Gutfeld on Chuck Schumer’s ‘threat’

Gutfeld on Chuck Schumer’s ‘threat’


  1. Abortion is not nearly as safe as closing your legs!
    My mother used to say, take an aspirin, hold it between your knees, remove it only when you’re ready to be a Mom!

  2. I am from the south and we speak harshly or talk in such a way that many can’t understand. But, I know what’s right and wrong. They don’t teach manners and proper speech in New York? You just insulted a lot of people…….ignoramus!

  3. NEVER expect a Democrat to act professional and grown-up.

    And remember, these degenerates are CELEBRATING killing humans. Including Schumer.


  5. Ive watched your guys(the 5) clips on YouTube and don’t know the names but in every clip the pro-“choice”(killer)guy has proved either he has not a lick of sense or else has so much hate that he is willfully ignorant..

  6. Would love to see these women standing at the gates on judgement day they’ll pay for murdering their babies

  7. One day all these people who are for killing an unborn child will have to face God and explain why they killed his gift to them. Chucky Smucky Schumer will have to stand before God and answer the same question. I wonder what he will say before God sends him to hell?

  8. Instead of holding Schumer responsible for his actions, Juan moves on to the President to talk about what he's done wrong, this is so ridiculous… If the President did do something wrong, TWO WRONGS DONT MAKE A RIGHT!!!!!

  9. actually it's usually the left's women that have abortions, for the most part, so they are engaged with self cleansing, let's just see how far this goes, the logical end is there are very few lib babies born, one could only hope, now this is a very callous comment but sometimes truth hurts

  10. "We need to take the guns to protect the children your right doesn't matter"
    "Abortions at 9 months are a right." Democrat logic.

  11. Dec 7, 1941 America was attacked by Japan and did lots of damage. Dec 7, 2019 the Democrats attacked America and the best President America ever had by trying to impeach him. We took care of Japan and now we must take care of the Democrats. We must turn every state RED by voting R on every thing. You must vote R if you have to craw to the polls to save America again. The Democrats have been trying to impeach Trump starting 19 minutes after he took office. They hate Trump and America and are using a pack of lies by the crooked left and the lying media to do it. Every one has benefited by Trump's policies,even those who hate him. Vote R no matter what. Thank you, Keep America Great.

  12. What is wrong with that dude Juan? Is he a satanist? He is evil! Or he just talking the talking points? A lot of people do not like that dude. JUAN if you ever read these know this we the people think you are evil and an idiot. You need to quit cuz you are know journalist the only thing you are is a bubblehead who doesn’t truly believe in God and Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior. You’re talking about children here. Children are innocent beans innocent souls. You need to read in the holy Bible the word of our father God in heaven what will happen to people that hurts father God Children. It says it would be better to have stone block tied around your neck as you’re thrown off into the deepest of C’s then to take one of these precious innocent children and harm them. Juan, I really hope you read this and all of them and think hard and long about you opinions and beliefs. And stop blaming President Trump for everything.

  13. It's a threat… everyone heard it and he really try to sound to scare them seriously! He expressed that they should watch their back…. Coz they will know what will hit them!

    He done it to Trump…. the six ways, ,eaning trump will hit something he will six times before the week over and it did happen few weeks later!

    If someone said that to pelosi? That person will be now in jail…. or resign as senator lol

  14. These democrats are the modern-day citizens of Sodom and Gomorrah!!! Their FILTHINESS stinks to the high heavens. They are the promoters of all IMMORAL things.

  15. Their must be someone out there crazy enough to shoot the Dem bastards,leave them all dead in the street and well sell their parts for money

  16. Guttfuck….snowflake got his widdle feelings hurt….just wait till your calling joe

    Mr President.

  17. abortion……they are mad at it because if it becomes illegal their infedility can nolonger be gotten rid of the evidence

  18. The unborn are future citizens. The government says that they are there to protect their citizens. If a government will not defend the most defenceless of its citizens, one better watch out. Don't expect them to defend anyone. Question the existence of the government.

  19. They’re a bunch of whores that want to f#@k.
    ‘But what if you get pregnant?’
    ‘I will abort it, because I want to F#@K.’

  20. atheist peseudo-culture: cultivating hate toward humqanity, because they know man was created in God's image…

  21. Chuck Schumer is a little weasel I cannot believe they're taking the life unborn baby they're killing a human being

  22. What is wrong with Juan? No matter what he has to defend those who are in the wrong..he’s just a “Yes” guy plain and simple which means he has no back bone… which means he’s “lukewarm”.

  23. Except you just said you were from Brooklyn, so if you're presented with the opportunity to make a threat, you always always do such a thing…

  24. As a matter of official policy, but any level of political jurisdiction, I oppose abortion, but as a case by case medical question, that should be reserved to the individuals involved, that being said. The reasons stated for abortions done in America today, most are so flimsy, they barely hold air much less water. The two that have some merit, sexual assault and medical risk to the mother are still rather weak, if we treated rapist and pervert uncles like they treat the unborn, that problem would shrink, and if we siphon the money into research to save both mother and baby, then it would be plus two, rather than minus one. So what is abortion good for? I don't have direct proof, but I suspect it is similar to what the Nazis did during the final solution, they made money from all the undesirables they murdered.

  25. Threy run around calling everyone haters, they cal republicans sexists, Islamophobs, homaphobes… what about how they hate babies?!?

  26. Abortion is the SAFEST?!! Every victim/unborn child is DEAD! .. KILLED!! .. MURDERED!!! .. Safe for who? Certainly not the viable, live but yet to be delivered full term born. THEY ARE DEAD! MUTILATED!! TORN OUT – DEAD!!!!!

  27. 46,413,319 deaths by abortions between 1970 – 2016.  Source: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Guttmacher Institute. 1.2,000,000 plus a year, JUAN!!!

  28. Juan you need help. You're obviously ok with these sickos cheering on the killing of the most innocent in society. God bless you GG for being outspokenly pro-life!!!

  29. There was a sign saying protecting abortion is a catholic value which is ironic because it’s actually the other way around

  30. I think Chucky boy needs to be "red-flagged"…. he has guns and is CLEARLY a threat to others' safety and well-being!

  31. since when is "protecting abortion access" a catholic value….good grief….I am ashamed of some of these women seeing babies as "parasites" and bragging about abortions….what the hell happened to these last few generations….

  32. He turned up at rally for votes nothing more. Just saying what they want to hear. Only problem is, he is senile. Can you imagine why he wants to be president? Money. And ww3.

  33. Funny, since the impeachment failed dems have been on the down low trying to figure out more lies and ways to waste money, Trump 2020

  34. hey shumer, get a job at the circus as a clown. You already have years of experience just being “yourself”..

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