Hannity: Media using coronavirus coverage as political weapon

Hannity: Media using coronavirus coverage as political weapon


  1. This Trump supporter will dump Trump and Fox news if coverage doesn't take this Virus more seriously by next week. All I heard was how prepared we were and how good the early travel ban was. But while most countries test in real time on the spot are Drs have to jump through hoops to get test of suspected carrier's when we had time after travel ban slowed process to prepare. Which we clearly didn't considering it takes days to get test and results, and that's for Drs. Meanwhile here in Broward county were sending kids on plane out of State on field trip on a plane. Why? Cause there TOLD everything is fine

  2. Yes this virus may not affect you if your not older or have underlying health issues. Now let’s clear this up people are panicking because ITALY is under total shutdown and if you people don’t realize that this will hit our shores soon enough than y’all are living in a fairytale world

  3. When Trump stood at the CDC and compared the coronavirus to his “perfect call” that got him impeached, then its Trump who is politicizing the virus.

  4. The real enemy and threat to humanity is psycho-political mass deception deployed by a self-appointed [DS] elitist aristocracy who would 'Rule the World' with a hidden agenda covertly operated from behind effected scenes instigated through secrecy and lies by any and all psycho-pathological means promoted over their premeditated [DS] CNN MSM Hollywood styled social media brainwashing mockingbird gasbag propagandist's fake news public disinformation miseducation platforms designed to control the public mindset through instrumental psycho-sociological conformist consensus riots and manufactured globalist crisis gimmicks (like Climate Change and HCV Pandemics). In other words what we see in our faces 24/7 with the [DS] scripted corporate mainstream fake news and its miscreant lunatic 'identity politics' today – mind controlled and depth-psychologically programmed to keep human populations in subliminally suggestible 'Trance State' mindsets always reactive to their scripted commands. The 'Allies of Humanity' promote the ethical principles embodied by the U.S. Constitution and its 'Declaration of Independence' (from the Crown [DS] Globalist [NWO] apparatus) and armed with 'Full Spectrum Disclosure' of the Real News Forensic Facts and Public Information qualified by cutting edge advances in sciences and technologies currently available which we know have the capability of solving the imminent problems humanity is facing as the human race evolves into a better freer brighter world of the future.

  5. Let me guess you all tried to keep it hush hush by then the cat was out the box to late to keep it a secret from us Americans right

  6. the far left hates Trump so much they would be happy to let the market crash if it was able to keep him from reelection.

  7. Trump is lying about everything. Trump is a bad person. Trump is a dumb person. Good people do not say dumb things to defend a bad man. It is unreal how many educated people defend this man risking the greater public good.

    The testing ist NOT important. It is not reliable. There are not enough testing kits available and the laboratory capacities are limited too.
    The virus cannot be contained anyway and you cannot test everybody. The virus will be become a regular disease…endemic.
    Much more important: the doctors & hospitals need to prepare for an influx of patients…in particular the intensive care units.
    The rate of infections need to be slowed down to prevent a hospital /medical care collapse by too many patients looking for help at the same time.
    Hygiene education, no big events and gatherings.
    No doctor visits, do not infect the doctor / team or other regular patients, no hospital visits in the event of symptoms, give them a call in advance to be isolated asap.
    Reduction of social contacts…cancel unnecessary ones completely.
    Home quarantine.
    No traveling at all.
    Store food & beverage for 10 days…do not forget your pets.
    Reserve protection equipment for medical staff only because if the medical staff becomes sick, you will be in deep trouble.
    Protect elderly and sick people….no visitors…keep distance.
    Experts say, a vaccine won`t be available before Aug. 2021.

    It is better to possess a health insurance.
    Italy is completely locked down now because the virus was spreading without being discovered in time.
    Good Luck!

  9. The virus was discovered beginning Dec. 2019 in Wuhan by a 35 yrs old healthy doctor who was silenced by CCP and later on died due to Covid-19.
    Ignorance kills.

  10. Hannity just said the virus is serious, trump has yet to say that. The Main stream media are just pointing out that the president has denied and lied ,rather than dealing with it

  11. Either you trust WHO, and the rest of the world, OR you trust the words that come from Trump….you think about it before answering!

