Gutfeld: Why critics go nuts when Trump uses force

Gutfeld: Why critics go nuts when Trump uses force


  1. If you didnt know, Iran and the middle east were ALLIES until DEMOCRAT president jimmy carter betrayed them by welcoming CHINA in and in doing so, helped hurt the average american WHILE betraying our allies. a double whammy of democrat decisions that hurt more than help.

  2. Of course Democrats are pissed. What do you think John Kerry was doing meeting Iranians and Obama giving them billions.

  3. When Jimmy Carter dies will there be masses coming out to mourn the man who first emboldened Iran? I don't think so. No one under 40 remembers him. And anyone OVER 50 with a brain remembers the 52×444 HOSTAGE CRISIS and STAGFLATION! >>> Look, if I don't know the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs? Maybe it's because we don't have an Eisenhower, a Marshall, a MacArthur … a … well, you get the idea. And maybe we don't have a 5 Star General because … WE'RE (largely) AT PEACE. And we are AT PEACE … because we have President Donald J. Trump, the only COMMANDER IN CHIEF I need to know. >>> Come to think of it, there are 2 old movies that remind me of "The Gang That Couldn't Shoot Straight" and "The Apple Dumpling Gang".

  4. How predictable. Another Celebritarian defending Trump’s interventionism. Is it hypocritical coming from the neoliberals? F&@k yes. But is it just as hypocritical that people that supposedly espouse anti-interventionist positions go out of their way to cheer Trump when he starts acting like his neoconservative puppet masters want him to act? Also yes.

  5. I don't know if Fox is aware , but the sub titles flashed across the bottom of this video are way off what's being actually said..someone from Fox better start monitoring these..they are bad news.misleading.

  6. Don’t forget that Ricky Gervais hosted the Golden Globes and called out Hollywood on their degenerating state of existence. It’s been a great week! Trump and Gervais both won awards for the largest golden globes 😂

  7. My advice is a mass jump from the nearest building over eight stories talk, if they do I promise to blame Trump!

  8. More like because trump is a war criminal !
    I'm referring to trump stealing oil from Iraq and syria!! Not to mention every bomb he's dropped on a sovereign nation is also a war crime!
    Its become PATHETIC to carry on the charade that he has even two brain cells!
    This gutfield bloke is a joke!

  9. The better Pearl Harbor analogy is to have blamed FDR because we cut off much of Japan's war matériel. If we'd continued to trade with Japan then, what? They wouldn't have bombed Pearl Harbor? They would have "only" continued to dominate the Pacific?

  10. They are all friends Y’all are being Duped again and again and again . Hillary and Trump are friends . Hillary a Child molester Baby water Rockefeller and So is Clinton that why her daughter doesn’t look like Bill . Hillarys daughters teeth gives it away . Trump will never do anything . The impeachment is a show distraction from all the fiat currency being printed and the unaccounted for $21trillion missing currency. The Debt of the USA is over $44trillion . Expect a Big War if oil drops . Oil is what fuels the military industrial complex. It brings up the stock market. Nobody knows the real price of anything lol. How Embarrassing people are blind or soon will have the blame of your Grandchildren on Ya

  11. Someone should tell these assholes to get off of use-of-force already we've got more important issues we got to deal with

  12. Joy Behar, the white supremacists aren't suddenly seeing the light and becoming good guys. They are coming to the realization that Trump is NOT RACIST! You could learn something from that.

  13. I recently realized that Trump’s biggest advantage is actually how much his critics and opponents underestimate him. They truly believe their own narrative that Trump is stupid and hot-headed. It makes it an easy job for Trump to outsmart them.

  14. I found it amusing when one of those fake news reporters claimed that Nancy Pelosi was Kryptonite. That is so stupid. Superman has been beaten by many other things besides Kryptonite such as Darkseid. Nancy Pelosi is Alexander Luthor and not Kryptonite.

  15. People hate Trump for a reason, the sad thing is that a lot of people are not really capable of understanding politics and better focus on their family, friends and job.

  16. Trump lost the support of the fringe right wing racist, and gained the support of the moderate left. Good trade really

  17. Are these fake news people really trying to fool the smart people in America. Lol I can understand the dem foollowers believing your crap, because they wouldn't be voting Democrat if they knew the truth….SORRY IF THEY WANTED TO KNOW THE TRUTH.

