GOOGLE PIXEL 4A – Hands On Review!

GOOGLE PIXEL 4A – Hands On Review!

the Google pixel 4a has been fully
revealed with all the specs in a hands-on video and I’m going to be
sharing the details right after this if you’re new here and want to stay up
to date with the latest tech please hit subscribe followed by the Bell so when
it comes to the Google pixels either Google leaked them on purpose or they’re
the worst company in the world at keeping their own secrets with every
pixel release we always have plenty of information way ahead of launch and
things have become even worse with the pixel for a the Google pixel 4a
been leaked in a full hands-on video that not only shows off its design but
it also goes through all of the specs of the phone the Google pixel 4a live
hands-on video was posted at by techno like Plus and it really does give a lot
of detail if we start with the design at the pixel 4a in the video is the
black variant the phone covered in polycarbonate and unlike its more
premium counterpart the Google pixel 4a has a punch hole selfie camera in the
top left corner of the display it’s a pretty reasonable size when it comes to
a punch hole selfie camera but we also get relatively thin bezels around
comparing it to the pixel 4a however I would say the forehead is smaller but
the rest of the bezels that may be slightly larger on the pixel 4a the
punch hole in the top left of the display houses an 8 megapixel selfie
camera and this does have image stabilization included when it comes to
the display itself we get a five point eight one inch OLED display with a
resolution of 1080 by 2314 well we had many rumors of a 90s display
on the Google pixel 4a it’s been confirmed to run it’s 60 Hertz only
there’s been no mention of the actual screen protection but it could well be
the same at Dragon tell glass we saw in its predecessor when it comes to the
rear of the phone we get the same square camera bump in the top-left corner but
unlike its premium counterpart the pixel 4a only has a single camera along
with an LED flash the camera is however a 12 megapixel sensor capable of 4k
video recording with the image stabilization another noticeable
difference that you will notice is that the pixel 4a has a physical fingerprint
scanner on the rear what many may have wanted an in display fingerprint scanner
I’m just happy that they’ve brought it back my biggest complaint on the pixel 4 is of course the lack of a fingerprint scanner and what the face
unlock does work very well I’ve always missed that fingerprint scanner the
Google pixel 4a we have here is the black model so we’ve got a completely
black back with a white power button on the side when it comes to the specs the
Google pixel 4a has been run through I 264 giving us all the information we
need and the specs are as follows it is powered by the Snapdragon 730 system on
chip while not a flagship chipset it’s still a very capable 8nm
system on chip and we’re seeing it in a lot of phones lately the pixel 4a
comes with six gigabytes of RAM which is actually two gig more than its
predecessor in this model we have here has 64 gig of internal storage it’s
still unknown if there’s also going to be a 128 gig version but Google
encouraged users to use google photos in order to save space on the phone the
hands-on video also confirms that the pixel for a comes with dual SIM support
which makes a nice change the phone’s powered by a three thousand and eighty
milliamp hour battery and it of course comes shipped with Android ten what many
may think that three thousand and eighty milliamp hours is too small it’s
actually an eighty milliamp hour increase on the predecessor and that was
pretty reasonable for its battery life the reviewer of the hands-on video is
stated that the phone is available for purchase in Cuba for around five hundred
dollars but the phone hasn’t even been launched yet so it does seem very
unlikely this is more than likely just an early prototype or even a phone sent
out by Google to be leaked but as with all previous pixel launches we can be
pretty certain that the leak is correct and this is in fact what the Google
pixel 4a is going to look like the pixel for a was set to be announced in
May 2020 at the Google i/o event but as with all major tech events at the moment
it’s unfortunately been cancelled due to a recent outbreak this could however
mean that we get an earlier launch in Google normally send review units out
before launch anyway I have been given their previous releases that so I’m
hoping to be able to get my hands on one of these to review for you guys as well
when it comes to pricing at the pixel 3a started around $400 so we can probably
expect the google pixel 4a to be around four to four
hundred and fifty dollars which isn’t a bad price at all earlier leaks also
suggested that we could be seeing a pixel 4a XL but leaks have been
silent ever since I’m still hoping we do see the pixel 4a XL but of course I’ll
update you on this as soon as I hear anything on top of all of the Google
pixel for a leaks we’ve also had the design League for the upcoming premium
model of the Google pixel 5 in the pixel 5 XL now as always with Google they
tend to make a few prototypes before deciding on which one to go ahead with
but we already have a render of what may be the Google pixel 5 XL the renders
were provided by John Prosser and while they don’t show us the front we do get a
good look at the rear of the device in a very strange new camera housing he
stated while posting that the front is very similar to the pixel four and we
can be pretty certain that there being a pixel device that will get the latest
system-on-chip some great photography performance and probably a more
reasonable price than some of the competition as always though is any more
information comes to light about any of the pixel phones I’ll be sharing them
with you guys straight away but I’d like to know your thoughts in the comments
who out there is waiting for the Google pixel 4a and do you think there’s
gonna be a 4a XL but thanks for watching the video if you liked to smash
the thumbs up if you didn’t hit the thumbs down twice and I’ll see you guys
in the next one


  1. Great video 👍👍👍
    Always very informative 👊👊
    đŸ—Ŗī¸ Go TT Technology

  2. Awesome review brother TT. Much appreciated. I haven't been the biggest fan of Google phones. Keep the reviews coming. Hope you enjoy your day

  3. Front: s10e but thicker bezels
    Back: s20 but smaller cameras
    Sorry but I think google should just stick to its search engine and OS.

  4. Great video! I was really looking forward to the 4a but this year there are so many good phones around the same price I don't think it will offer as much value as when the 3a launched. Happy with my Samsung A71 with larger battery and four good cameras.

  5. Waow google ,,,,, waow smart ,,,,, it's new looks ,,,,it's first looks ,,,,, smart digital ,,,, smart hypertech , hitech ,,,,, smart supertech , superfine ,,,,,, in here , in store by vivo , samsung , oppo , LG , huawei , polytron , advan and others ,,,,,, i'm in java island , indonesia , southeast asia ,,,,,, sulistiyo cahyono/yoyok/t.j/06208817043729/062082257862178

  6. For a XL will happen but could be the entry-level to the higher-end Google devices this is because of what Samsung did Samsung S10 e was the beginning of thethey introduce the a series for people who have a budget-minded concentration in their minds and in developing markets this could be a good thing Googleand with the single for a it wouldn't cannibalizes sales from the five mini smartphone makers do entry-level device a mid-range entry-level device in a high-end I'm very happy cheeses that are available on Amazon already for the 4A

  7. Just make a goddamn phone with bezels that have the same width on each edge. I don't need any camera on the front, I don't need any front speakers. Just a flat display frome edge to edge. Thanks

  8. Anyone knows if there's gonna be a 128GB variant? Also, I read a guy commenting that the display is downgraded from OLED to LCD, true?

  9. If there's no 4a xl I'll be waiting for the 5a xl, I've been dealing with 6+ inch phones for to long that I won't go back to a 5.8 inch phone

  10. which display maker supply to foxconn for this pixel 4a??? samsung or lgd…another china panel maker??

  11. "Hands on review"
    Actual content: nothing but someone else's footage of a phone that isn't actually confirmed as the retail unit.

    Stop clickbait.

  12. Design has become a stagnated point (reached saturation point) I think no innovation it's normal design by normal

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