Google Search Console

Google Search Console

The Internet is amazing. It’s so easy to share anything you create
with the entire world. Like Alice, she just opened an online store
for her custom jewelry. But now she is wondering, can people find
her site and mobile app on Google? With Search Console, Alice can make sure that
Google finds her store, and shows it for the correct search queries. Search Console also displays the errors that
Google found when reading her site and app. Alice can check those errors and fix them
so all her pages can appear in search results. Every time Alice creates a new product page,
she can use Search Console to see which terms lead people to her Google search results pages. And she can use that data to discover the
most successful pages and products in her store, so she can focus on that, and increase
traffic to her business. Also, Search Console regularly checks her
site for errors and even sends an email alert if it finds any important issues. Now Alice can be sure that everything is OK
with her site and app using Google Search Console.


  1. So – what's the difference between this and the webmaster tools?

    /me looks

    Oh, they just made some changes and rebranded it.

  2. This "Search Console" sounds exactly like the Webmaster tools and the link takes me to the webmaster tools as well.

    Is this just a name change? If so, why pass it off as a new product?

  3. なぜにごおgぇアドセンスは、2次審査が完了しないのかな?広告ユニットが貼り込めない

  4. Search Console lets you tell Google about your site or app, fix errors to improve search visibility, and track site performance in search results.

    What do you use Search Console mainly for?

  5. am I the only one using quotations when searching google and youtube? like "asdasda" "sadasfry" "sdgdgrytt" ,I'm happy using this trick until recently.. it's not working as it used to be anymore when searching more than one quotation and only recognized the first quotation and ignore the others or sometimes ignores all then showing things that's not in the quotation mark..

  6. but adult (porn) site owner scared to give his info. 😛 and I think google collected to site owner data.
    and many other way can google help to webmaster. google only for increasing own business. like google star web hosting and web design and more…….
    what will surety about info not leak out. hmm

  7. Jan-22: Search Console performed an infrastructure update that may cause a change in your data. I got this warning top of the google webmaster tool and after this warning, My site is not ranking in google, All the clicks anonymously got down. Please help me out with the best solution.

  8. Glad to see some design refresh come to this application. Especially with how important it is to the success of an SEO campaign. I feel like Google put this on the back burner for too long. I wrote up a little article which includes some helpful links and may generate some good discussion:

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