1. I'm in so much pain after this. May their passion ignite the flames in someones soul to carry on their dreams and spirit into the future. Rest Easy.

  2. atleast god gave them that opportunity to go together and not one without the other, because imagine waking up at the hospital like Uhh your daughter did not make it or your dad did not make it..either way tragic but just saying they together now.


  4. My heart is broken for his family and friends. I keep telling myself, at least they weren't alone… they were together in the end. RIP Kobe and Gigi Bryant and to all the other passenges who lost their lives yesterday. ❤🙏

  5. R.I.P Kobe Byant, and everyone else involved with the crash. May God bless his family during this devastating time.

  6. They went together, I can’t imagine one of them left behind without the other. God have mercy upon their souls and blessings and solace for those left behind. 🙏🏾🙏🏾

  7. Why kobe Bryant didnt stand for men's right he was a man farewell another dead celebritie why care over kobe for he was nothing but a puppet sure his death was sad so is every person death who dies period

  8. Kiling one person its like killing all Human beings!
    Dictator Trump you killed a lot of people
    Soon or later you will respond to God and court!!!


  9. Dictator Trump When your Time come to Die no money no your job help you!
    You are Enemy of God, of USA and Human beings !!!!


  10. OUCHY! I didn't even study him like that, but pretty much the Whole World has heard of him, sad news indeed! RIP… Kobe, GiGi, and the other 7!

  11. Too bad his daughters didnt live long enough…. To get raped like he raped that girl in 2003. A helicopter in the fog to a coach basketball game? Wow, you died of too much money.

  12. I’m not even a basket ball fan but I’m human. He was an athlete that inspired because he was doing good and positive things. Because he was responsible with his celebrity, because he was a strong, loving husband and father. The world needs people like that. I feel for his wife for losing her husband and her daughter. I can’t imagine. And I’m heartbroken for all the victims and families involved.

  13. Dang sorry to hear rip Kobe Bryant and his daughter the same way Travis Barker the drummer almost went out where dj am died along with others but Travis survived. God bless.

  14. Kobe Bryant, 41 years old, was traveling in his privately owned helicopter with his 13-year-old daughter, and 7 others, which included a husband, wife, and daughter from one family alone, and a mom and daughter from another family, to his youth basketball facility when all on board perished in the crash. The helicopter had been given “Special-Approval” to fly around the Burbank area in foggy weather.
    They were NOT approved to fly into Calabasas, which is 24 miles West into the mountains. A witness said the fog on the morning of the crash was “as thick as swimming in a pool of milk.” -Zero visibility.

    -The New York Times
    -January 27th, 2020

  15. I had a basketball game yesterday after he died. I made sure that every shot was dedicated to Kobe. I hope he’s having fun in heaven. ❤️

  16. “Don’t need no boy for that”

    I didn’t know much about Kobe like his fans did but I’m learning more about him and really appreciate his belief and support that women are great athletes

  17. Kobe spoke so intelligent , I will sincerely miss hearing him speak.  May Kobe and his daughter rest in peace. prayers are going up and out to all his love ones and his darling loyal wife.

  18. There is no god. Kobe, his daughter, and all the other people that died in that crash are not resting in peace. They simply don't exist anymore. That is the cold, hard truth of life that no one can avoid no matter how they delude themselves with fantasies of an old man in the clouds.

  19. It could seriously NOT get any worse. The man/legend himself and his legacy swept away at the same time.
    This is so so so sad.

  20. I’m a Celtics fan. I’ve been raised to hate the Lakers, but through it all I couldn’t disrespect the mamba. Greatest player of all time, fight me on it, I don’t care. We lost a legend yesterday and basketball will never be the same.

    Farewell, Kobe.
    Rest Easy.

  21. With all of the Kobe fans out there, the popularity of the WNBA would have grown so much when Gigi got there, if she was anywhere close to the performer and the assassin that Kobe was.

  22. Kobe was a good person he would always be never be forgotten RIP Legend and who else was on the helicopter I hope you have a good life up there with the Lord and Jesus RIP

  23. “It’s not the years in your life. It’s the life in your years” Somerset Maugham

    Toby and his daughter left the world at such young ages. But like the above quote, they packed a lot of life in their short years. and lots of love to. May All who perished in that crash find eternal peace and love.

  24. Wait on instagram November 12 somebody predicted Kobe death and they died on the 26th most people know him as 24 and not his first number 8 and Gianna was no.2 24+2=26 smh

  25. Wow y'all are ridiculous who cares people die every day but when a basketball player dies omg not even thinking about his 13 yea old daughter and the rest on the plane y'all need to grow tf up and stop sucking on Mom's tatas 🙄🙄‼️💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯🔻🔻🔻🔻

  26. 1:40–1:45
    When gigi said that it broke my heart💔😭

    She still living her dream in spirit and my eyes

    Her family and Kobe is super proud of her

  27. RIL Baby Mamba! She would've went on to do great things like her daddy. Now she will spark the brain of someone who goes on to do those same great things. *Tears

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