Google Knows More About You Than Yourself

Google Knows More About You Than Yourself

Google Knows More About You Than Yourself – Mufti Menk You see this mobile phone that we have today. If you go in search what Google knows about you. Google knows about you, more than you know about yourself. Because you have a factor, known as forgetfulness. You might forget what you’ve done. Wallahi my brothers and sisters. If you want to have a glimpse, into 0.001% of Allah knows about you. Just go now today to Google. But if you go to this site, and you try and search what do they know about you. Wallahi, your smartphone records absolutely everything. Including your image, where you went, how long you spend there, what you said there. It is all encrypted, it’s in your phone. If you think I’m telling you a lie, you are living in the past. It is a fact and a reality. You have a smartphone, your face is taken 24/7. Whenever they wanted it’s there. You phoned someone, they know it’s you. You sent a messages, they know it’s you. Because they have the time log, and the voice log. audio log and the video log. It’s all there. Right know, I’m speaking, my phone hears everything. Those of you who have Android, all you need to say is “Go Google”, in your own voice and Google will say, “How can I help you?” Or some other term. If you have an iPhone, you called it Siri for example. It hears you, it will respond, it will do everything for you. And you think Allah does not know. Subhanallah, subhanallah. I was looking at the log. One brother was showing me about the log of the person. Where you’ve been, how long you’ve spent there, what you’ve said, there is a light recording of it on your phone. That is why what they do, the people who are that inventors of this phone when they get their phone, they open the phone, they clip out the microphones, and they disconnect the video, and they use an external earpiece. And when they’re asked, “Why do you do this?” “They say, so that no one can hear and see.” What do we have to hide? We are Muslimin. We should have nothing to hide, subhanallah. The thing they are now trying to get at, wallahi is your thoughts, your thoughts. If you have browsed through something, they looking at your thought process. How you are thinking. Everyday you’re looking at this, you’re looking at that. If you are talking about something, your phone will offer you, the offers connected to what you are saying. If you are talking about the train ticket prices from Manchester to London, a little while later you will see on your phone, they will offer you tickets from Manchester to London. How does the phone know? (والله ورب البيت). It has studied what you had said. Because you’ve said it and it knows you want to go there. And it’s all interconnected interlink. Now you want to know. (رب العزه والجلال) The one who made you and I, do you really think He does not know where you went, what you did, what you said, what you didn’t say, when you lied, when you told the truth, when you stole, when you ate, when you committed adultery, when you did bad, and when you did good as well. Allah knows. I want to give you the good news. Tawbah will delete your entire sins completely. Your phones you have, you can restore factory setting, you can do what ever you want, they can get it back. They can get back the encrypted version of everything that was on that phone from the beginning to the end. But when it comes to Allah, Allah says, “We will do you a favor.” Man is not (غفور رحيم). We are (غفور رحيم). We will forgive you in such a way that it will be wiped out no one will know. So my brothers and sisters, today I want to encourage you and I to turn back to Allah. Everyday seek the forgiveness of Allah. No matter what you’ve done, no matter whatever has happened in your life, don’t lose hope in the mercy of Allah. Allah loves you enough that today you are seated in His house. (رب العزه والجلال)


  1. Mufti menk and ustad Noman ali have such wisdom mashaallah . I always get the mes sage alhamdullilah . Also animation helps visual learners like me alot JAZAKALLAH

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