Google Nest Hub Google Home Display Indonesia (Full Walkthrough)

Google Nest Hub Google Home Display Indonesia (Full Walkthrough)

Hi, how are you? This time we will be super products from Google Namely the Google Nest Hub How to Feature, Use, Design and Performance of this Device Come on, Let’s get to the point, Let’s Go! Google Nest Hub may look small However, the surprising thing is This device turned out to be versatile starting from controlling all of our Smarthome products Until it can be used for find recipes and accompany us to cook food until it’s over The shape of the Google Nest hub is very common even impressed Like only Google Home Mini added the screen in front of it At the top of the device there are three circles the two circles on the edge are two microphones and one circle in the middle is not a camera But an ambient sensor if the ambient light sensor is activated then screen light from this device will follow room light On the back there is a volume button on the right at the top there is a mic on / off and at the bottom there is a power socket we can shift the screen from top to bottom To display quick access menu in controlling Google Home Swipe from the bottom up to display settings volume, light, DND, alarm and settings menu then if we swipe from right to left will display i.e. top stories, youtube history list, cooking recipes, and so on to change the home screen from this Google Nest Hub We can use a smartphone and open the Home application then choose our device then choose the settings and select a photo frame then we can choose photos that will appear from the Google Nest Hub From Google Photos, art gallery or full screen clock this device can also be used for make and receive calls if it is already associated with a Google Duo account but unfortunately this device is not equipped with a camera so we can see pictures of people who call us but can display our pictures from Google Nest The following are the ratings we give for Google Nest Hub Okay, that’s all and enough See you later!


  1. Wow, saya baru nemu chanel lu bro, pas liat liat tentang sonoff. Ternyata sekarang rumah lu udh sangat berkembang jauh.. Siipp

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