Google Play Books Review | Should You Put in the Effort?

Google Play Books Review | Should You Put in the Effort?


  1. They're expecting you just to want to get your book out on THE most popular search WITHOUT reading the fine print…sounds sketchy.

  2. I'm not sure what happened. It could be. I was getting good sales on Google until Google screwed it all up with the aggregates.

  3. Have you ever had them reject the content of the book (like they do when the de-monetize videos on YouTube)?

  4. awesome video Dale as you well know I have a google play account I only have 2 books there and cant remember the last time I sold one there but its only 2 books so I need to add all 1000 of my books…. that will be a job lol

  5. Your video makes it sound like google play books is actually up and running. I am in Australia and the best I can get is an 'invitation' to apply to possibly become a publisher at some stage in the future. it doesnt sound particularly inviting.

  6. Another great video thank you for breaking this down for us.
    Quick question
    How do sales on Google vs KDP compare I know it might be a bit of a subjective question but any insights would be great.

  7. Google could change the price at any time meaning I could never use it in Germany. We have to price bind our books across all vendors.

  8. Hi Dale😉, is it possible to publish many ebooks with different pen name? What about reviews and VA form Google Play point of view?! Can you apply the same strategy? Thanks in advance (from Italy😉)

  9. Hey,
    Tell me that if I am using youtube, like making a new youtube channel for my weight loss book, then should I make a video when the book is on a free promotion to get free downloads or to normally promote it like for any price Or should I do both.
    And the same question for fb ad and Instagram.

  10. Awesome, as always! 😊👍 Do you know if we are restricted to one account, like Amazon? I have a couple of unrelated offerings, so at least 2 accounts would be helpful!
    I’m guessing it could be like Analytics or Console, where you add other property into it?

  11. This is great video!!! I want more bout google playbook,
    .Would you like to make video about , How can get we get approve by Google Play Books partner program?

    thank you

  12. Hey,
    Suppose I have 2 books on the same topic. Take weight loss.
    First book has weight loss intro, benefits, disadvantages, tips, tricks.
    Now listen if I exactly copies the same (weight loss intro, benefits, disadvantages, tips) content in my 2nd book, will there be any problem ? (Becoz both books have same content, so will there be something like amazon remove my book for copying other book) ?

  13. See below,
    Blog (guest posting )
    Amazon Ads
    These are some promotion strategies.
    Tell me when we should use them 1. When book is on a 5 day free promotion or 2. Normally, (means anytime when book is on any price ).
    Please tell me option 1 , 2 or Both !!!!!!!!!

  14. I went to Google last night to update my book coming out Friday. Whew! Unless I'm uploading a book or check sales after they send me a notification about a deposit, I don't even go there. I use the price promotion for my pre-order sales.

  15. I have a question. At first, I have my books on Published and they made very well on google play, but then Google made some changes and I open an account directly on google. Anyway, I saw that now, without Published drive, I have less sells on google play. Am I the only one?

  16. It doesn't seem that Google Books is accepting new authors/publishers. This was also true end of 2018 when I first looked into it.
    Product and web pages on the other publishing platforms are indexed in Google as well.
    Those who don't have a Google Partner account should shelve this video until they do. Newbies to Google? Spend time on KDP, Apple, B&N, Kobo and the others.

  17. Ive talked to several people who say Google Play is second to Amazon for their sales. A far second, but still they make something from the platform. I was excited when d2d was going to publish on there. But now it seems they stopped. At least as far as I know? I never got any emails saying anything.

  18. Hello Dale, I have watched your video :"KDP Publishing 2019: Is It Still Worth It?" and it has very good information and I am happy to know that you answer the comments, so I decided to subscribe to your channel. But I want to say that I have read one comment about a youtuber that posted repeated comments, but unfortunately I have a screenshot of one of my comments on a video that was repeated (or it was a YT glitch or bug) for 7 times and I have never posted more than once, so I am worried, I don't think it's fair to be flagged because there is a bug in YouTube. I was also watching before your video a good video made from one of YouTube creators and I have created a chronology for the video, but after posting the comment I saw it at least 2 times, so I log out made a refresh and I only saw one. But it's scary because you don't know if it´s a temporary glitch or a big problem. Thank you for making these useful videos, I have written one book and I will try to publish it following your advice 🙂

  19. I've just put our first book over to Google Play Books to see what the experience is like. I used their live chat to discuss their price setting policy and the support person told me that my 52% royalty would be based on my list price and not their discounted price. Our first sales have proven that out.

  20. Very interesting. I did not know about google playbook. And thanks for highlighting parts of the agreement… who reads those? lol

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