Extended Cut: SZA & Anderson .Paak on How They Joined ‘Trolls World Tour’ with Justin Timberlake

Extended Cut: SZA & Anderson .Paak on How They Joined ‘Trolls World Tour’ with Justin Timberlake

We’re back with
Justin Timberlake. That was a clip from your
new film, Trolls World Tour. And now we are going to
bring out your collaborators. Please welcome– Yeah, a couple of them. –Anderson Paak and SZA. Yeah. [MUSIC – ANDERSON PAAK, “COME
DOWN”] Now come on. I might never come down. I might never come down. Let me get down. OK. Hello, you two. Hi. It’s popping. It’s so nice to meet you. I’ve never met you before, but– It’s nice to meet you too. –I’m happy to meet you. Anderson, been here many times. You look great. Love you. Good to see you. Thank you– Thank you so much. –so much. You look great. Thank you. So you are just on the– you’re in the–
on the soundtrack. You’re not in the movie. That is correct. You are in the movie– Yes. –and on the soundtrack. Correct. And do we want to
tell everybody what this new movie is about even
though we just saw a clip and got– Trolls. Yes. Trolls. Yeah. Trolls. They’re about Trolls. No. So basically, you know,
in our second movie, Anna Kendrick’s character
and my character, we find out that we’re not
the only type of trolls and that there’s all these
different sort of tribes of trolls. And they’re represented by
a different genre of music. You know, we find out
we’re the pop trolls. And there’s the funk
trolls, which you saw. There’s the techno trolls,
classical, country western. So what happens is– That’s Kelly
Clarkson’s character. Yeah. She crushes it in the movie too. And what happens
is they basically go– without sounding too much
more like I’m intoxicated, they go on an adventure
to try to save music. And it’s a hilarious– it’s twice as funny as the
first one and sort of a movie about diversity and inclusion. And, you know, I think that’s
a timely theme right now– All good things. Yes. –you know, how
we should embrace how everybody’s so different. And that’s a wonderful thing. Yeah. And so yeah. And Anderson, how did you
get involved with Justin? Did you all know
each other before? You must have. I think I met him like
I met most people, like, on Instagram and Twitter Um-hum. –like DMs and stuff. And right? Yeah. We hadn’t really met in
the real world, right? Yeah, no. Just, like, a huge fan, you
know, since I was younger, you know, like, since
high school just being, like, at a lot of high school
parties dancing to, you know, Justin Timberlake
Justified album. It’s a classic. But yeah. He hit me up. He’s like, Yo, I’ll put
in a good word for you at the Trolls thing. Don’t blow it, man. They going to call you. You know what I’m saying? I was like, what? Y’all want me to do some music? I’m down. He’s like, no, actually,
they want your voice. They want you to be in it. You know, so I was like, what? OK. And SZA, I saw– –because I texted you and said
love the– what you posted, the video, that I saw of
y’all working together. Had you met Justin? I hadn’t. I had no idea how or
why I got involved. Do you know now? I was just really– That was– yeah,
that was me too. No, I still don’t know. I was grateful for the blessing. No, no, no. Every time I was like why, how
do I, he was like, shut up. You’re doing great. Everything is great. You’re killing this. And I was like, thanks. I just want to ask you, for
the shoot for the Rolling Stone Magazine, was it hot? I mean, how hot was it in
there that you had to take– SZA. –jacket off? I have know idea– What are you doing to them, SZA? –why I’m nude. Oh, yeah. The theme was lace and leather. And I was like, can I– Yeah. –wear baggy things? And I realized– She just– –just being butt naked on
top and then the other baggy things was just like
a medium compromise. I like it. Yeah, she just– you
know, sometimes– I was cold. –you’ve got to let them
know I’ve been working out. Yeah. I’ve been in the gym. What? Yeah. Before we go to break– You look amazing. –have to– Thank you. –explain to people what
you’re doing on social media, Trolling for Good. Oh, yes. So we came up with this idea. We thought it’d be great. And because it’s the Trolls,
we thought Trolling for Good. We’re going to start a
hashtag, Trolling for Good. And what it does is there’s this
organization called Little Kids Rock that supports music
education in schools and so what I want to do
is you and I just start a– we could start, like,
a Tweet conversation– OK. –a code Tweet. OK. And then anybody who wants
to get on the group Tweet, you could Tweet all over it. And you could Tweet
in the morning. You could Tweet at night. And you could just get at
us with the hashtag Trolling for Good. And each Tweet that
we get, up to 50k, we’re going to raise $1
for this organization. So we’ve got to get it to– All right. –50k, to 50 grand. Let’s go. We’ll start it today. All right. Right. We’re tweeting. The name of the CD
is Trolls World Tour. Everyone’s going
home with a copy. You’re going home with a copy. And when we come back, we’re
going to play Spill The Tea.


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