  12. We are blaming Trump for not taking action 2 months ago. Panic arises because of the fear of the unknown. If we had been prepared the media and people wouldn’t be as concerned. When there is fear people look for a Scapegoat. For the right they actually want to minimize the perceived risk even though deep down they are really scared. For the left they want to blame Trump. Which while the lack of action is partly his fault, if they had been less worried about the impeachment trail there would have been less of a distraction for Trump

  13. Isn’t it time that America turns the tide about this Fake News Media tostop this false propaganda coming for the the fake news media’s 🇺🇸

  14. Well. Idiot umber 1 says he has not been tested! Lying , as always! Tell the stock market to calm down!!!lol!! This could be the end of the tragic saga of Donald J Trump!!!!!

  15. Americans gloated when the virus hit China, but I guess the shoe is on the other foot now!! Enjoy the virus, Dow Jones, and all You other Jones´s!!!!!!!!!!lol!

  16. Mika and Ol' Joe have to be on drugs to be in an alternate reality every minute of every show. Joe is not only a partisan hack, he seems mentally unstable.

  17. Here in Australia 🇦🇺 we had the Mardi grass were thousands of people were all together and nothing happened ,someone is behind it to brainwash and scare the people like the climate change they saw people opened there eyes for climate change so they changed direction to this virus

  18. They did it in Italy so they can’t leave Europe like United Kingdom has done ,because Italians want out from Europe as well and it’s true

  19. Still spreading that dangerous statements on the coronavirus. Hannity you should be taken off the air. The coronavirus is ten times worst then the flu. There is nations who are testing 100 times then the U.S.

  20. This admin did not take any steps against this virus. Hannity says trump didn’t know about the virus until January, but trump said the White House knew about it middle of December? Trump said that live in an interview with the cdc live on TV. So? Hannity is a con! This whole segment is all lies……suck it up!

  21. This virus is just a flu or less harmless than the flu. After trumps speech tonight…….doesn’t sound like normal flu. Cause it’s not! It’s a coronavirus. Not the flu dipshits.

  22. I hate Fox News because it spreads lies and untruths……..generally you can only need to look back a day or two to prove this is all propaganda.

  23. Hannity could you and any other of your associates rip Cuomo please watch his show 2 minutes after President Trump speech to America he did exactly opposite what president asked worked together again 2 minutes after spilled everything most non factual and most BS and political and panic he needs to be quarantine along with Democrats

  24. YOU just politicized the Virus yourself you idiot,President knucklehead,Wouldn't even admit that this is an infectious disease until today you idiot!

  25. Stop lying for trump man,Lives are at stuck.trump pooh,pooped this for months bragging about beating impeachment.


  27. Do not lose to coronavirus
    Watch for a body, everybody
    Thank you very much, everybody of medical personnel
    So that everyday life returns early🌏

  28. NO. YOU are using it as a political weapon. You are a disservice to uninformed Americans. That is a gigantic threat to our nation.

  29. Our planet always running at very high speed we must take a breath 😉 and make sure we are strong enough to help each other.

  30. Trump is like a Life Saving Vaccine (LSV) purging a diseased body. The opposition to Trump is the bacterial Voice of the disease, both pleading and threatening on the edge of the toilet flush.

  31. Remember when Trump weaponized ebola against obama for four months straight on twitter? It's all still there. What goes around comes around. Except this is far more serious than ebola ever was in this country.

  32. Why is anyone listening to this idiot….OMG! All over the world people are dying and he is talking crap. Trump said that it was a HOAX dummy and refused to act urgently on making decisions to take control of the situation.
    Yeah he took unprecented steps…………called it a HOAX and went to play golf. Man shut the hell up! You guys are full of s…..

  33. “ IF “ the Self-Titled “ For the Concerns Of The American People “ Democrats AREN’T Politicizing & Over Playing this CURRENT Virus / THREAT to the Public, WHERE WAS THEIR CONCERN & MEDIA VOCAL VOICES / DEMANDING ACTION ( and DIRECTLY blaming a Sitting Republican President ; they have stated they MAINLY just want to “ BEAT out of Re-Election “ , rather than themselves GET Elected! ) over Topics such as: @ Support/Medical/Housing for Our Bravely Served Veterans? Or @ Nancy Pelosi’s Own Constituents in California, The Homeless: Abandoned Mental Health Challenged? Disastrous / Non-Existent Drug Rehabilitation Programs? Non-Existent Mobile Food, Medical, Health, Housing, Aid Programs? Schumer & Company ( And other States ) Slap-On-Wrist & Degraded Drug Laws? *Remember folks ; as Mr. Peter Schweitzer said in his 2005 Book, Dems are a ,” Do as I Say, Not as I DO “ ! Come on Sean! Like your 2010 book says, give us a “ CONSERVATIVE VICTORY “! Darth Airborne Nobody 55’ NYC

  34. Because of this presidents incompetence, hundreds if not millions of people in the U.S. will die. Cases being diagnosed are only a tiny fraction of what the actual cases are. As soon as it spread from China, all flights in and out of the U.S. should have been canceled, cruises stopped, and interstate commerce put on hold.

