Google Pixel4 | Pixel 4 Waterproof Test

Google Pixel4 | Pixel 4 Waterproof Test

hello everyone today we will test the
waterproof performance of pixel for pixel 4 is a new mobile phone released
by Google after pixel 1 pixel 2 and pixel 3 the
pixel series has finally reached 4 generations it must be sent at the pixel force
mobile phone looks very beautiful the black back is full of luster and the
compact model is also very handy a bit similar to the iPhone 11 touch the screen of the pixel 4 is 90 Hertz
and the refresh rate of 90 frames per second is greatly improved compared with
the 60 Hertz screen used by ordinary mobile phones
therefore operations such as dragging menus seems to be smoother upgraded the dual camera in the camera
which is much better than pixel three the oleophobic layer on the screen does
not play a big role and the water droplets will stay on the screen after
swaying in the water due to the water drops on the screen it is impossible to
slide back to the main page the screen at the pixel four is too sensitive and
is not suitable for water after the shower the camera was not
affected just the water drops on the screen increased the difficulty of the
touch next we put the phone into the water if you still want to see other
phone waterproof test please leave a message and tell us don’t forget to pay
attention to click on the small jingle you can receive our information in the
first time it can be clearly seen that the screen
full of water is basically inoperable except for the screen other operations
are still normal we put the pixel 4 in water 1.5 meters
deep and after 10 minutes we took it out at this point the screen has been unable
to return to the main interface let us look at its internal water intake the shocking thing is that there is
almost no water inside the pixel for in general the pixel four is indeed an IP
68 phone just don’t let the screen get water


  1. Nice waterproof video as always. A suggestion the background music it's really loud, and keep the 1.5m dunking test consistent you guys did it on the 7t but skip on the x2 pro.

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