1. You can use Google Drive from Linux using Google Chrome or Firefox for example. The client is the browser. But yes … a sync client like the one on PC would be great on Linux.

  2. That's not the same thing at all.
    Dropbox works without a desktop client too, but if none of my dropbox'd files were local, I wouldn't use the service at all.

  3. i used google docs and drive to complete my school project with friend s staying thousands of miles away fro me… thnk you google!

  4. sky drive offers much higher starting storage and lots of extra storage goodies too…same with dropbox which gave me 8gig more after I share the service with my friends… BEAT THAT!

  5. Does SkyDrive allow you to edit any document (spreadsheet, slideshow, text, etc) real time and with all of your fellow scholars / coworkers? I use Drive university work and being able to have multiple people edit the same file, at the same time, is incredibly useful. Also, there's unlimited space for google docs files. You only use space if you upload files that aren't in google docs format.

  6. cool I backed up my gta san andreas game and my save data and my computer got a virus and had to be wiped, I installed windows 8, and I was able to continue my game, nothing was long, CLOUD STORAGE IS BOSS

  7. hi i like to edit my movie clips and audio clips online from google but how do i add my own soundtracks please advise also i would like to offer you guys some of my sounds and music and to create some for your future projects or vids let me know
    kind regards

  8. Would have been great if, i could create a Direct download link to my files / folders on Drive. For me this is a "must have" feature. Anybody listening? 🙂

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