Google Pixel 4 XL Review: Top 5 Features

Google Pixel 4 XL Review: Top 5 Features


  1. I think it's a cool phone but doesn't work for me. Can you get your hands on that Motorola RAZR? I need to WIN that.

  2. Eh~

    I was never a fan of the Google Pixel line up of phones.

    For me, if you're looking for a flagship smartphone, it's really between the latest iPhone Pro Max or the latest Samsung Galaxy Note+ phone.

    However, I will say that these 5 features are pretty cool.


    Motion Sense


    Dual Camera


    Smooth Display


    Face Unlock


    Voice Recorder

    Personally though, I just buy a new iPhone every 3+ years.

    Right now, I'm on the iPhone 7+ and in 2020, I plan on (finally) upgrading to the iPhone 12 Pro Max.

  3. Gimmicks, missing features, and poor battery.

    Here's to hoping that Google gets it together for the Pixel 5's, if there is one.

    I say this having owned the first 3 generations of XL's. Good video, thanks.

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