1. Once hospital staff are infected, they spread it to other patients who are weakened and can die. So help keep your kids home so it stops the spread. Once those hospitals are hit hard = will cause panic and chaos in large cities. Pull your kids out of school for 2 months. If you can take a vacation to a summer home in the countryside out of large cities, do so. We are 2 weeks ahead of Italy on what is happening to them.

  2. i have a shitload of those n95 masks from the cal fires a couple years ago, i wasnt gonna wear one cause i thought it looks stupid and overblown. think i should wear one out in public now??


  4. We have an inept moron in charge folks. Don't count on the stable genius to save you. Get the facts and don't wait for trump the twit to tell Pence to increase the thoughts and prayers. Too little – too late just so trump can hide the truth about the spreading of this virus and what it means for our country. Basically, we're in deep trouble.

  5. People need to stop panicking, I couldn't even get into Kroger to get some beer. I've seen calmer people when a CAT 5 hurricane is a day from making landfall in New Orleans. Thanks fake news.

  6. Look people it broke containment in January, scores of millions will get it maybe a lot less if everything shuts down, testing is pretty much worthless now anyway. Stop getting hung up on testing, it is a more or less a joke now, hope you prepared, if not get ready for some lean days ahead. Your are responsible for your own survival not the government. They are trying to keep the volume low to avoid mass graves, hence the shut downs.

  7. How do project cases without testing to confirm cases just putting out 100k imaginary numbers helps no one but create hysterical situations of mass panic 😤🤔

  8. Funny. WHO says the total cases worldwide is just over 132,000. Of course that number will go up but the governor of Ohio is engaging in fear mongering.

  9. Ohio has 15 cases, 50 negative tests, but she believes 100K have disease based on "community spread". More BS

  10. so without actual testing they are using mathematical stats to give a "prediction" of how many "they are guessing" should be infected.
    another example of media/governmental scare tactics
    TEST these people if they are showing symptoms, otherwise please stop with the GUESSING
    THEN come back and tell us "hard fact" results PLEASE

  11. We have five in Ohio now…..these people are clowns trying to hurt Trump!!!! SCAM!!!! My daughter's entire spring semester at Kent State just got cancelled. Garbage!!

  12. The sign language interpreter though my god is she ok the faces this woman is making leads one to believe she's on like 12 grams of shrooms 😐

  13. So, now that the Federal Government is offering monetary aid to states affected by the coronavirus outbreak, states are declaring outrageous and unproven numbers of infections. Case in point, the governor of Ohio states that they have 100k coronavirus infections, but only 1000 test kits. Even the anchorwoman called him on his B.S. You can't even test everyone. How can you just come up with these numbers? This is starting to look like a cash grab.

  14. And 150 million Americans have been killed by assault weapons. Biden did the math for them. State leaders telling people that they have the virus but don't know it. Way to calm the crowds and lead. Following his math 10% of OH has this in a month. 1/2 the state is infected in 6 wks. Everyone has it in 2 months. Hmmm?

  15. I’m an Ohioan and regardless if these numbers are correct or not, I’m happy that my boys will be home for 3 weeks. Obviously this crap spreads fast. Every time we hear positive cases anywhere else, the numbers are higher within the following days. Two weeks ago my boys were home with the flu (type A). BUT 2 weeks prior to this, we were in Westchester NY (Legoland) where there were no known cases at that time. I had my boys at the Drs immediately to be tested for flu. The pediatrician had said if the test did not show positive for flu she may have to call the health department to see how to proceed (we did not have testing available in Ohio at that time). Her colleagues at the hospital informed her to treat the boys as if the Coronavirus did not exists, even if flu test was negative, unless we knowingly came into direct contact with someone positive with the virus. The flu test was positive. The next day NY went public about Westchester NY. The fear that we could’ve brought the virus back to Ohio was terrifying. Especially since my boys had been in school for 2 weeks prior to flu symptoms. A grandparent of a child in my son preschool class told me her granddaughter had been in the hospital for a day due to respiratory distress. While there, at least 30 kids were waiting in the ER for similar symptoms. The grandmother was informed that a lot of kids are passing around a cold virus. Her granddaughter had been tested for flu and strep which were negative, and testing for Coronavirus did not happen. Probably due to lack of tests available. So even though these numbers may be way off, we have no idea the actual numbers without the availability of tests. We also know that everyone shows symptoms on different levels and some say it was like a “cold” and no worse. I’m not worried about my family fighting off the virus. I’m worried we would unknowingly spread the virus to those who are not capable of doing the same. So if a 3 week stay at home can prevent that from happening as much as possible, then I agree with the governors choice. I’m sure we all know at least one person with a weakened immune system who may struggle with the virus. Just because these temporary changes have been announced does not mean people need to panic. The governors choice isn’t causing the panic, it’s the peoples choice to have their own reaction. In my opinion, it’s to be cautious and to have more time for testing to become available in the state. I would feel more panicked if the numbers kept rising and nothing was being done to stop the spread. There is no need for hateful words to each other. Be better than that.

  16. Trump is favoring the economy over public health and the stock market still tanks. The guy can't win. Keep healthy for Trump.

  17. Wow, apparently coronavirus started in Ohio, not China. These people are insane. Tell the truth, not suppositions. Hard facts, not contrived statistics with no basis.

