Get Started with Google Ads: Create a Campaign

Get Started with Google Ads: Create a Campaign

This is a search ad. It’s really simple
to set up, and allows you to connect your business with the people making related searches. Remember our florist example from the last video? Let’s imagine you have lots of flowers to sell, and we know people love flowers. Your search ads connect them to your flower site. To start running search ads, you need a Google Ads account with an active campaign. So let’s create your first campaign together. Start by clicking the plus button on the campaign’s page. Step 1: Pick ‘Search Network’ as your campaign type. This just means you can show ads in Google search results. Step 2: Give your search ad campaign a goal. For example, let’s start with website traffic. Go ahead and enter in your business’s website. Step 3: It’s time to give your campaign a name. You might end up running multiple campaigns at one time, so try to be as descriptive as possible. Step 4: You can show your ads to people interested in your products or services as they browse sites on the Search and Display Networks. You can choose to run on both networks. And if you want to run search-only campaigns, you can always change these settings. Step 5: You can also pick locations where you
want your ads to show. For example, try starting with the United States if your ads and website are only in English. And if you only want to reach potential customers near your flower shop, you can narrow your location to a city or region. You can always come back to this later and change it. Step 6: Choose your target language. Pick all the languages your potential customers speak and that your website can support. Let’s stick with English for now. Step 7: Time to pick a bid strategy. Remember: you’ll pay each time someone
clicks on your ad. There are a number of options here. If your goal is to drive website traffic, a recommended bid strategy is “maximize clicks.” This strategy is all about getting you the most clicks within your campaign’s average daily budget. You can come back here later to try another bid strategy. Step 8: Enter in your average daily budget. To figure out your average daily budget, divide what you normally spend per month by the average number of days in a month. That’s roughly 30.4. You’ll see a bunch of other settings like sitelink or call extensions. Ad extensions are important and can help show your customers additional information in your ads. We’ll go into those in later videos. Step 9: Don’t forget to save your campaign! And that’s it. You’ve created your first campaign. Congratulations! Now, the onscreen wizard will immediately take you to a page to set up ad groups and pick keywords. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get to it.


  1. I dont really understand how is the daily budget or for what is that…so I only put Php5.00..what is much better?the lower the amount or higher amount?

  2. AdWords rip you off guys I just spent £900 for one month sometime 1-Click was about £5.50 unbelievable I just throw on rubbish bin £900 . They are very tricky don’t trust them

  3. Help to me Google AdWords is now Google Ads ?

  4. These videos are amazing but the music is super distracting. Wish you had a version of this playlist without music.

  5. Whyyyyy the f..k you need any background music? It is so much distracting, i cannot concentrate on what all ofthem saying including other videos.

  6. Have you guys changed the look? Whenever I try to get to this page shown I get to something else. It want's me to setup my add and pay right after that even though I don't have the variety of options shown in the video please help

  7. Спасибо! Всё очень понятно и доходчиво! извините что пишу на русском с английским проблемы…

  8. Why do you need that annoying music? We are trying to learn and focus, do it mindfully and remove the music. It is distracting 🙂
    The videos are lovely and clear so lose the music 🙂

  9. Thanks for the video, we were using Facebook ads way too frequently. Google ads has had a much higher impact on calls to the business that are looking for commercial / industrial work instead of consumer products (the Facebook market)

  10. how Can i start a campaign only for display network, and not for the search!?? it seems like there is no way to remove the search network option,….? help!

  11. It keeps poppin up this "Select an account for your campaign" and the ID from upper right corner is not working there.

  12. I am having problem in creating account .It is telling me to create add at the beginning.I cannot go the the interface you mentioned in the video. #GoogleAds



  15. As a translator and subtitler it pains me to watch polish subtitles. It's unreadable. Tottaly ignores language and subtitling rules.

    Pretty unprofessional.

  16. Please hope to create a new videos that showing us the new updates of google ads because we missing some steps in this video
    thank you.

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  18. I'm very confused by some of the certification test questions. We're given an option to choose all the correct answers and in the question it states to choose two. Does that mean there are only two options that are correct or that we're to choose "at least two"? Very misleading.

  19. omg is the jingle really necessary? I'm looking for helpful learning resources for a client who is new to online marketing. I don't want to send her happy little vegemite videos! it's like being in kindie, we're all sitting on the mat looking up at google explaining us things. I just want normal helpful resources for getting started with google ads, without the dinkyloop jingle-jangle and talking to us like we're idiots on repeat.

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