Former Rep. Chris Collins Sentenced To Prison | NBC News NOW

Former Rep. Chris Collins Sentenced To Prison | NBC News NOW


  1. Nancy Pelosi does the same thingbut she can still walk around and caused all this havoc in Washington and we don't need right now with this whole sham of an impeachment trial, they just wanted Chris Collins seat!

  2. I live in the Buffalo area and Chris Collins represented the district that I lived in and I voted for him. He did more to help our district than any other politician has.. just because he got information that a drug trial went wrongI told his son to get rid of his stocks and his in-laws shouldn't mean that he's got to spend twenty-six months in prison that guy has done a lot of good..what you have idiots like Nancy Pelosi Adam Schiff Chuck Schumer that do a lot of corrupt things and they're all in Washington still but this guy who was actually getting stuff done for his district and actually cared about the people who lived in his district is not going to prison for 26 months where he's going to do absolutely no good for anybody. I still support him I think he's a great guy he did a lot to help turn around our area. Yes what you did was wrong and he should be punished but 26 months in prison that's pretty messed up.when Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi and all those other idiots can get away with lying about the president abusing their own power and they're still walking around. What a joke this country has turned into lock-up the good politicians let the bad ones run havoc in Washington

  3. It's interesting that the timing of this coincides with start of the impeachment trial. Days after Fox interviewed Mr. Giuliani and Mr. Giuliani mentioned the repeated alerts from Ukrainians about Biden and son, private citizen Biden became candidate Biden. It never occured to private citizen Biden and friends that candidate Biden could make more fake impeachment trouble news days after the first fake impeachment onslaught failed. The endless cleverness of the swamp creatures is only excelled by the stench.

  4. Another travesty of justice! An average chap would be locked up for at least 5 years. The judges are promoting a culture of recklessness, saying greed is good. Basically, DO IT, GET CAUGHT, and DO IT AGAIN!

  5. Another REPULSIVE

  6. Yes the people who write these laws are being held to a different standard meaning immunity from being held accountable which should NOT be!!!! just because you write a law you shouldnt be immune from them you should be prosecuted times 10 because that person knows the laws and SHOULD NOT BREAK THEM

  7. I don't mind getting people that commit crimes. Good for you Justice department. Now why do democrats (Hillary) still get away with murder. Some people are above the law.

  8. that is righr,nobody is above the law.including all those lieing sonsofbitches in the fbi as well as hillary clinton as well as nancy pelosi as well as adam schiff and the list goes on.oh yeah,how about rachel the mad cow?

  9. The doors are being opened for both corrupt parties in their new homes . It's not just Republicans . If you think that then your corrupt yourself . But that is becoming evident !

  10. Held to a different standard my eye! Politicians are blatantly getting away with murder and nothing happens to them! Don't feel sorry for him one little bit.

  11. Jus another Person tRump doesn’t know thats on their way to Prison. Gonna have to open a New Wing jus to house all the Trumpers in Jail.

  12. So, if I committed the exact same crime, I would have gotten more time & would not have had the luxury of choosing which prison I went to. This Pensacola "prison" is a posh resort complete with daily maid service, luxury suites for prison cells, and 5 star luxury dining complete with alcohol selections of the finest vintage. Gee whiz, he may never want to leave.

  13. Any politician regardless of party affiliation that's involved with banking, energy companies or investments is crooked!!! And there's alot of them

  14. And here come the Ayn Rand "Objectivists" (a name so laughably silly it's akin to the cultists of Zorp calling themselves the Reasonablists) to defend him because blahblah insider trading isn't that big a deal, what a stretch, if they're on my side they can't be bad.

    It's great to see some people saying they're all for any corruption getting punished, though.

