Eugene Ranks Every Popular Soda

Eugene Ranks Every Popular Soda

– This is too much aspartame for me. (Eugene inhales) I’m going insane. Aspartame. Is there such thing as an aspartame trip? Can the editor put effects on here, that looks like it’s an aspartame trip? – [Rachel] Yeah, go for it. – Yeah. Oh, I feel skinny. I’ve been duped. What’s up, kids? The Rank King is back, and today we are ranking
the most popular sodas. (intense music) That’s right, we’ve got 14 of
the top sodas in the world, and I’m gonna rank them
from best to worst. (soda can pops) (Eugene exclaims) What? Oh, no. What did I just do? (Eugene gags and coughs) (Eugene laughs) I’m right, you’re wrong, shut up, bitch. (people off camera gasp) I’m trying to spice it up a little bit. (upbeat music) (explosion) We are here very early in the morning, so I’m gonna get real hype on caffeine. Real hype. I used to drink a lot of
soda, as many children do, and then I became an adult and stopped, unless it was a cocktail. (shaker shakes)
(ice rattles) I’m excited, I have not had this much soda since I was 13. And when I was 13 I was
still in the closet. (laughs) Eh, but I’m still depressed. (somber music) (people off camera laugh) Maybe that’s why I created
a show where I judge things. I’m right… For the safety of an emotional distance. You’re wrong… I put things in order, ’cause
my life is in such disarray. Shut up, bitch. I’m gonna judge these sodas based on three different criteria. Number one, the branding. How does the label look? How iconic is the soda
through it’s advertising? Two, the ah factor. That’s right, when I take my first sip, you’re gonna hear my natural reaction. Finally, and most importantly, criteria number three, the taste. It all comes down to that flavor, baby. Coke. – [Man Off Camera] It’s so anime. Coke. Of course, we have to start
with the iconic, Coca-Cola. Everyone knows Coke, because in the south, we call all soda, Coke. It’s that oppressive of a soda. Also, for each soda, our dear friend, Sam, is gonna come in and
hit us with the facts. Hello, facts man. – Hello. – It’s Sam, he’s the facts man. Oh, you got a little pepper in your teeth. – Oh, God, I had an everything bagel. Oh, no.
– Left. I’m the person who will tell you when there’s something in your teeth. I’m a good friend. – Are you ready to have your mind blown? – Yeah, blow me, Sam. (Sam laughs) – Coke is the most widely
distributed product on the planet. – Does anyone watch, “Mad Men”? Do y’all know, where he like, develops that famous Coke add
from the ’60’s at the end? It’s like, “Spread the love with Coke”. This shit has been indoctrinating
us since the (beep) ’60’s. Good on them. First criteria, the branding. Y’all, who doesn’t know Coca-Cola? This is the first soda you
probably drank as a child, and the last one you probably had. Also, they made you
believe that polar bears will drink this shit. Polar bears are trying to survive. They’re not drinking Coke. They’re trying to like, find one seal. And now I’m sad about those commercials. Don’t they also come out during Christmas, those commercials? Are all polar bears Christian,
according to Coca-Cola? What about the Jewish polar bears? (laughs) Coke. Criteria two, the ah factor. Let’s get full quiet, ’cause this is the best thing
about opening a can of soda. (soda can pops) (beep) yeah, oh, my nipples just got hard. (ding) Ah! That was (beep) good. Wow, that was a top notch, ah. That sounded like, I should be hired for
voice overs for that. That was good. The taste is, God, it’s just so good. It’s sugary and syrupy and bubbly and I don’t know, it’s just like
it’s own flavor category. There’s a lot of sugar in here. I gotta put it up
relatively high to start. I won’t put it at the top, but I’m gonna put him right here. Y’all know what’s coming up
next, it’s soda number two. Pepsi. The battle of the titans. We got Coke and we got Pepsi. Two of the biggest food
companies in the world? They’re very powerful. This is like monopolizing a
lot of what we eat and drink. – Did you know, in
1893, Pepsi was invented to help cure indigestion. – That’s probably wrong. You’re wrong. – Number one, let’s
talk about the branding. Who doesn’t remember the gladiator themed Super Bowl commercial with
Britney, Pink, and Beyonce? Where, yeah, the emperor
was Enrique Iglesias. They have literally some of the best pop culture commercials, until
that Kendall Jenner thing. (boing) (soda can pops) Oh yeah, nice. Ah. That wasn’t as good as Coke. You know why I think the ah factor was less bright than Coke was, this is way more sugary tasting. Oh, this has citric
acid, and this does not. Which might explain the sugary taste. It almost has a lemony taste. Yeah, I guess it really
comes down to preference, ’cause there are some people out there who will be mad in the comments, who really, really love Pepsi. But I think all of you
might be objectively wrong. I’m sorry. I just don’t think Pepsi
is as good as Coke, so we’ll put Pepsi right here. Soda number three, Sprite. Please welcome to The Rank King stage, Mr. Keith Douglas Habersberger. – Thank you. Thank you. Eugene, has the audience
seen your full outfit yet? – No. – You look like Malibu Ken. – Thanks. – You look so cute. – Thanks. – My goodness. It’s very summery. Okay. – [Rachel] It’s gonna be 80 degrees today! – It is? Well then, he’s right. – [Rachel] You’re wrong, shut up. – Oh.
