Google Pixel 4 XL – Just Black – 64GB – Unlocked

Google Pixel 4 XL – Just Black – 64GB – Unlocked

Google Pixel 4 XL review If you’ve never really warmed to the two-tone
design that Google used on its previous Pixels, the Pixel 4 lineup represents a bit of a departure. The back is one solid color now even the fingerprint
sensor is gone, as Google turns to facial recognition for unlocking your phone. Some may miss the playful two-tone look, but
I think the Pixel 4 XL looks a bit sleeker than past models, even with a camera array,
poking out slightly from the upper left corner of its back. One of the few things differentiating the
Google Pixel 4 XL from the Pixel 4 is screen size. Google’s larger phone has a 6.3-inch
AMOLED screen with sharper 3040 x 1440 resolution. But the most important display feature can
be found in both Pixel 4 models: Google’s new phones have a 90-Hz refresh rate. And not just any 90-Hz refresh rate, like
what you’d get on the OnePlus 7T. Google has made its version dynamic, so when
the screen is more static, the phone automatically switches to a lower refresh rate. This means less of a drain on the battery,
which can happen if the screen keeps refreshing itself at the faster rate. Whether you get the Google Pixel 4 XL or the
smaller Pixel 4, your new phone will come equipped with Motion Sense. That’s a new feature built into the Pixels
that uses a radar sensor housed in the phone’s upper bezel and Google’s Project Soli to
recognize gestures. Swipe your hand in front of the Pixel 4 XL
and you can control music playback on an app like YouTube or you can snooze an alarm. Like most of the other best Android phones
released at this time, the Google Pixel 4 XL uses a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 mobile processor, and the results are about what you’d expect
when it comes to performance. Google’s new Pixel keeps pace with the top-performing
Android phones to come out in the last 10 months, though it’s certainly not the fastest
phone. And it’s still no match for Apple’s latest iPhones. Choosing between Google’s new Pixels, it’s
clear that the Pixel 4 XL is the better option, especially if you like big screens and longer
battery life. As for how Google’s phablet stacks up to
other top smartphones, that’s a tougher call that depends on what you’re looking
for in a handset. The Pixel will still be on the short list
for anyone who wants a top camera phone, though Apple’s flagship exceeds it in many ways,
as you can see in our iPhone 11 Pro review. The Pixel remains the best way to experience
Android, and exclusive features like Live Caption and Recorder’s live transcription
drive that point home for the Google Pixel 4 XL. Kindly see the description for this Amazon
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