Google PageSpeed Insights: How to Use This Free Tool

I hope you’re ready for a Google speed
test, that’s what we’re going to be doing today and so stick around I’ll be back
in a minute Hi I’m Ross with Horizon Web
Marketing and the Horizon Web Marketing Academy now you’ve probably noticed if
you’ve been paying attention that Google is a pusher I could I know you could say
they push many things but I’m talking about how they push speed not the drug
speed they’re pushing web site load time speed so in other words they want your
web page to go faster and the way they’re trying to encourage you to do
this is by saying that speed is a ranking factor let me tell you what a
ranking factor is a ranking factor is simply something that might affect how
high or low you show on Google’s search results page so if you’ve got a website
if you’re in business if you depend on the internet you want to show up in
search results you have to take into account anything that’s called a ranking
factor and we have to take into account speed take a look at this quote from
Google’s latest webmaster central blog post now this just came out day before
yesterday it says using page speed in mobile search ranking and you’ll notice
this quote just in the first paragraph they say that they’ve been using speed
and ranking for some time but the signal was focused on desktop searches well now
they’re saying that they’re making that a more important factor not just on
desktop searches but on mobile searches as well
now Google recognizes that it’s kind of hard for somebody who owns a website to
know exactly how fast their website is for everybody and so they’ve made
available some tools to help you out and one of those tools is something called
PageSpeed insights and that’s the tool we’ll be digging into just a little bit
today now this is really relevant to us particularly since we’ve recently
released a resource called our SEO audit checklist one of the first items that we
have for you to check is site speed and then we break that down into both
desktop and mobile site speed this is kind of gets into a touchy area and so I
thought it is it was hell fuller would be helpful if we had a
video that explains site speed just a little bit more and the way I’m doing
this and the way I’ve framed this particular video is I started with a
search using a pretty competitive pretty commercial search phrase called best
hotel sheets and this is probably top of mind for me because in our consulting
business we do have a client who operates within this space and so we’re
always looking at their competitors let’s take a look at how our client
fares when we subject them to Google’s PageSpeed insights tool this is how it
lays out you type in a website address you can do it for the homepage of your
domain or any of your internal pages and then it will give you some results and
they’ll be broken down into mobile and desktop results and it’s a tab interface
so I’ve got mobile right here I can click on desktop and I can go back and
forth and compare these the part that’s new as a matter of fact just within the
last month they’ve introduced a new metric here called speed in the past
we’ve always had this metric that I’m pointing to on the right which is
optimization now optimization I’m going to cover that first because it’s a
relative scale it’s from one to a hundred where one would be the worst and
100 would be the best and so naturally everybody wants to chase a 100 on that
scale cuz that means they’re the best in and this is a technical measurement in
other words Google Google can take any page and just look at the code and say
is this page theoretically built for speed or not now in this case our client
scores kind of middle-of-the-road medium 77 out of 100 the reason Google has
added this speed metric on the left is because they realized that there are
theoretical measurements and then there are real world measurements speed is
tied to something called the chrome user experience report and this is basically
where Google has their analytical stuff installed in their Chrome browser and
millions of users either wittingly or unwittingly are sending information back
to Google about their browsing experience including how fast
pages load for them google is basing this number here the speed number on
data they’re getting back from people who are actually visiting this site and
you can see these numbers line up pretty well speed is average optimisation is
medium if I take a look at the desktop version I do have an optimization number
which is still in the medium range but the speed is unavailable well why is
that it’s simply because not enough people have visited this particular
website this particular webpage for Google to be able to get any sort of a
realistic measurement so at times particularly if you’re looking at a
lightly traveled website you’ll see this unavailable showing up now I don’t
really know whether these numbers will become more robust as Google gathers
more data but for right now there’s a number of pages out there and yours
might be one of them where those numbers are unavailable but what do they mean
okay it says optimization medium if I go back to this speed average well how’s
that really affecting me let’s first of all start by taking a look at a few of
our competitors to see some of the limitations that I run into doing up SEO
for clients when it comes to Google’s PageSpeed insights
here’s another one of their primary competitors for that search term that I
showed you a moment ago and in this case it’s a publisher in Y mag com they’re
showing numbers that are pretty good particularly on the mobile they show an
optimization of 81 out of a hundred now that’s just about four points above our
client their speed is showing very fast let’s take a look at the desktop version
and here you see where we’re starting to get a little bit of a discrepancy
because notice their optimization on the desktop is showing us 66 out of a
hundred now that’s even below our client’s website but Google does have
some data show here and they’re showing that their speed is very very fast let’s
take another one this is travel and leisure a major major website here they
show that they really have some developers working on their website that