– Oh, Keith, we got a special hat for you. – Oh, hell yeah. Oh, yeah. I’ve never actually
used one of these hats. – Facts man. – Did you know, that a university in China found in a research study that Sprite is a cure for a hangover. – Really?
– What? – The research center?
– What? – In China?
– In China? – In China?
– In China? – In China?
– In China? Keith, why do you like Sprite branding? – All Sprite commercials
are strong black men, playing basketball on the street. Like, all of them. And then they get so thirsty, and then they take a sip of big Sprite, and there’s like a
solar flare behind them. This is all of them. I want Sprite to endorse me. – You can’t play basketball. – No, I would show that it’s not just for basketball players, it’s also for people like, in their car. You have a nice, cold
Sprite in a hot car, whew. (soda can pops) – Okay, ready? Ah. Pretty good, not as big as Coke. So there’s something about Sprite that makes it taste
like, a little metallic. – I don’t know, I haven’t
tasted a Sprite in a long time. – Well, look at your hat, buddy. – Well, help me out, crack my noggin. – That’d be really funny. – Just rain down Sprite over my head. – Just to get the Sprite
sponsorship you want, give us the catchphrase, that you wanna get Sprite to sponsor you, and then take your chug. (Keith mumbles) (Eugene laughs) – Say the catchphrase. – Sprite, it’ll get all over the place. – I’m going to put it
in the current ranking, right between these two. – I think that’s fair. It is like starter Pokemon. – Oh!
– Oh! But Squirtle’s way better than Pepsi. – Yeah, typically. But Charmander, people like that. – I get that. – Thanks for coming in and making a mess on yourself.
– Oh, thank you so much. My hands are sticky and
now yours are sticky too. (can bangs) (beep) – 7UP! Facts man, get back in here. – So the original name for 7UP was, Bib-Label Lithiated Lemon-Lime Soda. And it was created as a formula used for mood stabilizing. So another like, medicinal formula. – All these sodas were medicinal. How wrong they were. But I guess we thought smoking was okay. We were so stupid. We’re still probably stupid. Yeah, we probably still are. The branding, what is this weird red ball, does anyone know what the
weird red ball is on 7UP? Can someone Google what
the weird red circle on the 7UP can is? There was a mascot that was a red ball? Oh, I remember him! So apparently, the 7UP
mascot was a red ball who wore sunglasses. Does anyone have an association with 7UP? Does anyone feel anything
towards 7UP besides cocktails? Oh, yeah, head’s up, seven up, which is the game where
you do this, right? Then you do this, then what do you do? You punch the person? – [Rachel] It was just like, a way for your teachers to get you to be quiet. – Oh. What game was I playing? And if you put your thumb down, you got punched or something? – [Rachel] No. – Why were people punching me then? – [Rachel] Eugene? – Were they just punching
me because I was a Patsy, and they just told me
we were playing a game, just to hit me? They just told me that we
were friends just to hit me? (soda can pops) Let’s try the ah factor. Ah. Kind of was like Sprite. Huh, the flavor. You often don’t just
stick these two together and try them, but… I immediately get way more citrus in this. Would Lebron James
drink this after a game? I don’t know. I’m gonna put 7UP, above Pepsi, but I think I’m gonna put it below Sprite. (whip snapping) Next soda. Sierra Mist. My next Rank King guest is none other than the man, the myth, please
welcome, Miles Bonsignore. – Hey, so happy to be here. – Your strings are uneven. – Well, I’m an uneven– – Get off. – I’m an uneven type of guy.
– Get out, get out! – I’ll see you guys later. – Fix it. – Yeah, I’m just gonna… – Gonna even them out? – Mm-hmm. – This is nice. – Wow, your nipples were hard. – They always are. – Mm. Sierra Mist. – In 2004, it become
official, that Sierra Mist is the second most drank
lemon-lime soda in the world. – After Sprite? – After Sprite. – Get the (beep) out of here. – I’m gone.
