1. Mobile blazor binding is awesome.
    For me i no longer need to code in single threaded dart language,i can stay in dotnet ecosystem.

  2. 0:00:46 -Welcome to Blazor
    0:59:04 -Blazor Futures
    1:41:37 -Routing A-Z
    2:16:30 -Create a great UX with Blazor
    2:57:40 -State Management in Blazor Apps
    3:43:36 -JavaScript Two-Way Interopt
    4:24:29 -Testing Blazor Components
    5:01:40 -Experimental Mobile Blazor Bindings
    5:35:21 -Authoring Custom Components
    6:19:27 -Microsoft, Google and Cookie Authentication and Authorization
    7:05:19 -Blazor Server Scaling with SignalR
    7:41:38 -Build Serverless Apps with Blazor
    8:10:25 -Blazor for Web Forms Developers

  3. Wow the denounce how simple is that callbacks simple when you have it explained alot of blazor has so much in common with web forms and wpf with modern javascript frameworks, it's like they got married and had kids Love blazor can't wait to get a project to evolve businesses.

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