Ghost of Tsushima – Story Trailer | PS4

Ghost of Tsushima – Story Trailer | PS4

Jin… When we fight, we face our enemy head on. And when we take their life, we look them in the eye
with courage and respect. This is what makes us samurai. There must be thousands of them. We’ll face death
and defend our home. [SCREAMING] We do what we must, Lord Sakai. That is why you and
I are both survivors. I am samurai. No, you are more than that. You are the Ghost. Convince your people to join
me, and I will give them peace. I will never serve you. I’ve never seen a
samurai fight like that. It was nothing. Ha-ha. You are
more than a samurai. He is a vengeful spirit… back from the grave to
slaughter the Mongols. If you continue down this path, you will be no
better than the Mongols. I trained you to
fight with honor. Honor died on the beach. The Khan deserves to suffer! I am samurai. But I will sacrifice
everything for my home.


  1. Another exclusive masterpiece coming from Sony and Sucker Punch will make PS4 and PS5 even more desirable to own!
    Raw computing power of the console is important, but quality production and top notch games matter even more!

  2. Playstation: I will sacrifice everything for my players. So tell me, do you surrender?
    Xbox: …yes.

  3. Resident evil 3, final fantasy 7, the last of us 2, ghost of tsushima, cyberpunk 2077. What a way to go out…my poor wallet

  4. Downgraded graphics as usual with PS4 exclusives. They should have added a PS5 or PC version. Playing with 30 fps or inconsistent 60 fps is also no fun.

  5. Xbox One X 12 Teraflops 🤣🤣🤣
    Ps4 Ff7, The Last of Us 2, Ghost of Tsushima! Enjoy your 12 Teraflops playing mediocre games i rather play goty contenders! Not even a fanboy but Playstation is already winning the next gen! If the Microsoft Studios don't step up their game it's game over for Xbox!

  6. "Stand in the ashes of a trillion dead souls and ask the ghosts if honor matters. The silence is your answer"

  7. PlayStation: exclusive games games and more games… Oh and more games
    Xbox: uuuummmm…. look 12 tflops… No games…

  8. I m really the kind of guy that doesn't play a game just by the trailer….but this guy die 3 minutes ago….

  9. This year Xbox players can play a lot of game like Minecraft Dungeon and Microsoft Flight Simulator….PlayStation players can only play mobile games like TLOU2 and Ghost of Tsushima… I really envy Xbox player

  10. Wow; This is the stuff I would expect being advertised for PS5 and it's still PS4. Can't wait for this and very excited for what is going to be possible on PS5 later this year.

  11. This year is a year of singleplayer games. From Jedi Fallen Order to Ghost of Tsushima, Doom Eternal and The Last of Us !

  12. Really disappointed at the fact that the lipsynch is in english, so the japanese dub (which should be priority) is gonna feel unnatural. Still looks amazing though, looking forward to it

  13. Makers understand the taste of old japanese. 日本古来の幽玄閑寂な世界観が醸し出されててすごい。

  14. Can't wait to play with the Japanese Kratos😂🔥

    On other thoughts we can now hope to see the continuation of the infamous series 😭!!

  15. Cagaram no trailer localizado em inglês, tirou toda profundidade do jogo. Se estivesse localizado em japonês seria bem melhor…

  16. Red Dead Redemption 2: we have the best graphics open world gaming has ever seen

    Ghost of Tsushima: hold my shogun armor

  17. Quite a lot of games coming out close to each other! FF7 remake, TLOU pt2 & and now Ghost of Tsushima? 😁

  18. I don't understand, after I watched this trailer, I had $60 deducted from my bank account, and a receipt in my hand for a pre-order. Some spooky stuff going on here.

  19. I hope it's not a respawn type of game where you have to spend hours just trying to get through one section like Dark Souls or Nioh. I wanted to like those games but just cannot get through them. Some people don't have time to play the same game for 6 months!

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