Every Way to Cook a Whole Chicken (24 Methods) | Bon Appétit

Every Way to Cook a Whole Chicken (24 Methods) | Bon Appétit


  1. Beer Can Chicken was a staple in my house as a kid and I still crave it sometimes. I love that it was included in this!

  2. Ninja Foodie Chicken – pressure cooked for moisture retention and then air fried for perfect all over colour. Shame they couldnt show it here due to the one pot deal.

  3. Isn't the point of bag roasted chicken to steam? Those ties aren't tight enough so the bag would explode with too much pressure.

  4. Dry Brined, Spatchcocked and smoked is my favorite way to do it. I started doing my Turkeys that way and can't think of any reason to do it any other way.

  5. i’m a brad/clair/andy/chris kinda person and this is the first time i’ve dipped my toes into any kind of amiel videos and i just—

  6. 12:04 emmymadeinjapan had roasted chicken in clay which was almost the same method. The result was much the same, yet the chicken was wrapped in lotus leaves then enrobed with the clay.

  7. One of the best ways for the oven is putting the chicken on a steel tray ( not a rack ) on the bottom of the oven. That way it gets good heat on the underside.

  8. no, you want a traumatizing way to eat chicken – take the skin off before shoving in a bag with a cup of dry white wine and roasting in the oven. Driest bird I've ever eaten, It's HORRIBLE

  9. My three rules on chicken … 1: no blood or redish color anywhere; 2: cut off and discard the butt; 3: clean the inside of the chicken.

    On the first example, you could have put the cooked chicken through a grinder adding finely cut celery and onions or shallots. Add the cooking liquid to the ground chicken and season with celery seed and more salt and pepper if needed. Place in a loaf pan and refrigerate. The spread makes great sandwiches. This is an old German way of making what's called 'pressed chicken' … very good.

  10. I think you should talk to experts about that drunk chicken attempt…

    The way I've had it was the person took a 12 ounce pabst… stabbed it in the side with a knife and then laid the chicken down on its back with the knife hold in the can facing up so all the beer doesn't empty out. I honestly forget if this old guy wrapped the chicken in foil or not… I'm gonna guess he did not… But what I can say is that the chicken did have pabst beer taste to it…Wasn't the best chicken I've ever had but it wasn't bad either.

  11. I know everyone is talking about his fake mouth sounds but anyone else notice how he thumbs up for every way

  12. Fun Fact : "Beer Can Chicken" is known here in Mexico as "Pollo Violado"
    That in english would mean "Violated/Raped Chicken"

    I think is pretty obvious why it gets that name

  13. Every time I'm like : m a r i n a t e your chicken if you want the skin to be crusty and add a crazy lot of flavours !!! It drives me mad hahaha

  14. One has to wonder. What does this series do with all of the food after it's been cooked? Can't imagine they would publicly show that much food waste.

  15. Please for the love of food, retire that sears-all! Broiler was the obvious way to go after sous vide, but instead we get spotty nonsense?? Please, no more, I beg you.

  16. no weird or crazy methods this time huh?

    Honestly, the lack of insane methods is the weird thing here

    Like, the weirdest here is the air fryer or microwave

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