Graham: Trump will bring Irianian regime ‘to its knees’ if conflict continues

Graham: Trump will bring Irianian regime ‘to its knees’ if conflict continues


  1. We withdrew from the Iran deal nearly 2 years ago, which the fake news laid to rest within weeks, but now Iran withdraws and the sky is falling lol.

  2. Why are we deigning to respond to abject ignorance from wannabe celebs? LOLOLOL A non performing football player and freshman congress critter who've never cracked a history book. Yeah…real important.

  3. If you're countries general was killed by other countries even he or she do bad or good to others, is it ok for you?

  4. I’m still mad about the Americans being taken hostage by the Iranians in 1979…but then I’m just an old angry white man that can still remember history.

  5. AOC, Omar, or any other "Squad" members have absolutely no say so over things that the President does. If left up to them, they ALL would have us sending more pallets of taxpayers money AND weapons directly to Iran. Their collective opinions mean SQUAT.

    And as far as Colon Crapperstink goes…..

    That guy is a traitor within our midst, and shouldn't be given ANY press attention whatsoever.
    With this clown. ..if a bug farts a 100 miles away from a P.O.C.
    that means the bug is racist! EVERYTHING and EVERYBODY ELSE is a racist according to him.
    When in fact, he's one of the most overt racists on the planet.

    He's exactly what Senator Graham said he is, a loser on and off the field.

    When it comes to this clown, the Internet rules definitely apply here….

  6. Snowflakes, traitors and losers are out to wreck this country!! Much of the Soros media has all these elements! Vote republican and Big Don Trump in 2020!!

  7. I have been hearing the same fantasy for years that somehow the US is going to β€œfix” the Middle East. After several decades or war, thousands of lives lost, and billions of dollars wasted are we there yet?

  8. I think Trumps made a huge mistake !
    After signing that anti semantic law the other week now this !
    Why doesn't he just mind his own business and make America great not Israel…
    I see Noahide laws on the horizon.

  9. What’s crazy thinking Americans ? You are in other nation iraq and you killed their guests and you are warnings to do attack ? Don’t look small country got solutions about Russia interrupted your election πŸ—³ if you think Americans is great all of the world 🌍

  10. Can't wait to be drafted next year (when I turn 18) just because my country is in NATO, otherwise without any relations with USA

  11. Mr. Trump watch this video it's really good for you and helpful.

    You tube: hope lives 365 pastor Mark Finley
    "Big God"

  12. Troops are not from Africa, both have conquer land that is not theirs, read your Bible, take over of both that has killed the nation region of the African since the taken over of Roman and European countries invasion's literally ! And Mr Graham you are the racist not kapernick, a racist is someone who can prevent and control that's what a racist is and kapernick can't do either, you are the racist that why you got the microphone, to say what you want !

  13. J. E. F. I need my Money for Reporting tour threats to your Stars or your Citizens or your people I have other an not other to do and live and do Money Americans.

  14. Thank you President Donald Trump for making the Iranian people happy πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’β€οΈβ€οΈβ€οΈπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  15. Trump would go there and fist fight everybody himself, did you see that obviously authentic photo showing how ripped he is? I'd put him up there with Rocky Balboa

  16. Kapernick's hostility towards the presiding culture is an indictment upon his own culture and character, not ours. If he doesn't like it then he is more than welcome to leave. Any number of people (including myself) would encourage him to do just that. Leave you ungrateful SOB.

  17. Let’s Hope that the cowards who are starting wars, will have enough courage to join the front lines
    (No matter how old or sick you are)… This is Your War, Not America’s

  18. Yep, get Iran to change by taking out one who is considered a hero, great move. Conflicts in the Middle East has been going on for years, this Graham talks like a barstool politician, he mentioned the last 40 years but now we have Trump to sort it all out once and for all hu?

  19. Keep supporting this absurd decision, after all we the citizens and civilians will be the ones suffering from this useless attacks which could have been avoided in the fire place by Trump…he is guarded more than anyone on earth, we will be the ones to suffer….keep lying to yourself and your viewers who are just politically motivated ….

  20. I hope that present precarious and tumultuous situation in US and Iran relationship will end with wisdom and sanity for the safety and security of the people and the affected region. Both countries have so much to offer in term of knowledge, culture and heritage not just being simply drawn by egoistic and extreme theocratic hatred. I am hopeful there will be better time coming if the country avoid the path of constant self annihilation instead become a source of light and beacon just like it was in it's past. The Beautiful and Enchanting Persia.✨✨✨

  21. It is absolutely absurd to get an opinion from a low-level implant who knows nothing about military affairs and it is insulting and ridiculous. We are fed up with the Dumbocrats and their interference in important government business. 😾

  22. Kapperdick,and AOC are irrelevant to the core, and the people who voted for AOC need a reality check, UNAMERICAN leftists crybabies, nothing more.

  23. Complete your medicine so you are no longer sick America all sickness….. I need to get my money right now I'm reporting that

  24. ha the usa has the blood of most of the planet on its hands from south america to the far east which i hope one day the favour will be returned

  25. Can you tell, Trump a European white and Soleimani a Roman Italian white who look like 2 mob boss that would put a hit on the other crime family members!

  26. Soleimani : My only goal is to kick US troops out of Iraq
    US : Over your dead body
    Soleimani: That's fine as long as you are out…

  27. Nice to see "Never-Trump Graham" having to defend President Donald J. Trump's foreign policy, and he did it unapologeticly.

  28. pushback from idiots. nobody cares what the stupidiots have to say. but fox news has to mention them like their opinion matters to anybody.

  29. if we leave not only the tribal militas start fighting each other land and who controls what other countries besides the US might interfere in iran and iraq too

  30. Scary just how brainwashed the media has Americans. Germany didn't invade as many countries as imperial America has.

  31. America is trying to make it seem like al qaeda is on irans side, the 3 americans killed story in kenya is FAKEE
    They want to make it seem like iran is no better than isis and al qaeda

  32. Old kapercock jobless and bitter!! Too bad you racist prick!! Next he will be wearing Islamic Garbs and saying praise Allah!!!

  33. Wait a moment here. Why is no one is asking themselves this obvious question. What what he doing there in first place??? Immediately after US embassy got attached in Baghdad. Thank you all.πŸ€—

  34. Take your hat and run awayeeeeeeee. This is a alert . Attack is coming mr trump. The storme is coming to trump tower soon . You killed the wrong person


  36. You have to wake up Graham, when they will cut your throats in your sleep.. You think you can be nice now? joking right. I know my Grandfather served over there and came back climbing the walls. So DO!! tell the world you can be nice and make a deal. Its worth the effort but lets be real.

  37. It seems Trump now trust his Intel agencies. Does this mean he will heed Intells warning about Russian election meddling or take Putins word again

  38. He brought the Democrats to their knees, Iran should be a cakewalk!! πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ Trump πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ2020πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

  39. Iran has been kidnapping torturing killing Americans and others for the past 50 years. So usa eliminated one of the players.Trump responded.

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