Google Sites Tutorial 2019: Advanced Tips, Features and Settings

Google Sites Tutorial 2019: Advanced Tips, Features and Settings

In today’s video I’m gonna go for a google site tutorial And we’re gonna go over some advanced tips and tricks including social media how to add a PayPal button and how to add a donor document to your Google site so stay tuned I got such great reaction but a lot of questions when I did a video on Google Sites before So in this video, I’m gonna go over some more advanced topics But in case you didn’t catch that first video, I’m gonna drop a link below so that you can go watch that It’ll go over the basics like how to insert text, images, make pages, all the basic stuff. So let’s get started Google Sites are a great place to start for somebody who is just starting out with their business and their bootstrapping. Or if they’re a non-profit. Because Google sites are free. And I do some one-on-one consulting helping people set up Google Sites And I’ve had a lot of questions The first question that I get a lot is can I include my social media? so let me pop over here to the social tab And let me show you how you can include your social media on a google site The first one I’m going to start with is Twitter This is Google’s Twitter. And I’m going to use Google as my example since this is a Google site Now say you just want to embed a tweet You pick the tweet that you want to embed Click the arrow and go to embed tweet That’s going to give you a code here and you can either include the media or not include the media I’ll right-click and copy that go back over to my demo site Double click here and hit embed now you don’t want to do by URL you want to do by embed code So I’m going to go to paste hit insert And it will put it down in here. Now, the thing is this is going to put it with an iframe. So you’re going to want to resize it some So I’m going to pull this down Little bit more I think that looks pretty good right there and I can go up here to view And there it is Now if you notice you have bars on the bottom or bars on the side you may need to resize it because it does use iframes and And that’s how you embed a single tweet. Now say you want to embed your entire Twitter feed. Let me show you how to do that You’re going to go to and I will include that link below so that you can check that out You go to the Twitter page that you want to embed and I want to embed Google So I’m going to just copy that Go back over here to the Twitter publish Put the URL and hit enter now it’s going to give me a choice of either putting in the Twitter button or putting in the timeline. Let’s say I want the timeline to be on my site. So I click timeline And it’s going to give you the code here so you copy the code Double click, hit embed. go to embed code. Enter Next Insert And I’m going to go ahead and drag this one down so it’s even with the other one And let’s take a look And there you go. It says tweets by Google And you can scroll through and read the tweets Now Facebook’s pretty similar Again I’m using Google’s Facebook page as my example You can go down here Click Embed You can also include so that you get the words And then I’m gonna copy that Go back over to my site Double click Embed Embed code And paste Then hit next And hit insert And that looks a little bit tight, so I think I’m going to stretch this one out And then I’m going to take in just center it here And let’s take a look at how that looks And that looks like it has a scroll bar. So I’d probably want to lengthen that close back out of there Go down, click on it and go ahead and stretch it out until I see everything Now that you see the whole edge in there, when you go back Scroll past the Twitter And there you go. You have the Facebook post. Now I’m going to show you a different way to embed your Facebook feed Go back over to Facebook You click on the video that you wanted to embed. Let’s go to advanced settings Once you go to advanced settings it will open Facebook for developers And here you can embed post, embed videos You can embed a like button You can embed a page plug-in Let’s say you want to embed your page feed You can click on page plug-in Scroll down You’ll need to get the page URL. So let’s go back over here up to the top Facebook, Google Copy that Go to the plug-in page Paste that in You want to do the timeline And you can pick the size, Adapt the plugin to container width its best though. That way it will fit no matter where you’re putting it Show friends faces. I don’t think we need to do that hide cover photo, use smaller header. You can just change it around to what fits you Then once you get it like you like it I’m going to go ahead and leave the header I’ve got the like page button and I’ve got the feed so let’s hit get code You do not want to use the Java Script. You want to stick with the iframe So go over here And we’re going to copy this Right click and copy I’m going to double click, hit embed ,go to embed code and paste. Hit next And then hit insert I’m going to actually drag that down a little bit. So it shows a little bit more information And you can make it as long as short as you want It’ll have the scrollbar in there go to preview And there you go You just want to make sure that it’s wide enough that you don’t have a bar at the bottom You just have the scroll bar on the side Now let’s try putting in a like button You’re going to click like button We’re going to go back over here to Google and choose their page again, let me copy that And it gives you some step by step instructions here Paste in Google You can pick how wide you want it to be You can pick different layouts if you want it to be a box count, a button count, or just a button. This is a simple button This is a box with a count The standard one is going to have pictures also So let’s say I’m going to go with a box with a count And you can also make it small, medium or large Action type you can have like or recommend But once you get this how you like You hit get code Go again over to the iframe. You’re not going to use the JavaScript Copy that Double-click, hit embed, go to embed code Paste, next and insert And there you go Now you have your like button. It says how many likes are on that page And it even gives you the option to share Now let’s do a little Instagram On Instagram If you find something that you want to share, it’s very similar You click on the picture that you want to share Go down here to the three dots Click Embed You can either include the caption or not include the caption copy the embed code double click embed Embed code Paste Next and Insert again, you’re going to want to drag that down And make sure that you get all the stuff in there that you want to get I usually like to go until we get to the add a comment box There we go And now, let’s paste it in there. Let’s do one more right by itand see how that looks I like this little doggie here. Let’s put him in Click the three dots Get embed include caption copy embed code Jump back over to the site double click embed Embed code and paste Insert And I’m going to drag that