Gov. Cuomo Introduces NYS-Branded Hand Sanitizer To Help Combat Coronavirus | NBC News

Gov. Cuomo Introduces NYS-Branded Hand Sanitizer To Help Combat Coronavirus | NBC News


  1. Here we go, business as usual with government advertisement.
    I like how Cuomo moved his finger into his noise then to to the noise of the guy who is setting next to him.
    That a virus transfer live on national tv.

  2. How convenient.
    Make tons of hand sanitizer and say everything’s a ok a week ago. Get the word that hand sanitizer is ready for the shelves and declare a state of emergency less than a week later. People go crazy buying cleaning products and low and behold the only ones that will be readily available, the crap that gets fredos brother and family richer.

  3. Are they going to hand out hand sanitizer to all their homeless? See, things can be made in America if you just try real hard.

  4. SMART I'm no fan of Gov. Cuomo but this is a smart move. The sooner the rest of us realize we can't count on the Federal Gov. or "Marker Based Solutions" and start creating local solutions the better.

  5. Can't wait until SNL gets ahold of this. All you have is a stronger hand sanitizer!! Let us know when you guys come up with a cure to the virus!!

  6. People have lived just fine without hand sanitizer, and anti bacterial products for thousands of years. Those kind of things are worthless, and useless.Absolutely UNNEEDED garbage. Being peddled by greedy fear mongers, to rediculous germaphobics.
    99.9% of the entire world population does not buy, or use any of that useless garbage. New York state, and the Federal government, and the other 49 states, should take like minded action, against the widespread price gouging, that has been going on for decades, on NEEDED things, such as FOOD, CLOTHING, Housing & Land prices, Health care & Child care, cars & trucks, gas & oil, auto repairs & towing, electricity, light bulbs, etc.,Etc., ETCETERA.! IF they TOOK action against all of that, then it might be believable, that they care about us people who have been gouged, and ripped off for decades, by them, and all the other greedy thieves, they are in cahoots with. So they can get rich. All at our expense, for things we have need of.!!!

  7. Wtf
    Why does this sound like a commercial for handsanatizer.
    NYS Handsanatizer, the best handsanatizers for corona virus
    Buy now while supplies last.

  8. How bout you just publish a simple recipe for homemade sanitizer thats better than all the rest ??
    I promise you it's easy.

  9. Reading the comments and I'm like wtf. This is a great thing being done. Here in Glasgow Scotland I can't get my hands on hand gel anywhere because of panic buying. This city is producing their own for the benefit of the people of NY. Good on them and anyone who has something negative to say really should leave politics out of it. Try helping each other at this time cos theres enough going on out there already to take the feet from under us.
    Mr Cuomo can you send any spare this way lol.

  10. I read alot of the comments. When I have time I will read them all. Because I am so thankful to God, that so many people, besides myself, are NOT deceived, by filthy rich coumo, looking to fnd another way to make an extra dollar, he does not need, to keep himself filthy rich!. And his feeble attempt, to try &, convince us to believe that he is a good man that cares for us. He doesn't have a chance of beating the camel through the eye of the needle, into the Kingdom of heaven, that Jesus Christ Spoke of!!! (I have to edit this.) I said I will read all the comments when I have the time. I should have said (IF) I have the time. There are just too many, to read them all. Bless God and be not afraid. Only fear kills.!!

  11. I bet this guy has stock in this brand…This is how money hungry and crooked these people are…They don't give a chit about the people..!

  12. These guys obviously have only YES
    men around them…Somebody should have checked him on this. Good lord Y'all… I thought he had a little more sense than this.

  13. Sure it seemed weird. but were living thru a pandemic. why wouldn't things seem weird. at least people are trying to make the usa dependent on ourselves.

  14. Using state Prisoners to make hand sanitizer. Are they being paid minimum wage? Are they allowed to unionize?

  15. Haha hahahaha 😂 😂, that's his style, to make money off of dying people. He should have been a mortician.

  16. He is such a joke. He has to be stoned or was served a bad drink by AOC. Or he didn't read the label that says do no drink the NYS sanitizer!!

  17. "Made by the state of N.Y"
    Really made by slave waged prisoners making 3 cents an hour. Democrats have a hard time breaking old habits, like slave labor.

  18. He's giving it to all New York State schools in other state facilities for free if you go to Walmart Target or any other consumer you can't even find hand sanitizer I don't think they're trying to Market it and capitalized where else are we going to get hand sanitizer from the price is cheap you rather spend an arm and a leg for hand sanitizers in the stores do you people know the stores or jacking up the prices and if he didn't do nothing you would be complaining that he ain't doing nothing can't make everybody happy some people agree some people don't agree I'm not knocking your opinion

  19. Unveiled for my heart still twitters for Sailor on the Bachelor/Dancing W/Stars or Intenational Lady make Mondays optional spa day!

  20. Geeeezus America is something else,
    Selling folks regular sanitizer in a new packaging Sigh
    I cant even find the "mad" button on my body any more ..
    Just the sad disgusted one

  21. Ta think… I was ashamed of Jersey Shore because it made my Italian people look foolish . Meanwhile this guy needs to be excommunicated from the Italian culture immediately along with his pussie son

  22. clear evidence……. our govt can not be trusted left and right alike…….. trump vs cuomo…… your choice…. leave comment lets find out who is your worst official….

  23. Yes, cleanliness is the first thing you think of when you think about New York.

    All of those people.

    You could just go buy 91% alcohol.


    33 states now have coronavirus as a cruise ship linked to dozens of cases will soon dock in the US

    33 cases of coronavirus are confirmed on the island of Ireland

    Egypt announces 33 new Covid-19 cases on cruise ship

    2 Positive Coronavirus Cases Reported In Amritsar, Total In India Mounts To 33

    Coronavirus kills Chinese whistleblower ophthalmologist.. The 33-year-old doctor was the first to raise the alarm about the coronavirus in late December

    Coronavirus cases in New York state increases to 33, governor says

    Gov. Newsom details 33 California coronavirus cases; state calls latest a ‘turning point’

    Australia Confirms 33 Coronavirus Cases, Over 90,000 Affected Globally

    With 33 coronavirus cases, Thailand still welcomes Chinese tourists

    Singapore raises risk alert to SARS level as coronavirus cases rise to 33

    ‘No signs of Coronavirus in 33 who returned from Wuhan’

    Bahrain confirms all 33 coronavirus cases ‘not at risk and are in recovery’

    Bill Gates ‘predicted’ how coronavirus-like pandemic could spread saying 33 MILLION may die in first six months

    China imposes travel restrictions on 33 million people as virus toll climbs

    China Lockdown Spreads To 33 Million People As Coronavirus Death Toll Rises

  25. New York State clean coronavirus in every pump and it smells like tulips what a f**** joke I hate to even say I live in New York state

  26. For all the idiots asking why and is this "snl"… There is a shortage on hand sanitizers, dumbasses.. if it bothers you that the NY governor is making hand sanitizers, why aren't you mad that your president isn't producing the test kits… Inbreds

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