United. Gulf is also the fastest growing fuel retailer
in the UK, with over 500 outlets. The group also operates 3 business outsourcing
centres, an industrial fluids manufacturing plant and also own a 3.4-acre bus manufacturing
plant in Leeds. The Hinduja’s also own UK based company Optare,
one of the world’s leading electric bus manufacturer. Optare electric busses are now part London’s
bus route. Moreover, Hinduja’s have also acquired Winston
Churchill’s Old War Office, which is planned to be converted into a five-star hotel and
residential apartments. Moving ahead in Germany the group owns a vehicle
exhaust manufacturer company, Albonair and also operates Chemical plants in Germany and
Spain. From Europe, let’s travel all the way to
Australia We have reached Melbourne, the city of the
famous Melbourne Cricket Ground About 20 minutes from this groud, the group
owns an industrial fluid plant, while in nearby New Zealand over 100 Optare busses operate
in country’s capital Willington. After visiting four continents we will reach
Asia And reach Hong Kong
Here, the company operates a marine lubricants company and provides oil supplies to over
1,000 seaports worldwide In Philippines, the Hinduja’s operates 11
outsourcing centres Moreover, The group also owns chemical manufacturing
plants in Thailand and two more plants in China. As we reached China, let’s travel to the
port city of Yantai. Here the group operates an oil blending plant
and has recently launched a Gulf-branded service station in Guangzhou, China
Moving to UAE, Here Hinduja’s own a bus & trucks assembly
plant, while the Ashok Leyland busses are sold widely in GCC countries. In Sri Lanka, the company jointly owns a vehicle
manufacturing company, Lanka Ashok Leyland Lanka Ashok Leyland has sold over 54,000 vehicles
in Sri Lanka and currently has over 60% market share. Moreover, company’s busses have also been
used in Sri Lanka’s 20 million dollar Railbus project. Moving to Bangladesh
Here the company has recently started a 37 acres vehicle assembly plant in Dhaka, and
is one of the highest selling bus manufacturer in the country. Finally after the world tour, we have reached
India. Here the group owns one of India’s largest
private bank, IndusInd Bank, India’s leading vehicle finance NBFC, Hinduja
Leyland Finance. Their IT services company HGS is located in
40+ locations across India. While, Ashok Leyland is the second largest
commercial vehicle manufacturer in India and operates manufacturing plants in Tamil Nadu,
Maharashtra and Uttarakhand. Ashok Leyland is also the largest supplier
of logistics vehicles to the Indian Army. The group also owns India’s largest foundries
in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, Hyderabad; Hinduja’s also own world’s largest detonator
manufacturing company, a mining company and one of India’s largest lubricants company
with manufacturing plants in Silvassa and new 200 crore plant in Chennai. Moreover, the group owns one of India’s largest
cable broadcasting company, a 1000 MW coal based power plant, a surgical hospital, Solar
power and wind energy projects, and holds a land bank of over 2500 acres across major
cities in India. The group is also developing a 40 acres township
and IT park called Ecopolis in Bangalore and another 88 acres integrated township in Hyderabad. Not only that, the Hinduja family was also
involved in financing and distribution of Bollywood films that included famous movies
like Sangam and Amar Akhbar Anthony. The Hinduja family has not only built a massive
business conglomorate but has also established Colleges, Schools and Charitable hospitals. They also grant scholorships to Indian students
in Cambridge and provide breakfast to 71 schools in southern India. The Hinduja foundation is currently conducting
a rural development project in Maharashtra. So Finally All I can say is that, the Hinduja
Group has certainly transformed from a small trading business to a global business empire.

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