Gboard: now available for Android

Gboard: now available for Android

man: Think about how much time
we spend on our phones doing things like this. You and your friend are grabbing
dinner and you’re trying to remember the address
for Umami Burger, so you switch to
a totally different app. You search Umami Burger,
you find the address, you copy it
with those little thingies, switch back, you paste it,
and finally you hit Send. [phone beeps] We do this a lot. Switch apps, search,
and switch back, so we had a thought. What if you could search
right from your keyboard? Here’s how it works:
you just tap this and search Umami Burger. Results show up down here
and you can send them up here. You get everything you need
without leaving the app. So no matter what app
you’re in– texting, emailing, chatting– it’ll be right there. It’s like having Google Search
in any app right from the keyboard. We call it Gboard. It works for everything: YouTube videos,
your flight details, or gifs. Plus it has glide typing
to make typing faster, emoji search to make
finding emojis faster, and multilingual support
for changing languages on the fly. Bueno. Very bueno. Meet Gboard. Get it for your Android. [cheery music]


  1. θελωτην βοηθεια σας αυτόματα να γίνεται μετάφραση ελληνικά

  2. Anyone knows which software (or any Adobe After Effects template) do they use to make these kind of videos?

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  4. The Google Search Option is not visible in my G-Board. Am running Android Oreo 8.0. Posted the issue with screenshot in Google Help Forums also. Don't know what's the issue. Would someone please look into that. Thanks.

  5. LG G7 ThinQ, having issues with Gboard on Android messaging. Keeps giving me "cannot send" when trying to send GIFs and stickers, im able to see and make GIFs but just can't send anything. anyone have any suggestions? I tried clearing cache and data, reinstalled, reset settings, restarted phone and went through Gboard and messaging settings.

  6. ติดตั้งได้รึเป่าพื่นที่จะเต็มติดตี้งอะไรไม่ได้ไม่มีแอปที่จะลบทำไมพื้นที่จะเต็มไม่ข้าใจใครช่วยใด้มั่ง

  7. as a keyboard app, even some features are disabled by my own, found it consumes so much memory. wondering what's that run in background?

  8. Użyłem tej aplikacji dwa lata temu i ta klawiatura jest najlepsza dla użytkowników Androida i ta klawiatura jest lepsza niż domyślna klawiatura lol I dzięki Google i mam teraz najlepszą klawiaturę dla mnie. Ta klawiatura jest zaawansowana i wypróbowałem klawiaturę Kika i klawisz Swift, a ta klawiatura jest dla mnie najlepsza.

  9. I noticed that my phone no longer places the red line under misspelled words, and I can't get it to start working again.
    I've checked all of the settings for Gboard, spell check, and language; I hadn't changed any before the problem started, and they're all still where I had them set. I've tried disabling / re-enabling the Gboard app and Google spell check, clearing the app cache, enabling / disabling auto correct, etc….still stucking doesn't work

  10. To be perfect, you only need to fix an annoying bug that happens when you're typing and a message appears stating that you could not connect to the Google server, and the message (All it's already written) goes off and you have to type everything again.

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  12. А шрифт пожирнее?
    И красную стрелочку?
    И побольше оттенков.
    Но вообще автор чудо из чудес!
    Нобелевскую премию ему!!!!🙋

  13. 13 กุมภาพันธ์ ค.ศ. 2019

    เพิ่มภาษาไทยไหญ่ ( shan unicode ) ให้ด้วยนะครับ.. ၽိူမ်ႉၽႃးသႃႇတႆးပၼ်ၽွင်ႈ ၽွၼ်ႉတႆး [

  14. Switched to a OnePlus 7 Pro as a long-time Samsung Galaxy user, I found the GBoard's clipboard is clunky… unlike the Samsung Keyboard, one must manually "pin" the copied texts in order to save them, otherwise they WILL be gone after 1 hour☹️.
    Also, one must click on the "little globe" on the left of the space bar in order to switch the keyboard languages instead of the Samsung's slick "space bar swipes"…
    Too bad Samsung Keyboard cannot be installed on non-Samsung devices 😞…

  15. I love the Gboard I learned it super fast without any help. Props to you Google for making such a great app.

    And I just learned that.

  16. ভাইয়া এই এপটি কেন ডাউনলোড করতে পারছিনা একটু জানান পিলিজ

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