the Google pixel 4a and pixel 4a XL are coming and I’ll be sharing all the details right after this if you new
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followed by the bow so last year Google surprised us by releasing a mid-range
version of their flagships offering the same great photography
phones in a much more affordable package it looks like they’ll be treating us
again this year and we’ll be getting at the pixel 4a and the pixel 4a xl as always when it comes to Google they’re not the best at keeping things
secret and many actually accuse them of pushing the leaks themselves is we
already know pretty much everything we need to know about both the pixel 4a
and the pixel 4a xl when on leaks first publish the leaked renders he
advised that the pixel 4a was going to be released on its own and there was
gonna be no pixel 4a xl this seemed very surprising at the time
unfortunately it appears he was incorrect the phones are given code
names in xda-developers have been searching through the code on the pixel
for firmware to discover not only do we get a pixel 4a xl but they’ll also
be 5g compatible thanks to the system on chips being used well great news if it
is to be true it’s also strange that the mid-range version will be 5g compatible
and the flagship is limited to 4G LTE for anyone interested that they’ve
figured out that sunfish is the code name for the pixel 4a and bramble is the
code name for the pixel 4a xl now when it comes to the pixel range it you
either love them or you hate them there’s somewhat different in design and
usually embrace the bezel and a more traditional look but we’ve already have
plenty of detail regarding the devices I’m going to run through the specs to
try and help you guys decide if this could be the phone for you so we’ll
start with the smaller model with the pixel 4a the pixel 4a features a
pretty much full screen 5.7 inch AMOLED display it’s gonna have a 90 Hertz for a
fresh rate and we’re expecting a full HD plus resolution of 1080 by 20 to 20
giving us 441 pixels per inch there’s a small slit at the top of the
display and this is for the cool speaker and most notably we have a punch hole
selfie camera in the top left of the display
it seems that 2020 is going to be the year of the punch hole and what Google
liked to be different it seems strange that they’re gonna give us a punch or
camera in the top left but still provided relatively large bezels all
round despite the large bezels around it also seems to have a larger chin on the
bottom than the forehead on the top now of course looks are subjective and I’m
not saying that pixel 4a looks bad but I think it may disappoint some
consumers on the rear of the device we’ve got the same square camera housing
that we saw in the premium version we can see from the renders that we’ve got
a single camera along with an LED flash now although there is one camera in the
render on leaks I said that there’s gonna be two sensors but he’s unsure of
placement or type on the pixel 4a we’re expecting the same 12.2 megapixel
primary camera we had on the premium model and the additional camera is
expected to be a wide-angle lens hopefully it will be the same as last
year however in the pixel 4a will have the same photography specs is its
premium counterpart another big change here is that the pixel 4a has a
fingerprint scanner mounted on the rear now the pixel 4 comes with no
fingerprint scanner at all and it uses radar and face unlock I use the pixel
4a xl as my daily driver and I have to say it my biggest annoyance is the
lack of a fingerprint scanner so I’m really glad to see this maker return
when it comes to hardware the pixel 4a is reportedly going to be powered up by
the new snapdragon 765 a perfectly capable chipset with integrated 5g it’s
gonna be paired with four gigs of ram and 64 gig storage it’s given contain a
2800 milliamp hour battery with support for 18 watt fast charging and it will of
course be running a stock version of Android 10 the pixel 4a is of course a
USB type-c and it comes with NFC and it’s likely gonna be IP68
water-resistant the pixel 4a dimensions come in at one hundred and
forty four point two by sixty nine point five by eight point two millimeters and
the pixel for a is going to be available in three different colors we get the
black color with the green power button a white color with the
orange power button and finally the arctic blue with the pink power button
the device is expected to be released in May 2020 and we’re expecting another
reasonable price tag of something around three hundred and fifty dollars or three
hundred and fifty pounds next up we’ve got the larger model with the pixel 4a xl now the pixel 4a xl is pretty much identical to the pixel 4a
but of course that we’ve got a bigger device which means a bigger display and
a larger battery capacity the pixel 4a xl is expected to come with a 6.3
inch display with a full HD plus resolution of 1080 by 20 to 20 this will
again be a 90 Hertz display it also features the punch hole camera on the
front the fingerprint scanner on the rear and the same hardware is the 4a the only difference will be the battery where we expect the pixel 4a xl to have a capacity of around three thousand seven hundred milli amp hours
and again it will have 18 watt fast charging the phone can be available in
the same three colors as the pixel 4a and again it will be released in May the
pixel 4a xl is expected to be launched around $400 or 400 pounds but
of course could be slightly higher or lower than this is we haven’t had any
leaked pricing info yet but that’s all the news I have for you today however
but as always I’d like to know your thoughts in the comments who are they is
waiting for the Google pixel 4a and are you waiting for the pixel 4a or
the pixel 4a xl but thanks for watching the video if you liked it smash
a thumbs up if you didn’t hit the thumbs down twice and I’ll see you guys in the
next one

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