Extended Cut: Stars Freak Out Meeting ‘Cheer’s’ Jerry Harris at the Oscars

Oh, my gosh! Thank you! Jerry, you were the
perfect person– now, do wear this all the time? Yes! Y’all gave me one. And I don’t know
what to do with it. It’s like a Flavor Flav clock
around my neck or something. So did you have fun? It was your first time
ever on any carpet, much less the Oscars. Yes, it was insane. It was such a
indescribable feeling. ‘Cause I’m not used to
red carpets like this. OK, I was thinking
of just a strip, OK, just a strip
of a red carpet. I get there. I’m look, boom, OK? I’m like, wow, this
is bigger than I could have ever
imagined, just seeing so many different celebrities,
and have them come up to me like they knew me personally. It was just awesome. And just feeling the
love from everybody else, as well as giving the love
to all the other celebrities out there, too. Look, it’s really cool
that they stopped. Because you saw how many
people from all over the world. And everybody wants to
talk to those people. So the fact that some people
came over and talked to you was a big deal. Because they love you. But I want to see this. Let’s take a look. [MUSIC – PANIC! AT THE DISCO – “HEY
look, ma, I made it! Hey, Ellen! It’s me, Jerry, from
Netflix’s Cheer. I’m here today as
your correspondent. And I’m just so
excited to be here. So let’s go full out. Hi, how are you! We watch you, you’re so good! Thank you so much! What are you guys most
excited for tonight? Finishing the first
season of Cheer, and seeing if you
make it to mat. Don’t spoil it for me! Jerry! Jerry! Jerry! This is what I
want to say to you. You’ve got this! Yes! You can do this, Jerry! Yes, oh my gosh! Because my daughter
was giving me some mat talk and I was
driving in the car. Yes! And we love you. Thank you so much. And we love your
big beautiful heart. (SINGING) Hey,
look, ma, I made it! Oh, my God! Oh, my God! I watch your show while
I’m pumping every night! Oh, my gosh! What are you most
excited of about tonight? Well, I don’t know what’s going
to beat this moment right now. I can’t believe it. I feel like I manifested
you in front of me. “Pumping,” what does
she mean by “pumping?” She meant pumping breast
milk for her child. Oh! That’s insane. I never heard– that’s
definitely a first. Oh, my gosh! You look fantastic. Are you excited for tonight? I’m so excited.
dude, the Oscars! Yes! We’re at the Oscars. Oh, my gosh, you look– Look at this ring? OK, you want to try it on? Look at that. Get it through your nails. You already know. Yes. You know how you won Grammys? Well, I won Daytona
this past year. Congratulations! I know! We saw! How many times
have you been here? Well, I’ve been
nominated nine times. I won the Oscar in ’93. He said he won the
Oscar back in 1993. And that’s just– that’s
longer than I’ve been alive. Oh, my God! Oh, my God! I fell in love with you! I just saw the whole show! Oh, my God! Thank you so much. You are adorable. Thank you so much. I’m supposed to
hold this myself? Yes, please. You want to hold it for you? Oh, look. Oh, do you like it? Is that your ring? Yes, would you
like to try it on? You can put it with that– yaas! You look fanta–
[LAUGH] have you ever been a cheerleader before? Have you ever wanted
to be a cheerleader? Oh, no, no, no. I was a child actor. It’s kind of like cheerleading
but without the pom poms. You want to do a cheer
together real quick? What do we do? OK, what rhymes with “Oscars?” Be Oscar worthy! Be, be Oscar worthy! Be Oscar worthy! Be, be Oscar worthy! Ah! Awesome! Wait, when I sing tonight,
can you do the thing? Can you give me
a good cheering– You want a good mat-
you want some mat talk? Yes, I do. You got it! I believe in you! You’re going to kill it! I know you won your
Oscar last year. Yes. And I won Daytona last year. Oh, hey! Hey! I thought we have a lot in
common, don’t you think? Yes, we do. Just some winners here. OK! Yes! Little welcome to
the winners’ circle. OK. Have you ever been
a cheerleader? Oh, goodness, yes. Yes? I’m from Texas! That’s good. And you don’t need to
know what we screamed through the megaphones. What did you scream? What did you scream? Uh-huh! I’m Jerry from Cheer on Netflix. I know! Oh, my God! Look at you! How are you? You look fantastic. You are such an
inspiration, your story. Name three celebrities you’re
excited to see tonight. Oh, gosh, Brad Pitt,
Brad Pitt, Brad Pitt. Oh I absolutely–
hi, nice to meet you! How you doing? How does it feel to be the
coolest man in the world? Really? Is that what I got? Yes! Yes! I don’t think so. So many people just want
to be your best friend, and just hang out with you,
and just be with you for you. You are awesome. Yeah, I’m pretty good from afar. I think you’re pretty
good from real up close. The whole place just
literally went quiet when I was talking to him. Ellen, this has truly been a
once-in-a-lifetime experience. It’s something I will
take with me forever. I really appreciate it. Thank you. [APPLAUSE] oh, my God. I mean, it’s so full that
everybody knows who you are. I mean, if you haven’t
watched Cheer on Netflix yet, you will see why
everyone loves this guy. And we got you a gift
to remember the night. It’s a scrapbook, all right? And so here. So we have some pictures of
some people that you saw. It’s a really nice scrapbook. We’re going to get a picture– [LAUGHING] We’re going to get
a picture together. OK, yes, yes. We’re going to do that there. And then there’s Billie
Eilish with you there. Yes, yes! OK, and then there’s Brad Pitt. Yes! OK, and then Laura Dern. And then, oh, yeah, Shutterfly
wants to give you $10,000. [APPLAUSE] Just your love, your
joy, everything you do. Thank you so much! You’re welcome, Jerry. We’ll be right back!


  1. Brad Pitt is… just untouchable. Idk what it is about him but he has that mysterious, almost god-like, Hollywood star quality that you just can't find in many today.

  2. Brad Pitt is… just untouchable. Idk what it is about him but he has that mysterious, almost god-like, Hollywood star quality that you just can't find in many today.

  3. I am literally crying after watching this. Its so beautiful! It’s almost like we don’t even deserve such an amazing spirit and heart like Jerry’s it literally just shines through the screen! Soo happy Ellen was able to do this for him and give him this experience ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  4. Jerry born with a big star! His mom must be very proud of him! He touched the heart of a lot of people even mine, he have a good heart, he never lose the faith and the positivity! Congratulations ♥️👏🏼

  5. okay but like… he did a really good job for that being his first time.

    Also did they really have to play "hey look ma i made it"….

  6. I'm crying!! I love him! He's such a huge inspiration… Humans we still have hope because there are spirits on earth as Jerry!!! Lot of love from Argentina🇦🇷

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  8. Everyone needs a friend like Jerry. He’s one of the kindest people I’ve ever seen, he’s so full of life and love. He’s the best thing that happened to Netflix.

  9. Aww this was so sweet. I started Cheer but it wasn't my thing so I didn't finish…maybe I will push through it now.

  10. He is such a bright light, what a beautiful person that’s just brings wonderful energy and joy. He deserves everything good.

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