Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 vs. Dodge Challenger Hellcat Redeye vs. Chevy Camaro ZL1 1LE – Drag Race

Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 vs. Dodge Challenger Hellcat Redeye vs. Chevy Camaro ZL1 1LE – Drag Race

Edmunds exclusive, we’ve got the Chevy Camaro Z01. [REVVING] Dodge Challenger Hellcat. [REVVING] And Ford Mustang Shelby GT500. [REVVING] These cars have never been
as powerful or as capable. And we have them outfitted
in their highest-performing configurations. The ZL1 has the
1LE Track Package. The Hellcat has the
Redeye Widebody. And the GT500 has the
carbon fiber track package. And they’re all automatics too. Yes, even the GT500, although
it’s technically a dual clutch. We’ve already tested these cars. But now we want to
find out which performs best in a heads-up drag race. KURT NIEBUHR: We’re going
to use launch control– all of us. Hopefully no one cheats. I’ve set my launch
control at 1,200. That’s as low as it goes. That’s a little chilly outside. The asphalt is a little cold. Tires are a little cold. I think the ambient temperature
is below 40 degrees. So it doesn’t look
good for Carlos and those heat-sensitive tires. ELANA SCHERR: I
would really like to beat Kurt in the Mustang. There is a launch control
setup which is really nice. It’s not just like a set thing. So if I was on a
really nice surface, I could set the
RPM a lot higher. And then I could basically
launch it full throttle. But because the surface
is cold and absolutely not treated in any way
to make it stickier, I’m going to put some
lunch RPM at 1,200. That’s the plan. Let’s see if it works. CARLOS LAGO: The
biggest challenge for this car, especially
today is these tires. They’re very
temperature-sensitive. And it’s very cold out. So I’m seeing 43
degrees on the dash. I’ll just kind of put my
faith in launch control, focus on keeping
the wheels straight, and hopefully give Mr. Judy
500 over here some trouble. KURT NIEBUHR: Her
car is really fast. His car is really fast. Hopefully this guy’s
a little faster. ELANA SCHERR:
Surprisingly nervous. [MUSIC PLAYING] SPEAKER 2: 5, 4, 3. [REVVING] Go. [MOTORS] KURT NIEBUHR: Come on, buddy. Oh, wheel space narly– Get out of here. [MOTOR] [LAUGHS] CARLOS LAGO: There you go. KURT NIEBUHR: Whoo. [LAUGHS] CARLOS LAGO: That went
about as expected. First large, full tires. Everybody had trouble
getting out of the hole. And everybody had trouble
getting out of it. ELANA SCHERR: Yeah,
it’s unfair that Kurt is totally sleeping on the
light and still gets to win. KURT NIEBUHR: Maybe if I had a
bigger engine, I’d go slower. CARLOS LAGO: [LAUGHS] SPEAKER 1: And grip
is already a problem when you have this kind of
power and only two drive wheels. But ice cold
ambient temperatures made hooking up even
more of a challenge. We took on the oh so difficult
task of heating up the tires– [REVVING] –and kept running
to get a fair pass. SPEAKER 2: Go. [REVVING] KURT NIEBUHR: I’d be bombed
if a car with 800 horsepower lost to a car with less
than 800 horsepower. ELANA SCHERR: Oh,
you barely have less, and you have like,
600 pounds less. KURT NIEBUHR: I
also have a wing. CARLOS LAGO: Hey, guys, I
also have wings and canards and stickier tires. KURT NIEBUHR: I’m not winning. ELANA SCHERR: Yeah, but you
have a lot less horsepower. CARLOS LAGO: Is it cool
if I brag about being the least expensive car here? SPEAKER 1: No matter
how many times we ran, the result
was always the same. Mustang wins and undeniably so. SPEAKER 2: 3, 2, 1, go. CARLOS LAGO: Follow the lead. [MOTORS] Hands on. No, no, no, no! KURT NIEBUHR: [INAUDIBLE]. Come on! Good job, Pony or Snake. Do I call it Pony or Snake? Stony, Poke? ELANA SCHERR: Hate
launch control– stupid. KURT NIEBUHR: I’ll just
call it first place. CARLOS LAGO: You guys, I
think I need more nause. [MUSIC PLAYING] KURT NIEBUHR: Yes, testing,
acceleration on a street surface has some flaws,
especially with cars this powerful. But the interesting thing
is, we actually replicated our test results that we
got in our test track. And I believe if you were to go
to a drag strip with these cars and put them on
a prepped surface and put drag radials on
them, yeah, they go faster. But the placement would
probably remain the same. That said, how was
the challenger? ELANA SCHERR: Oh, are we
doing like a what did I learn? Because I learned I
do not like losing. I don’t like it at all. I am mad. KURT NIEBUHR: I could tell. ELANA SCHERR: I am
not having a good day. No, the Challenger is fun. Even when you’re losing,
the Challenger is fun. That supercharger
whine and like, how hard it hits when it
shifts, it’s pretty fantastic. But the robot’s just
aren’t smart enough yet. They just didn’t do quite
what I needed them to do. So I actually would get out
of the hole pretty well. I think I– I think I
might have [INAUDIBLE] you a couple of times, Kurt. But then around when
I shifted into third, car would be like, all
right, I think you’re good. Here you go, girl, 797 horses. And then it would
spin like, up there. So then I would watch him go by. But honestly I think even
if I had stayed stuck, he would have passed
me at the top. He was just pulling like crazy. KURT NIEBUHR:
That’s the problem. You have the most powerful,
but you get the heaviest car. And physics is physics, right? The Camaro is the opposite
where it’s the lightest car here with the least power but
it has like the most tire. But that tire only works
when there’s temperature. So like you, I was having
massive traction issues. I think all of us we’re
having massive tract– That actually kind of
put us on equal footing, because once we all hooked,
it all kind of worked out the way we’d all expect. But, yeah, the launch
control on that, especially with coldish tires really
had trouble getting out of the hole in first gear. Getting the launch was easy
anticipating the launch. Timing was good. And then once it hooked up,
it was just, OK, there’s the red car going by. And there’s Kurt smiling. I can see it even through
his fricking helmet. ELANA SCHERR: Oh, so annoying. Hate that guy. CARLOS LAGO: I just
radiated winning. [MOTOR] Actually, I was concerned
about getting the car moving, because you can activate launch
control, foot on the brake, put on the throttle. You take your foot
off the brake, and there is a solid one
count until the car moves. That’s really frustrating. It should be instantaneous. I don’t know why they put that
in there, but it’s in there. So I had to adjust my launch
based on when he would say one. And then I would let off. And I would sit. But, yeah, I think we all had
the same traction controls. When my car would
shift into second, it would just slide a bit toward
you as almost a wave at you. KURT NIEBUHR: As
you passed on by. CARLOS LAGO: Hooked
up and left, yeah. ELANA SCHERR: You know why Ford
put that little delay in there? CARLOS LAGO: Why ELANA SCHERR: To give people
time to start their Instagram videos. KURT NIEBUHR: [LAUGHS]
On that bombshell, GT500 wins this
drag strip battle. ELANA SCHERR: And none
of us like Kurt anymore. KURT NIEBUHR: Too bad. SPEAKER 1: Thanks for watching. Make sure to look
for our next video where we compare
these three cars and go into a lot more detail. Until then, hit Subscribe
and visit to find your next perfect car. [MOTOR]


