Google Ads Search Impression Share Explained – Optimisation Tutorial

Google Ads Search Impression Share Explained – Optimisation Tutorial

Today you’re going to learn 1.)what is
search impression share 2.) what is target search impression share bidding and 3.) how
to use it and also how to maximize your ROI using the search term report to
increase your search impression share hey I’m Sam fields from mater solutions
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too so what is search impression share well search impression share is how
often your ads are actually eligible to be shown but is how offering your search
terms or your keywords are being searched on Google so if your search
impression share is 50% then Google is only able to show your ads half of the
time in order to find out what your search impression share is you can go to
the modify columns like we’ve done in the past and add it to the columns on
your Google Ads account now the simple solution to a 50% search impression
share of course is just double your budget and then that way you’re going to
get as close to 100% search impression check that Google will allow keep in
mind that Google might not give you a hundred percent of the search impression
share and to be honest in my many years of doing this I’ve only seen about 99.9
as being the absolute top the problem is if you double your budget on a campaign
that’s not returning on your investment then you have doubled you spend and
you’re still not going to get the kind of return you want another solution is
you could employ a targeted impression share bidding strategy which allows
Google to choose the bids to get to your target impression share if you haven’t
figured it out yet you’re right smack bang in the middle of a how to Google Ad
series and you’ll know by now that I am NOT very happy with Google all the time
when it comes to automated strategies straight off the bat and if you didn’t
know this was a Google Ads playlist it’s sitting right here and you can jump into
it there one of the reasons why I dislike automated strategies from Google
is because they allow Google to figure out what position you can be in and for
a new campaign being in the five to eight positions that can be really
detrimental to your campaign because it can lower your click-through rate but
also can make sure that people don’t see your
ads at all and of course you want to be in the top positions because you want to
actually have your ads seen over the course of the first six to twelve weeks
of any new campaign I regularly use the search term report which allows me to
identify negative keywords which will then reduce your exposure on irrelevant
search terms which in turn increases your search impression share and of
course that’s a great thing as you know on this channel I like to use Bob our
trade etern florist and Bob asked me last video if he could spend more money
on converting search terms what many agencies do have some really good
strategies in regards to automated rules and bidding less on less performing
keywords my strategy is even simpler and more effective all you need to do is
create a champion campaign a champion campaign is essentially the result of
using the Pareto principle to identify at the top 20% of performing keywords
and then take them and give them their own budget so when we do identify that
top 20% we can give them 80 90 even a hundred percent of the budget because we
know that they are performing well and are going to result in sales for your
business last week Bob identified that by red roses
Brisbane was a converting search term for him and so now he has 80 percent of
his budget on that particular search term in order to maximize his search
impression share and ensure that he’s been seen as often as possible for that
keyword the beauty of this is allows him to reinvest 20% of his budget into the
bottom 80% of the keywords which in turn will create another 20% out of that
Pareto principle from the first-tier campaign in the next video we’re going
to tie a whole heap of these concepts together into what I call the three tier
refinement method this is essentially a six to 12 week strategy that maximizes
your conversions without handing so vertigo thanks for joining us today
on the screen right now is a number of videos that are going to help you out in
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  1. The Google Ads Train keeps on rolling with Sam Fields talking about the Search Impression Share features, hopefully this tutorial will be helpful to those tackling search impression, budget, rank, and overall click-through issues. Let us know what your thoughts are on Search Impression, and how to optimise it?

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