Grandma’s Peanut Butter Fudge – Food Wishes

Grandma’s Peanut Butter Fudge – Food Wishes

hello this is chef john from food wishes
comm with grandma’s peanut butter fudge that’s right my grandma did not make
peanut butter fudge but many other grandmas did and i’m pretty sure there’s
was very close to this old-fashioned style recipe and besides being
incredibly fast and easy to make with the holidays approaching this stuff
would make a great edible gift unless of course that person has a peanut allergy
which would then make this a really terrible gift but anyway you could use
this same technique for other nuts and no matter what you use this is how we’re
gonna put it together and first up we’re gonna need to sift a pound of powdered
sugar which i’m gonna do by shaking and stirring through this fine mesh strainer
and by the way never assume anything in the kitchen okay i thought that bag i
poured in was one pound but it was actually a pound and a half and it was a
good thing i double-checked the package because a pound and a half would have
been way too much so I ended up having to take some out but all’s well that
ends well and then what we’ll do once that set is
move on to i guess what we’ll call the wet ingredients which will include some
unsalted butter as well as some creamy style peanut butter and for this I
recommend you use an actual real peanut butter alright the only ingredients on
the label should be peanuts and salt so I generally will stay away from those
major commercial brands that contain lots of sweeteners and stabilizers and
emulsifiers and things we can’t pronounce and then what we’ll do once
those have been transferred into a saucepan has head to the stove and place
this over medium heat and as this comes up to temperature and starts to melt
we’ll go ahead and give it a stir and once the mixture is all looking nice and
smooth all we’re waiting for is it to start to kind of simmer around the edges
okay we really don’t need a rolling boil here we just need everything nice and
hot so as soon as that starts to bubble around the sides of the pan and looks a
little something like this what we’ll do is turn off the heat and
add our last two ingredients which will be a nice big pinch of salt as well as
some real pure vanilla extract and we’ll go ahead and stir that in and then what
we’ll do once all that’s been mixed together is quickly but very carefully
pour this into our bowl of sugar and then using some kind of large spatula or
spoon we will simply mix this until very well combined
and by very well combined I mean all our powdered sugar disappears which is going
to be pretty easy if you sifted your sugar first which we did but anyway we
will go ahead and spatulate that until the mixture is extremely smooth oh and
speaking of smooth I know I said to use creamy peanut butter in this but I
should mention if you did want to use the chunky style you can it will still
work so feel free I mean you are after all the Judge Judy of your fudge duty
but personally I do prefer the smooth melt-in-your-mouth texture but anyway
what we’ll do once that’s all mixed is go ahead and transfer it into a plastic
lined hopefully 8 by 8 inch baking dish and we’ll go ahead and press that down
firmly get in it as even as we can at which point all we have to do is wrap
this up and then wait for it to get firm enough to cut and it’s at this stage I
always seem to make the same mistake okay I always intend to pop it in the
fridge for a few minutes to firm it up but end up leaving it in there too long
and it’s ice cold which means when I pull it out and unwrap it to cut it it
tends to be extra brittle and flaky okay so for a little tip either don’t chill
it so much or if you do make it ahead pull it out and let it warm up a little
bit before you cut it but anyway temperature issues aside we’ll go ahead
and cube that up into whatever size pieces we want oh and by the way this
cutting while cold issue is only a problem with this old-fashioned style
fudge okay your modern creamier style peanut butter fudge is much softer and a
lot easier to cut but as far as I’m concerned is not nearly as good
texturally okay a classic peanut butter fudge is supposed to melt on your tongue
not smear on your tongue okay if I want something soft and sticky and creamy
I’ll just have a spoon of peanut butter okay what we’re going for here is
something that has a very dense firm texture like a classic chocolate fudge
but as soon as it hits our warm tongue it instantly melts into this buttery
peanut e liquid goodness which is exactly what we have here and by the way
if you did want something softer and creamier all you got to do is add a
little more peanut butter and I’ll try to remember to mention that in the blog
post but anyway I went ahead and finished cutting this up and as this
warmed up it did get easier to cut and eventually once that was cut I
transferred it into a candy dish and then sort of surprised myself by eating
several more pieces since I’m generally not big on sweets
and candies but there’s just something about this I really love and find fairly
addictive but anyway that’s it what I’m calling grandma’s peanut butter
fudge again to be clear now my grandma but somebody’s grandma and like I said
with the holidays coming up if you’re looking for a very easy crowd-pleasing
gift or maybe just to bring to that thing where everybody’s supposed to
bring something you know those things and this thing is perfect for those but
no matter what occasion you make these for or whether you’re just gonna treat
yourself I really do hope you give this a try soon so head over to food wishes
calm for all the ingredient amounts and more info as usual and as always you


  1. I recognized your 8×8 glass pan from video's past and wondered how long I've been watching your videos. Almost ten years ! !! Thank you for making me a better cook. 😀

  2. My Grandma did not make fudge either, but her sister made it when I was young. She made amazing chocolate fudge, butterscotch fudge, and peanut butter fudge. Man, that was good!

  3. My grandma only made undercooked scrambled eggs and completely unseasoned boiled chicken breast. I'm still not convinced she was 86% Italian, despite what says.

