Halsey – You should be sad

Halsey – You should be sad


  1. Repent and be baptize in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ before time stops on your life. God is good and merciful give your life to Christ before it's too late.

  2. This song is beautiful. The video is sexy. Unfortunately the both of them combined is trash in my opinion. I didnt feel any connection from the video to the song. It was almost like I was watching a video while listening to a different song else where. It just didnt vibe well together and I know she's better at portraying what she is singing in her videos so I'm disappointed with what's presented here.

  3. Lmao i see people on here saying "omg what if bts sees this" i mean you guys act like they're not grown men who hasnt seen porn before lmao the admitted they've watched porn so i feel like it wouldn't matter

    (Btw im not saying that this video has anything to do with porn its just im sure they've seen cleavage and etc.)

  4. Oh I want to email this to me ex so bad, but I'm not gonna go there. But oh man am I glad I didn't have a baby with him. Moving on now.

  5. Am I the only one who thinks these strong lyrics deserve a better, meaningful video..? I couldn't get the relation between lyrics and video.. Is that the celebration party of getting rid of him or what?

  6. I fucking love you Halsey/Ashley 🤍👻 I’m so glad you’re making the music you wanna make and doing your best to love your best life. You’ve clearly earned it through all the shit you pulled through. You rock sis🤘🏼

  7. It's funny how you think guys care just about sex drugs and cars yet you act like a real slut . Lol the irony in this song is hilarious.

  8. Is she saying you should be sad because she had a miscarriage and he didn't feel sad about it? I love this song.

  9. this is so perfect. my ex idolized g eazy to the point that he dressed like him on purpose and basically did all but get his tattoos and call himself g eazy. this song is exactly what i went through with and feel towards him. i guess he really succeeded at becoming g eazy

  10. For those complaining in the comments about the video being too sexual…

    It's not. Nudity doesn't equal sexual. Attractive people bearing skin doesn't equal sexual. Even people touching isn't necessarily sexual. There's a sensuality in this video, for sure, but I feel the bared skin is more a vulnerability and openness than something sexual. And her sitting naked on the horse with the long hair is totally a Lady Godiva thing.

  11. Why do I feel like this would’ve been a great song for Selena Gomez’s Rare album? I love Halsey singing this though too.

  12. I wanted to understand Halsey's head these days… how can she release songs so different from each other in such a short period of time. Sometime ago she was releasing a kinda of "rock" song, today she releases an electronic country(????idk). Imagine how crazy it would be if all these songs were from the same album, the gigantic lack of cohesion, will be amazing, I must admit. for all kinds of music lovers

  13. la fin ressemble à un tableau de peinture : l'amour libre chez tout un monde. the end looks like a painting: free love in a whole world.

  14. Gosh am lovin' this genre, please make more of this. Plus your body motivates me more to workout. Proud of you, girl! 😅

  15. eewww you're so dirty Halsey what if BTs saw that huh ? do u really want Army's to be mad at u we forgive you last time right and you know we got jealous when you are with BTS but we forgive you that time and now this time if bts really saw that we can't forgive you anymore

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