  15. Chris Colins hopefully got life as he knew he was going to break the law, he planned it ! Wow, two years, Everyone should break the law plus tells the Court where he wants to go ! Easy way to get rich, clearly there are know laws against the Rich or well connected ! Isn't it nice to lnoe you can become a Democratic Communist Party Member and never worry ask Hillary and all the rest of Congress, they can help you get elected and become rich ! Ask AOC who stole a million dollars her first year ! Wow, the swamp pays, you can Steal Lie and Cheat elected and never worry about Prison, ask Elizabeth Warren the Blonde Hair Blue eyed Indian, Millionaire ! Wow, easy money just ask Bernie how much Hillary Paud him to lose the Presidential election last time. Three homes new cars plus the money and backing to run again ! Wow, easy money, that would be a good nickname for someone who has never worked but becomes a millionaire, Easy Money Bernie !#!! Wow become rich easy just Lie ,Cheat and Steal from the public who Trusts you because the more you Lie Cheat and Steal the Richer you get, just ask Nancy Pelosi, Wow,wow,wow more easy Money ! $200 Million way to go Nancy Pelosi, clearly she and never has cared about who lives or dies ! Wow easy money !

  16. Honey R Siegal Stober 1/18/2020 Day 3491 We The People Against Corruption Campaign To Remove& Indict Obamas, Janet Napolitano, impeached liar murderer Trump et al. No integrity since US dissolved. OathsRus Con.1st U.S. lawmaker to endorse Trump gets jail sentence Fundraisers Mar-a-lago Parnas describes multiple Ukraine quid pro quos See

  17. Pretty amazing anytime a Caucasian dude commit a crime they are always sent to a boys camp…… American Justice at its finest

  18. It was perfectly legal for Pelosi.

  19. And to think , knowing of the crime, knowing this repugnant stupid moron cheated and conned the people of buffalo, they still voted him in . Reflective? Yes. Being from the area , take a lesson, if it smells like crap and it looks like crap , guess what. It is. Choosing party over country and the law doesn't pay and never will. Take a note 45, your crimes will not prevail over the will of the people or law either.

  20. Just ask Nancy Pelosi. In 2008, Visa offered congresswoman Pelosi IPO stock access just as legislation, which Visa strongly opposed, arrived at the House.

    Apparently fearless of a conflict of interest, Pelosi and her husband bought 5,000 shares of the stock at the rock-bottom price of $44 per share. Two days later, the value skyrocketed to $64 per share, and Pelosi made $100,000 virtually overnight thanks to her Visa IPOs.

    The tough new credit card legislation that Visa didn’t want? Pelosi, who was Speaker of the House at the time, never allowed it to the floor for a vote.

  21. So is this why Republicans refuse to hold Donald Trump accountable for his crimes? TRUMP COMMITTED CRIMES before he was president, paying millions in fines for his fraudulent "university" & "charity" (actually stealing $$$ from his children's cancer charity); TRUMP – Individual 1 – COMMITTED CRIMES to become president, crimes for which Michael Cohen is now sitting in prison & for which Trump would also be sitting in prison if not for the DOJ policy saying a sitting president can't be indicted; TRUMP COMMITTED CRIMES as president, obstruction of justice clearly enumerated in the Mueller Report, & violations of the emoluments clause in the U.S. Constitution (Article I, Section 9, Paragraph 8) prohibiting federal officeholders from receiving any gift, payment, or other thing of value from a foreign state or its rulers, officers, or representatives – including 69 political events held at Trump properties (13 foreign gov events), 100 events held by special interest groups, 123 foreign officials who visited a Trump property, 104 members of Congress who visited a Trump property, & 63 foreign trademarks granted to Trump businesses; & TRUMP COMMITTED CRIMES to remain president, extorting Ukraine & witness tampering, & bribing Senators ahead of the impeachment trial

    Who is unconcerned about criminality, especially in a president, except … other criminals Judge orders Trump to pay $2 million for misusing his foundation // “Our petition detailed a shocking pattern of illegality involving the Trump Foundation — including unlawful coordination with the Trump presidential campaign, repeated and willful self-dealing, and much more" “No one knows a “clear conflict of interest” when they see it better than the president's children.” “Judge Rules Trump Can Be Sued For Marketing Scheme Fraud”
    “Donald Trump coordinated with Michael Cohen to commit federal campaign fraud, prosecutors state in a sentencing memo filed Dec. 7 advising a substantial prison term for crimes to which Cohen has pleaded guilty.” "This is a bribe. Any other American who offered cash to the jury before a trial would go to prison for felony bribery.” “A federal watchdog concluded President Trump broke a law when he froze assistance funds for Ukraine last year”
    I. BRIBERY (18 U.S.C. § 201)
    V. OBSTRUCTION OF CONGRESS (18 U.S.C. §§ 1505, 1512)