  18. How do they know that it’s 100,000 if they only have 1000 testing kits. Hmmmm And if they are confirmed to have why are just walking around that had to be confirmed at a clinic or hospital. Lies don’t make sense.

  19. When Trump today declares an emergency Fox viewers will instantly claim they knew how serious it is all the time and what a good idea is is to close schools. When you follow Trump you have to keep your head on a swivel to follow his lead.

  20. Stop panic I have nothing to fear. These traitors such like Barrack Hussein Obama, Crooked Hillary Clinton and Democ🐀Rats + deep state + SNBC, CNN Media the Wuhan Virus the diseases is from their own mouth!! They spreads diseases out to scares American peoples, they wants to take down our good economic for China Communist!! Wake Up American peoples!! Freedom is not Free. The Clinton Dynasty & Barrack Hussein Obama sold our country to China Communist!! President Trump bring back America start in 2016. 🇺🇸👍🇺🇸👍President Trump always America & American First 🇺🇸👍🇺🇸👍 President Trump make America great again 🇺🇸👍🇺🇸👍Remember, this is back fire you idiots deep state Democ🐀Rats, no body doing good business like President Donald Trump & 2020 Trump will get elected again because American peoples we need President Trump to be Our leader 🇺🇸👍🇺🇸👍 Because he is American Patriots he fights for us and he is Our voice 🇺🇸👍🇺🇸👍 American & America First 🇺🇸👍🇺🇸👍

  21. Zombies. Ohio peeps never stay in Ohio. We see their lic. plates down here all the time. Spread. Collapse it. Rebuild without the Pelosi and Trump type folks.

  22. Even the friggin Italian health care system provides universal coverage to citizens and residents, with public healthcare largely free of charge. Not a single Italian will see a bill for any testing or treatment. But not here. Cuz Murica!

  23. 2009 during Obama‘s presidency the swine flu outbreak same type of flu and contagious conditions yet nothing was closed down how interesting

  24. If it's that bad.. then why wait until Monday to close schools !! You people talk right out of your asses ! Freakn come on.

  25. Funny how tRump and faux "news" are still claiming this PANDEMIC is a left wing hoax. You right wing sheep should refuse any testing or treatment, after all you HATE hand outs and don't believe in science or the truth. So keep going to your rallies of hate and pray to God to protect you from this PANDEMIC. Let's test out all of your INSANE conspiracy theories. Put your lives where your mouths are. If not you PROVE you are all hypocrites and liars that are STUPID and HATE America and Christ!

  26. As scary as it is, we all need to care for one another, and for ourselves and try to stay alert, but not anxious or panicked! 😀

  27. This whole thing is a scam it’s just the flow media is just a bunch of phonies trying to make a big deal now I’m never going to watch anything or believe a word they say

  28. Doctors will rely on empirical data to diagnose patients who present the same symptoms. Treating them is important, with or without a test.

  29. This sounds like bunk to me but hell, I HOPE IT IS TRUE. If it is then China has had millions of undiagnosed cases and the actual mortality rate is like 0.0001%. But anyway, the 100,000 probably isn't true.

  30. 817 billion for the military to fight for who? Its time the military to be back to fight the corona-Virus here in the States.

  31. Jeezus Christ folks everyone is getting all spun up over a bad case of the SNIFFLES! You are NOT going to stop it at this point. We lost that possibility when China goofed. So it's out there, and it's going to run through the human herd. We should at least be grateful that it's relatively benign. I'll get worried and start thinking about running for the hills if a report comes out stating the infected are developing a healthy taste for brains. Until that happens….just learn to deal with it….it's out there in the general population, and it's going to run its course…

  32. Republicans love their corporate welfare, while working folks never get a break. How do you like not having sick leave, Americans? While you're begging for a day off these twisted people are stuffing their pockets while we get sick and either die or get laid off. The People never get a bailout. Trump is as close as it gets to an AntiChrist and anyone who still supports him should be ashamed and embarrassed. How ironic that South Korea is a safer place to live now while we keep electing people who would rather see us all die and defund the CDC and EPA. Wake up and realize that Trump is ruining EVERYTHING. What use is the stock market now while the elderly and vulnerable die off with pneumonia?? I will never respect a Trump supporter, shame on you if you think this kind of leadership is okay.

  33. A catastrophic endemic in the US will hasten a universal health system being instigated like nothing else.

  34. Ok Ohio; 100,000 cases and HOW MANY ARE DEAD?! None to mention? I’m surprised Fox is supporting the fear mongering. Media has hyped the fear so much, panicking people, that organizations are following the herd and closing schools and events etc so they don’t get class-action lawsuits against them. We have 20,000 dead this season from the flu but that was never worth mentioning. This is the worst year in the last ten years for pediatric deaths from influenza B but no one cares about that.

  35. THIS IS INSANITY and HYSTERIA. 5 people have been infected in Ohio – just 5 PEOPLE and this young woman has convinced DeWine that 100,000 Ohions will be infected.

  36. @0:03 – Look at the woman signing in the DeWine news conference – If that's not the face of insanity, nothing is.

  37. panic now !!!! otherwise my investment bets won't pay off big. figure you are going to get the flu, prepare for it.

  38. Do we really need sign-language interpreters in this day and age? All TVs for the past 20 years have closed-captioning. This is not a wise use of taxpayer dollars anymore.

  39. Our elected officials are mostly people who just could not survive in the real world.Baseless facts with absolutely no proof will scare people even more.

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