one down so that it is the same length as the other one There we go Now, let’s take a look at that Now that looks really nice and that’s an easy way to share your Instagram pictures up here Directly on to your Google site Now I know there’s a lot more social media platforms And you’ll have to look at each different one to see how to do it. But those are the top three that people asked about So let’s go ahead and go on to the next portion A lot of the nonprofit’s that I work with, they like to have a way for people to donate to them directly on to their site So let’s go ahead and show you how you can build a PayPal button for donations first thing is you have to have a Merchant account on PayPal. If you do not have a merchant account already, this is not going to work for you Now, the first thing you’re going to want to do is go to the tools button And click all tools and that will bring you to the merchant apps and I will include a link to that Now you want to go this button on the side here that says integrate PayPal And you’re gonna go over here to PayPal buttons Now if you’re a non-profit, you’re gonna do the Donate but I’m going to show you Buy Now because I’m not a non-profit And this one’s just easier for me to access and I have a lot more familiarity with it But you can do Buy Now, Add to Cart, Donate, Subscribe, Installment Plan, Automatic Billing, all kinds of buttons. Let’s go into Buy Now Okay, and the first thing you do It gives you the chance from here to change that if you want to donation, subscription, automatic billing. But we’re going to keep it with buy now Let’s say I put in a yearly membership and it’s a hundred and fifty dollars You can change the currency to match whatever currency you want If you need multiple prices, just click on this. It’ll tell you more. We’re just going to give a quick overview today so I’m not gonna go into all this. But you also have the options of putting in a drop-down menu You can also customize the text and appearance now if you need shipping There’s going to be a shipping amount if you’re going to be sending stuff to people You may have to add a tax rate depending on if you’re a non-profit All that you will need to figure out in advance You can use your secure merchant account ID or your email Now you can also do track inventory profit and loss And then customized advanced features which are also optional. We’re just going to go to create button Okay, there’s two ways that you can do this. The first one is This is what the button looks like so you can just select the code and I’m going to copy that And double click, embed Embed code Right click and paste Next And insert And there you go. Now you have a little PayPal button. You can maybe go over here and put a text box. Let’s drag this down Put it up here by your button And put become a member Let’s go ahead and put that as a heading. There we go become a member. Let’s see how that looks Actually, I’d like to reverse these two And that says become a member and buy now so when they click on that It automatically is going to take them to PayPal Where they can either sign in or pay with the debit or credit card as a guest and as you can see up here It’s got the hundred and fifty dollars that we put in Now another thing that nonprofits do is they like to include a donor list So we’re gonna go down here hit Docs All right, let’s insert this demo doc I wanted to make this a bit longer because I want to make sure that the entire document is showing I don’t have mine very long. I only put it this in for demo purposes But as you can see, it says donor, name a business, donor, name a business I’ve had a few people contact me saying they put in a doc or a form or a sheet and it didn’t show up. That’s because there’s something that you need to do When you’re in your doc or your form or your sheet, you need to go to share You want to click get a shareable link You also want to go into more and you want to click public on the web This is very important. If you do not have public on the web on there Everybody’s just going to see a blank page. And then you click Save Let’s take a look at how that looks Our Donors See this one. You still have to scroll it down so they may want to drag the list a bit further Or if you like having it just as a scroll list because you have a lot of donors, you can even actually make that shorter. Just grab that again Shrink it up Let’s see how much we shrunk it. There we go Shrink it up Maybe just have the top one And if you want to make changes to the doc you just go into the doc Put in thank you to our donors There we go Actually going to make that Then I misspelled donors I knew I was going to misspelled donors Wow I misspelled donors on all these and Google did not catch it. Okay, now that I fixed my spelling I’m going to put that at 18 And let’s make that Something a little cute You can change it all around in your Google Doc. However, you want maybe add a photo in there And it’s gonna automatically save go back over to the site and I’m going to refresh this And now as you can see, it’s just a little box it says thank you to our donors Then you scroll and it has the donors in the name of the business And has become a member and there’s your PayPal button That’s how as a nonprofit you could actually list out your donors without having to go in and change your site every time just doing it directly on a document and you could also include a donate button Or become a member. However your nonprofit works Are there are some additional things that you want to learn how to do on Google Sites? If so, drop a comment down below and let me know so I can look that up. Thanks for watching and we’ll see you next week.


  1. Have you tried the New Google Site yet? What did you think?
    Let us know if you have any advanced tips you would like to share.

  2. Thanks for the video. Can you do a video that shows how to include a real database (not spreadsheet) on a google site such as a guestbook or suggestions with the typical fields?

  3. I have no idea why embedding a Like and share button isn't working for me. Following step by step and I get the "Oh snap" client Error message every time.

  4. Hi Diana, Thanks for your time and video. I've followed it step by step and have my PayPal button on my site but when I click on the button it does nothing. Does my website have to be published before it might work or can you think of anything else I could try or do? Thank you

  5. Dear Diana Wilson,
    When I enter the code that Paypal gives me for the button, When I enter it in the embed code then I click Next, it fails to load. Please help, I have been having trouble with embed codes, they don't work for me. Thanks.

  6. Dear Diana Wilson:
    I am really lucky to find your video, and I appreciate it. I have set my website already, But I would like to set picture to move as video in homepage as your picture is cloud to move, would you explain and help , how to do it step by step, please? Waiting your reply , Really appreciate.
    Best Regards!



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