are very focused on speed because in optimization category on the right and
remember this is kind of a technical assessment of how the site is built on
paper this site looks really good 84 out of a hundred is pretty high
number but the speed is only average let’s take a look at the desktop version
of this now we get something that’s really starting to look a little goofy
the optimization for their desktop version of their site is 43 out of a
hundred now that’s really low so in other words their desktop website was
not really built for speed it was more like built like a delivery
truck lumbering down the road but at the same time take a look at the speed it’s
showing us fast so obviously right here we’re seeing that real-world data does
not always line up with theoretical data I’m going to take a look at one more and
this is a really big website because the discrepancy here is really great
this is not exactly an unknown site not exactly a small budget
operation but notice their optimization is good 83 I mean again that’s one of
the highest numbers out there but take a look at this speed 3.1 seconds now that
FCP stands for first content full paint and that’s pretty much geek speek but it
means it takes a long time for the visual experience of the customers
looking at the site now Google has said that page speed is a factor or ranking
factor in search but I know from looking at Macy’s they are very very strong in
search so there’s other stuff going on here not just page speed when it comes
to search better take a quick look there desktop we don’t see that kind of
discrepancy all right so now if we go back to the real world implementation of
this best hotel sheets I’m not gonna scan down here and show you all the
results but I will tell you this if you go back to our customers website we were
giving average numbers remember so middle-of-the-road not horrible not
great but we ranked number one for most searches on that page whereas a lot of
these much faster sites are ranking further down the
what why is that part of this is going back to Google’s blog post if I can find
it here if I go back to that webmaster central blog post let’s take a look at
what they say also in this page notice down here in
paragraph two the last sentence it says the intent of the search query is still
a very strong signal okay what do they mean by that the intent of the search
query what they mean is what the person wants is still the important thing to
them what that person is looking for so a slow page may still rank highly if it
has a great relevant content now I don’t have some magical window into Google but
I can tell you what this tells me and from what I see in working with other
clients as well I would never tell you don’t worry about speed speed is a
factor it’s important to build your your website to load as quickly as possible
this is important for a good user experience right but it is obviously not
something you should slave over for example we would not advise our client
if we go back to our numbers here we wouldn’t advise our client that
thousands of dollars be poured into trying to get this medium number up to a
ninety or a hundred but I see that some people do I see comments online and I’ll
see guys that are are basically have devoted dozens of hours if not hundreds
of hours to trying to move this number up and I’m going to tell you my
suggestion would be don’t worry about it now if you on the other hand go to this
tool and by the way a link to anything I’m talking about to a lot of this stuff
and a few other resources I’m going to show you are all going to be in the show
notes down here in the description so that’s just a digression there to let
you know about that let me go back to Macy’s for example if I had these
numbers I have to tell you I’d be taking a look at why my mobile site was was
loading so slowly I wouldn’t be ignoring that but if your numbers are
middle-of-the-road here’s what I suggest you do first of all check for the search
queries where your rate where you want to rank or where you are
ranking and take a look at your competitors
you can plug anybody’s web page into PageSpeed insights take a look at how
they’re doing if you’re more or less in a reasonable range move on to something
else that’s why going back to our audit tool here you notice that how we phrase
the question site speed acceptable question mark
we don’t say site speed 100 site speed really terrific site speed better than
every other competitor that’s not what we’re going for here
site speed acceptable now if you see some numbers that really give you some
concern then I’d also double check those numbers Google doesn’t make perfect
tools any more or less than anybody else out there here’s one that we use all the
time it’s called Pingdom they have a website
speed test and they ranked Macy’s pretty good on their speed test then I go to if
you’re really have somebody who likes to geek this stuff out I love this tool
it’s called is the address and it has page after page after
page of highly let’s say extremely geek content so this is the page if you’ve
got a developer that wants to dig into this stuff by all means send them to and say have at it go through it and they you can often get
really good suggestions for improving page performance well that’s pretty much
all I wanted to cover for now bottom line the takeaway from this is pay
attention to site speed but once you have it in an acceptable range for your
industry and compared to the people that you’re competing with move on to
something else it’d be much better if you put your time
into creating great content and convincing other people to link to your
site again my name is Ross barefoot here at the horizon web marketing Academy we
like to publish videos that will help business people understand SEO and make
the most for their website so definitely if you’re interested in that if you want
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button down below if you’d like to see us cover stuff that
we haven’t on our channel leave us a comment give us a suggestion offer your
own experience it is a discussion so that’s it for now
and I hope to see you back here next time around you


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