Export and Import MySQL Database from PHPmyAdmin – Complete Backup Guide 2019

Export and Import MySQL Database from PHPmyAdmin – Complete Backup Guide 2019

Hey guys welcome back Bhagyashree here from
DomainRacer.com today I am going to show you how to export the copy of your MySQL database
and how to import an SQL database backup file to your database server this is useful for
making a personal backup of your site and for importing backup from other server
so let’s get started first we are going to export the database
so follow the steps first login into your C panel account then go to database section
and click on PHP my admin now it will redirect to PHP my admin on the left hand sidebar you
can see the database related to your account now choose the database which you want to
export so here I am going to select this database now click on the export button from top and
here you can see it exporting table from your selected database now choose the export method
as quick or custom if you choose quick method it will allow you to download dot SQL file
immediately and if you choose customer export method you can export the table as per your
requirement and you can do the further customization setting but choose the custom only when you
are familiar with managing .SQL tables here I am choosing this quick export method then
choose the export format as SQL and click on Go button so here you can see our database
is successfully downloaded now to import the MySQL database similarly access PHP my admin
from cPanel and select the database from left hand side in which Database you wish to export
your my SQL database so here am choosing this one for demonstration purpose then click on
import button now using this choose file icon you can choose a file from your local system
or you can also drag and drop your file on any page now click on this choose file button
and select your downloaded my SQL Database from download folder now click on open button
before importing your database make sure your filename extension is.sql.zip your file may
be compressed or uncompress now scroll down select your importing file format is SQL check
mark this option and click on Go button and here you can see the message your database
is successfully imported so this is how you can import and export your MySQL database
from PHP my admin


  1. Hello, I am currently backup my website to using cpanel and sql database also. Now I do that this Backup restore to my another hosting database. Upload my full site to cpanel and restore the sql database but show that "Database not establishing". Please help

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