  4. Awesome recipe, taste like a way better Reese's filling. Think if you dip it in chocolate it would be very Reese's like.

  5. these recipes are really interesting, but to anyone with an accent that includes the "Pennsylvania dutch question", his accent is really disturbing. the quick rising inflection on the end of a sentence makes it sound like he's asking a question he assumes he already knows the answer to, rather than making a statement.

  6. Nice recipe!
    Hard to understand however, sometimes when the intonation drops your voice down to 'difficult to decipher' volume.

  7. For those with allergies, I find that SunButter is a very good alternative. Made of sunflower seeds, and guaranteed to be FREE of the Top 8 allergens. That would be tree nuts, peanuts, milk, eggs, fish, shellfish, wheat, soy. It's non-GMO, too- it is slightly sweetened, though. I have yet to ruin something that calls for peanut butter by using this instead…

  8. my grandmother and aunts used to make fudge after Easter. They would buy left over chocolate easter bunnies and turn them into wonderful fudge….using Fluff…that stuff you use to make peanut butter and fluff sandwiches. I remember that it was very smooth and yummie, they also made peanut butter fudge as well. I'm not big on sweets either, but I think I would like to try this ! Thanks Chef John ! x-)

  9. Hi Chef John, if you're serious when you ask viewers what their food wishes are, I have two. First, a French Canadian fudge called "sucre a la creme". It's a white fudge. The second wish is cabbage roll casserole, rather than actual cabbage rolls. I've tried several recipes and I only got it really delicious once by accident and never wrote down proportions. As a trained chef, I image you can get proportions right.

    I'm hoping you'll answer this food wish, and I keep my cayenne pepper at the ready while I wait. Thanks!

  10. I do a no cook kind, it works is good and doesnt have all that gob of butter in it. This is similar since you didn't really cook it all.

  11. Oh, Chef John, I love the shape of the bowl!
    It's beautiful and with the peanut butter fudge nestled inside, it's kind of sexy!

  12. Okay I love the recipe but is someone like constantly stepping on your toes because you inflate your voice in the middle of every sentence, lol.

  13. This is actually a part of my family's Christmas tradition that started with my grandmother on my mom's side. Now I've taken up the responsibility of making it every year. 3rd generation fudgie?

  14. ffs I don't know why your inflection makes me so fucking aggressive but now I want to break shit…

    thats not your normal cadence and it drives me crazy

  15. I think this is what I pictured "Turkish Delight" to be when I first read The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe when I was a kid and didn't know what Turkish Delight actually was.

  16. Can I make it with homemade powdered sugar? (Cup of sugar with a teaspoon of cornstarch, grinded up very well.)

  17. Would you like making some Kommisbrot? It's a kind of German wholegrain bread that used to be made for the army and is very nutritient?

  18. This might be a stupid question.. but why use unsalted butter if you’re going to dump a bunch of salt in later?? Someone educate me lol

  19. Believe it or not, the cafeteria in my elementary school used to sell these for dessert. I’ve always wondered how to make it and now I know. Ty😊

  20. I want to make this for a "friendsgiving" get together; however it is a vegan get together. Will refined coconut oil work in place of the butter?

  21. Lol, these are sugar-butter cubes, with little peanut butter. You could ditch the sugar and butter and just blend peanuts with dates for maximum taste without any of the processed ingredients (i.e. sugar + butter). Or, use cacao beans, make homemade chocolate!

  22. Another DELICIOUS recipe that I’ll be making over and over. They turned out so great and addictive. Chef John posts quality stuff only. Hilarious too 😂

  23. I grew up with peanut butter fudge my mom made for Christmas. SHE also made chocolate fudge. My wife makes both for christmas also.

  24. I made this fudge with my kids using smooth Biscoff spread in place of peanut butter. It is amazing! Thank you Chef John.

  25. Brand new sub and first time comment here. First, you are hilarious. So great to watch a recipe and chuckle at the same time. Second, I believe this is the first fudge recipe that I've ever seen that adds peanut butter and butter to cook and doesnt cook the sugar mixture first. But wow, it looked so easy to do! And third, yes I will be gifting fudge for Christmas so I'll be trying this recipe first, and maybe replacing my own peanut butter fudge recipe! Happy spatulating!

  26. Chef John, thank you for the wonderful recipe! I made this today, and it tastes delicious! I'm sure my family will love it. 😀

  27. I made this just a few days ago, and wow! This is very very good. Almost too good because I am strongly tempted to eat it all myself. A good thing I'm not the only person in the house. Everyone likes this fudge, by the way. Because my wife prefers crunchy peanut butter, that's what I used, and it was great!

  28. 😢 Measurements please…😢
    “Some butter?
    “Some peanut butter”
    Don’t make us to go elsewhere to get it.

  29. Hey Chef John. I have a special request. Please make a homemade Peanut butter dark chocolate chip Perfect Bar. It’s perfectly paired with a latte or cappuccino. Those things are addictive and I’m going broke buying them 🙁

  30. First timer here but watching this and listening to him talk I kept thinking about the Lil Dicky song "Pillow Talking"

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