  1. Read all the performance data, specs, and testing notes from our drivers here:

    To clear things up: We ran each car separately at our test track (off camera) with the same driver and better weather conditions and got the results you see at the end of the video.

    Do you think the outcome would change on a prepped surface and if each car had drag radials?

  2. Amazing race 👍👍
    The GT500 smashed the competition like a boss 😎
    Butt hurt Chevy fan boys don't like losing that explains the 1.2k dislikes
    " that's what she said " 😉

  3. 100k is worth it on a gt500. This will sell and retain tremendous value just like shelbies have always have. Even a GT350 has a lot of value.

    The ZL1 and Hellcat depreciate the moment you start putting miles on them or start messing around with engines. The ZL1 is trash. Its ugly. The rear end is horrible. The hellcat and demon are boats. They weigh too much. They are too heavy. They looks like bricks on 4 wheels. They dont put HP down well like the GT500 does. Pushrods are a thing of the past. Dohc are superior to pushrods. Kiss goodbye the camaro. Its going out of production and besides. They have maxed out the engineering unto their OHV engines. There wont be another SS or ZL1. The OHV is over. There wont be another high hp ohv engine. This is the end. Ford won. Ford beat all. No one beats fords dohc. Or flat plane crank. Ford dominates. They dont fuck around. All with just a 5.2 dohc. Lmao. All you pussies using bigger engines on your chevy and dodge. Lmao.

  4. Really what this shows is the advantage of the DCT. Even a really good auto like the ZL1 has is no match for a DCT. In the era of the DCT; autos and manuals just can't compete. So to everyone crying that the GT500 doesn't have a manual transmission this video shows you why.