  18. Republicons are acting like they didn’t do the same thing during both Clinton’s and Obama’s administrations. However, we can’t go around assassinating people in countries with which we’re not at war without disclosure to our lawmakers. I don’t care which party a person is in, we need to follow our laws.

  19. trump has been the lest likely leader to fall for the bait tricking act in for ages yes then advancement in the all but the last 20 years has sort made it easier to check the info given you cant these days gain video picture and film of a place from the white house multi-able times a day when only 20 years ago you could only just made maybe manage to get a confirmation once in a day you 1st make contact or hearing of something happening but still each time one happens it understood and counter measure if they were action measure only once the full info was in and what the option were rather then blasting off with the great show of might when talk and listening is what end in the gets your demand is just all seems america goals are gain more though talk then bombs given that america is successful more or one the more favored side so his offer is aloud to be smaller and with more backing Iran picked their last fight with a opponent that has accurate targeting systems enough that they could easily pluck one of the leading tactical director of their nation with little to retaliate of which so far been 2 rockets strikes hit the ground 2 miles off target and one your best allies who support them that bought down 176 dead people yep not sure what side id rather be on anything apart of support is just plain stupid Iran got humiliated trump winning and laughing he arse off how stupid easy the win was for him

  20. Trump knows the Iranian people more than their leaders do. So far this whole thing is working out brilliantly for the Stable Genius.

  21. Coulda woulda shoulda…. but since it's not happening, I guess. … Trump is a poopy face. Lol. Mainstream mafia strikes again

  22. i love it when democraps clinch up 🤣

    but with all these clinching/ keggles its amazing they still queef a lot also 🐈💨 🤣

  23. Greg Gutfield has a lot to say.

    Hes very loud and very animated.

    But still. Hes not. Funny….. just a little obnoxious

  24. How about just going back to arresting them for war crimes. or taking them as prisoners of war!! What ever happened to those options!!!

  25. Because they know it's a great victory for trump. The dems will do the opposite of whatever trump does. He should pretend to like the dems policys so they will support his really policys lol

  26. These people talk negatively about the president day in and day out every single day! They totally overlook all his awesome accomplishments and progress he has made for this country just to be able to say something bad about him and invoke fear in the weak minded! When will they ever stop with this nonsense? Most folk know that no matter how serious your face and no matter how serious you sound…if you have no facts your opinion don't count for doo-doo!

  27. Look how the Iranians are using the same tactics the dems are using just goes to show how weak the dems are making our country look to the world by blaming Trump for everything

  28. Iran was so scared of TRUMP that they purposely missed their target's because they new president TRUMP would stomp a mud hole in their Iranian having assess if 1 America would have been killed

  29. Hey folks did you hear the news Nancy Pelosi and her gang are calling for none other than the assassination of President Trump because they can't win in 2020. They tried everything else and it didn't work

  30. MSMBC ABC CBS CNN The sky is falling the sky is falling what a bunch idiots should be charged for falsifying journalism I see ABC all they talk about is OUR PRESIDENT
    People don’t believe you anymore people are waking up please Pretty soonyou’ll be out of business or in jail for corruption

  31. "Apocalypse, never?!" This is what happens when the owner and anchor read a different Book … Revelation 12:1 fulfilled OVER TWO YEARS AGO!

  32. I can’t believe how hateful n anti American these demon Democrats are. They are treasonous and need to be dealt as such

  33. Which critics ? Choose among 91 percent of the American people…oh, those other guys on tv, those critics,you guys just keep arguing at each other, you on the right get to yell louder.

  34. Now that's some funny Sh** because it's true folks ..The msm & traitorous democrats are a bunch scumbag idiots from idiotville…

  35. Demtards are such chicken turds. Donald Trump doesn't know what's best for America?? Really?! As if BO sending harsh messages and palates of cash worked. You never appease a radical, blood thirsty power weaker than you because it only incurs their contempt. Iran thought we were weak and gutless. Iran has now had a wake up call. Any one of their disgusting, murderous bastard leaders can be eliminated at any time. I'm utterly disgusted with the Demtard line that 'now we're going to go to war with Iran'. Morons. Even Iran knows better than to go up against America. Trump is no weakling, scared BO. And Gutfeld is right. At the end of the day, he's got America's back.

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