Google Home Service Ads – Finally, Pay Per Lead!

Google Home Service Ads – Finally, Pay Per Lead!


  1. Pay per click I'm going to try. I don't have enough reviews for social proof for the business I'm lead generating.

  2. I live in Austin and just got signed up. My first year in business and I’m 3rd in the state in 5 star Google reviews! Good to know reviews help on this section.

  3. I am currently using google guarantee with little success. I am not sure if it is something I am doing or my seo company is not? I have had guarantee set up for months, and it will never spend more than $50 in a month, even though I budgeted for 10x that just to make the phone ring. I have an electrical business that has been around for 5 years, I spend 3-5k per month in PPC direct from google I have a google premier partner that handles all of my marketing. I have a review score of 4.8 with 75 reviews. I am BBB A+ home advisor electrician of the year with a list of awards, etc. etc. However I am currently and have been stuck at 6th place on the guarantee however there are a list of companys that are ahead of me that are not even in my city? they are 25-30 miles away. Any suggestions on how to correct this, and move up?

  4. This video is 2 1/2 years old an Google never rolled out Their Home services in our area. So if anyone knows what happen to the program we would love to know? Most of us would trust Google over H.A. who are listed under every Home service company online you see. They are nothing but scam artist shysters. selling one lead 10 times.

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