  5. These people wouldn't know how to drive a camel in the middle of the desert let alone driving any one of these muscle cars. My guess is all of them owns some sort of 4 cylinder treehugger POS and hasn't never set foot in a real vehicle before. I can't believe I took the time to watch this BS video.🙄👎

  6. The Challenger Red Eye "would destroy both the Mustang and the GT500 on a drag strip". Happens all the time.
    Carlos Lago is smoking crack…
    Get a real driver next time too…Yeah I said it…Geez.

  7. This is a side ways comparison, why use a hellcat, when everyone that is a dodge fan THAT TUE DEMON IS THE BADDEST MF ON THE BLOCK!!! then let's see that little pony get it's feelings hurt!!!

  8. Ok this is a joke when I hear drag race I want to hear these cars pushed to their absolute limits and to hear them scream in which I’m 90% sure that the challenger would have eaten the mustang due to weight

  9. I could tell that they weren’t pushed they slowly increase I’m talking 0 to top speed run the shit out of the car the mustang if we’re talking about weight is front heavy mean the other two have distributed weight so basically the mustang should have lost

  10. So stupid how dodge gives you all that fender flare on the wide body but only gives you a tire that fits fine on a regular body

  11. They’ll do anything to make a mopar look slow. Lmaooo put a real driver behind the wheel and watch the hellcat put in work

  12. No matter how much horsepower the car puts out or how many electronic gadgets are in the new cars they will NEVER be anywhere near the cool factor of the originals.

  13. You guys should have brought a Tesla Model 3 performance now, before they come out with a Ludicrous version and it beats them all. Or just bring the Tesla Ludicrous S. It would have been a bit more money, and faster

  14. It’s such a great time to be a muscle car enthusiast. These cars keep one upping each other, and because of that they just keep getting better and better. There will never be one true king. At least for now this seems to be an endless cycle and I am not complaining one bit

  15. It's a stupid comparison. The ZL1 should not have been in there it's down 150 hp of course it's going to lose. But it does how ever kick the shit out of the hell cat and the GT350 they had to bring in the brand new GT500 to beat it. Yeah Ford is still trash

  16. Chevy and Ford need to give up competing against each other and focus on putting there cars against Mercedes Benz, Jaguar, Bentley, Aston Martin, Ferrari, Porsche, Toyota, BMW, Maserati, Alfa Romeo, Nissan and Acura. So more people would own a Chevy or Ford over any other brand that I have said. That is why Ford and Chevrolet or GMC is down to just owning themselves and no other company since they have lost their edge they once had in the World.

  17. All I know is I love my Hellcat, the way the supercharger sounds and the way it feels always put a smile on my face not to mention all of the comments I get when I go out but I will admit the other cars are sick in fact I would love to have a ZL1

  18. Results were what I expected but does the gt500 out track the zl1 1le? That's what it was built for. I'd like to see a C8 base vs a 2020 gt500

  19. Before you have to post your biased like how we both know you are, vehicles always perform differently under different conditions, in ideal conditions each one would win it just happens that the gt500 was favored in this situation

  20. The hellcat is to impress passengers and go to work. It's a mature car. The mustang is for power hungry crack heads that just want loud and fast acceleration. The Camaro can actually go on the racetrack and complete with less expensive super cars then take you home after a hard track day. Nonetheless each car has its pros and cons and all 3 are absolute beasts.

  21. All fantastic, but I love the classic styling of the challenger. I would love if all three in like 2021 mimicked the late 60s/early 70s body styles. The current stang and camaro look like hotwheel sport cars instead of American muscle imo

  22. Right so we’re all ignoring the woman takes the most powerful car and loses every time? This comment is not misogynistic just stating the facts.

  23. I've driven hellcat and zl1 and in my opinion they both have too much power and not enough traction. Drove 2017 gt350 and it handles very well, and is able to put power to the ground pretty efficiently

  24. Another dumb comparison test. Not even using the right Camaro. The 1le top speed is slower than the original zl1. Idiots.

  25. The Camaro's problem is GM has a rule that nothing can be faster than a Corvette. But if a GM division sneaks one by it won't be around for long.

  26. The Camaro's problem is GM has a rule that nothing can be faster than a Corvette. But if a GM division sneaks one by it won't be around for long.

  27. Instead of whining about the temperature, you should've switched drivers each round and have at least one rolling race, you had an outstanding opportunity to produce hell of a content with these 3 monsters but this came out as a mediocre … THING .. i guess.

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