  35. Media as a scapegoat for this administration's incompetence, what else is new. Trump is the moron fired the people who plan for pandemics.

  36. If there were anyone else in the white house right now you wouldn't be hearing about this virus on the level that it is. Remember Sars? Killed 300,000 people and did not get this much attention. Wake up America the Dems/Liberals are lying to you.

  37. The media is doing everything they can to blame all of this on Trump so that it increases the chances he loses in November.

    There is no low the media won't stoop to in order to advance their agenda. This is a prime example of that

  38. Here is what he just said " young more likely to die from the flu than the virus". What he did not tell you is. Only the elderly and really sick are getting tested. And this virus looks like, acts like, smells like the flu

  39. Cons (Conservatives) want to shut down the border for the virus and say it's okay to do that but think it's TDS and liberals overreaction when they hear cancellation of schools, sports and other events. Don the con and Hannity the insanity have really fried your pathetic brains!

  40. The media should have the largest Lawsuit ever in the history of the world to make them fall and fall hard. they need to pay for the market decline.

  41. Coronavirus is a big deep state hoax. A product of the Democrats and drive-by media. Don't buy into the hoax!!! There is no deadly virus!!

  42. I'm surprised this wasn't predicted by the Simpsons like everything else is ! lol BTW The Simpsons supposedly predicted Tom Hanks getting the Coronavirus , goes to show you how these stars are part of a big agenda

  43. Its disgusting how everyone knows the controlled media lies about everything but suddenly they started telling the truth ?
    No thanks. I can read numbers and in any given 3 month block going numerically head to head with the seasonal flu virus strains. The Corona Bologna Hoax is factually proven with simple data to be significantly less deadly than the annual flu epidemic we have experienced since we were kids. Notably since the VACCINES are never distributed properly and we always have a vaccine for a strain that is no longer active yet we immunize anyway even though it's pointless to do so. Think《

  44. "We need to stop politicizing this disease! You hear me, you disgusting nutjob Russian-obsessed liberal commie scumbags!?!?"

  45. It is shocking that the US currently cannot test for the Corona virus in proper numbers. There is not nearly enough access nor tests. Korea had it ramped to 10,000 a day. What is wrong ? There are clearly many Americans who are sick with Covid-19 and there is not nearly enough testing. America doesn't even know how many… Yeesh. That puts a lot of Americans in their 80s at risk. A small percentage of these people will die depending on measures taken. Politics aside, this is pretty bad for a rich, developed country.
    The ban on travel to China didn't work. Italy imposed the same travel ban and is now in lock down. Covid is now in the US and spreading. You can complain about the coverage Hannity, but that does not excuse the fact that Trump responded very poorly and very late. Last week he was saying it was not a problem. This week hes in the oval office blaming Europe. Covid doesn't care if you are Republican, a Trump supporter or not. By the way COvid is has a higher fatality rate than regular flu. 0.5% S. Korea. 6% for Italy 3.6 % for China. That's Covid. Its 0.1 % for flu. So you got that wrong. I understand you are trying to cover Trumps political butt and attack the media. However, that doesn't help stop the virus. Shouldn't that be the focus?

  46. Trump should hold mass rallies in key states like Florida immediately. Rally the troops. They will likely get sick and about 3-5% will die. Hannity should attend. Put your health where your political mouth is Sean. Walk the walk.

  47. Listening to our inept president prattle about containing the Coronavirus pandemic is like listening to him lecture on topic of marital fidelity. Our inept President fired the pandemic response team that Obama assembled in 2015. Trump's malfeasance is harming everyone in this country

  48. Funny how his fox news channel is taking stick measures to protect these morons. The disgrace here is their core audience are the older people who are more likely to die from the disease. How can these guys sleep at night. Now everything is shutdown

  49. "Children of Trump supporters are a coronavirus threat to your kids"?! I wonder how she came to that conclusion?! 🤔 oh well, democrats aren't known for being particularly intelligent so it should come as no surprise!

  50. Hilarious. Hannity spends an 8 min clip about politicizing Covid-19 politicizing Covid-19. Thankfully for him Irony is not a lethal condition.

  51. This is soooo funny. Remember Barrack Ebola? Now this is unfair media bias? At least with this situation the media has good reason to blame the president.

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