  22. It's kind of funny everybody saying it's a light sentence but Martha Stewart .how long she do? a month, a week 2 months 6 months. Sounds pretty stiff compared to her sentence.

  23. Collins is just like ALL the other typical GOP minions and Trump supporters…. they commit huge felonies…. always deny them when first arrested…. but then always end up pleading guilty…. then sometime later during plea bargaining, or while awaiting sentencing, THEY END UP LYING SOME MORE TO PROSECUTORS, OR The FEDS, or other law enforcement, that are investigating them.

  24. Of course you haven't heard anything about the conviction of this GOP criminal and early Trump supporter from Trump .
    Trump never met him , never knew him .
    C'mon now , be fair .

  25. simple greed, he had 61 million in stocks, he could have taken the tiny loss and still had 59.5 million, the greed of rich

  26. Outstanding 21st Century Politic
    1. Destroyed a terrorist Islamic state.
    2. Gave America a new economic policy.
    3. Gave Americans work and hope.
    4. He introduced very serious sanctions against the aggressive Russian Federation.
    5. Destroyed a very dangerous Iranian general who acted in Syria and Iraq on the side of dictator Assad and Putin.
    6. Signed new treaties that are beneficial to all working Americans with Canada, Mexico, and China.
    And you already feel this in your pocket today.
    7. He made a serious contribution to working with North Korea.
    8. Supports peace, stability and democracy throughout the world.
    And what is the name of this politician? Answer yourself
    Then he will do even more

  27. Collins was also the Erie County Exec and left the county in bad financial shape, so what do they do? Elect him to Congress. Funny how they never claim Republicans are crooked or criminals. They just elect them to office to commit more crimes

  28. His political career is a mess and very questionable. The fact that people like him can stay in power while doing things under the table is troubling.

  29. Why not no news about epstein ? No news about CNN slandering teens and losing. No news about comey going to jail.

  30. I live in the Buffalo area and have known that Chris Collins was breaking the law while serving in Congress. He was a republican who was playing with the oath each representative takes each year -he knowingly lied when he took that oath each and every year while each year he was breaking the law. That proves to me the liability of the republicans – there is no reliability. His two year sentence isn't enough …………………………………….

  31. Trump: I dont know the guy….. he sounds like a good guy maybe… but i have no idea who he is at all…. never met the guy

  32. seems like the republican party is proving to be more dishonest all the time now, one by one they are being brought to the light for the hole world to see who they really are.  we never hear stories about the dems, with kinds of stories like these making the news now. it makes one think a lot about the republicans.  are they really for the people who voted them in or just money and power for themselves…. I mean wow all these dishonest stories about the republican in the news.

  33. now he go.s to a countryclub prison with a starbucks n shoping mall inside for the rich who rob the poor put him in general pop in attica wheres all these politicains get them millions $$ from all dirty crocks systems busted if it was me or you we never see the outside agian

  34. Imagine being convicted of a crime than telling the judge what prison you will accept. Not likely for the rest of us.

  35. "….politician…" no surprise he was up to some dirty tricks…. Anyone who voted this crook into office should check themselves…#noincumbents2020

  36. Nancy Pelosi needs to be in prison too.She made 40 million dollars by using insider trading while she has been in office.

  37. They don't want it to appear that there is a two tear justice system?
    Did he delete 30,000 emails under subpoena? That wouldn't be a problem.

  38. Not only will he get just 4 months.It will be in a federal resort prison.I knew someone that went to one for a year.He put on 30 lbs from eating steak and lobster and partying.

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