(men laugh) – I like Sierra Mist for a couple reasons. I like just a lot of
carbonation, not a ton of flavor. ‘Cause I feel like some of these sodas, you drink it and your mouth… But this is minimal
flavor, maximum reward. – It always kind of looked like your aunt would buy this soda. – My aunt always did. – She did? – She did. – Did she pass? – No, she still does. (laughs) (soda can pops) – Did you hear that squirt? – Yeah, it squirted hard. – Ah. – That was ASMR. (Eugene smacks lips) – All of these lemon-limes sodas kind of fell on the same
muddled, but middle ground. But I can’t go so far as
to put it above Sprite. – Really? – I think Sierra Mist is
gonna go in the middle. Diet Coke. Oh, man. My hearts like, not liking all this sugar. (heartbeat)
(beeping) Okay. (flat line) Let’s get our facts man in here. Facts man! – Here’s a fun one for
you kids to try at home. A can of Diet Coke will float in water, while a can of regular Coke will sink. – Why? – Your guess is as good as mine. – I thought you were the facts man. – I– – I thought you had the answers. (Sam exclaims) I don’t know if Diet Coke
even needs that much branding, ’cause they have generic commercials. What they have is a
hardcore legion of fans. Diet Coke has a culture
around it, for some reason. ASMR. (soda can pops) All right, let’s try the ah factor. Ah. That was the saddest one. I don’t see the appeal of this taste. What is it about it? It tastes like metal. It tastes chemically. It doesn’t taste natural, what
the (beep) is this flavor? Aspartame. So aspartame’s fake sugar? That’s what it is? What are you putting in
your body, magic dust? Wait, where’s Will? Get him in here. I need Will in here right now. In a rare ranking exclusive, Will, I’m gonna let you rant uncut about aspartame and Diet
Coke for the next… (clock ticking) Until I say stop. – So my mom has this whole
thing about aspartame, she’s like, it gives me a headache. But then my friends in college, they drank like 12 Diet Cokes every day. My friend, Trevor
legitimately drinks 12 a day. And there’s like a cabal of people who drink this like, weird serum. Aspartame is bad. It does kill rats in large doses, okay? Whatever they put in
here, once you get hooked, it’s just like, you’re
just buying it forever. – This doesn’t taste
better than any of this. It just doesn’t – No.
– It tastes weird. – Oh, absolutely. – Well, now it kind of tastes normal. (Eugene and Will laugh) – But that’s the thing,
you get used to it. – Yeah, okay.
– That’s what happened, it’s like I got hypnotized by (beep) Diet Coke, cabal friends. They have a weird cult. They do rituals where they just pour Diet Coke on each other, just covered in sticky aspartame. – It sounds like the marketing worked. And it sounds like the drugs are working. Which, do I give points for effectibility? I think this is one of the
most controversial sodas and people didn’t know. If y’all didn’t know,
this shit’s controversial. (Eugene burps) You know, I’m gonna put
it right here, right now. Thanks, Will. Wow.
– Glad to be here. – How did it get into third place? What has Will done to my mind? Next… Wait, are you throwing it already? Oh, okay. Ew, I don’t want this one. I’m not gonna look, okay, go. (soda thuds) Well, continuing the
diet sodas from big two, we got Diet Pepsi. – So in 1963, when Diet Pepsi
first came into the market, and was being tested, they
considered calling it, Patio. – Like, the back part of your deck? – Yep, exactly. – Patio. If sodas decided to have
drag names, like, I’m Patio. Yeah, put some furniture on me, and sit on it, I’m Patio. I mean, I do like the sleekness. The graphic design is minimal. Yadda, yadda, yadda, my millennial brain. (blows raspberry) Diet Pepsi, I don’t know
any commercial about them. Do they even advertise diet soda? I don’t even know. Are they allowed to? ‘Cause I know that there
is aspartame in it. This shit’s got aspartame in it too. I don’t think I’ve ever had a Diet Pepsi. Your mom loves Diet Pepsi? – [Jonathan] She loves Diet Pepsi. – Sam and Jonathan, both of
your moms love Diet Pepsi? – With a lime.
– They don’t know each other. – With a lime, and they
don’t know each other. Is this a white mom drink? That excites me, I’m ready. I’m ready to see what
all the fuss is about amongst the middle aged
ladies named Barbara. The ah factor. (soda can pops) Happy Pepsi Diet. (Eugene laughs) Did anything come out? Oh, what are y’all doing? Why, what are you doing? Gotta compare it to the Diet Coke. That’s where it goes right now. I’m so sorry to your moms. I mean, I hope you raised
your kids with better taste. (smack) Barq’s. Ow, (beep), that hurt. To join us for the next Try guest, it’s our special friend, and yours. He makes babies and he has the wife. It’s Ned Fulmer. – Woo! What’s up, YouTube? Eugene, root beer, Barq-was. – Barq-was.
– Barq-was. Hit it, facts man. – All right, I don’t have
a fact for this round, I have a quiz. – Oh.
– Okay. – You ready?
– Yeah. – Root beer gets it’s name
from two original root flavors, do you know either of those roots? – Definitely not. – No, we gotta try, so you
name one, and I’ll name one. – [Rachel] It’s a very southern drink, that you may know. – What does it start with? – S. Both are S root. – Sarsaparilla. – Sarsaparilla. – That’s one, that’s one. – Sassafras.
– Texas, bitch. – Two, we got it. – We got it.
– Yeah! – Florida.
– Florida. – Texas.
– Texas. We have a sitcom now.
– Yeah. – I’m Sarsaparilla.
– I’m Sassafras. – And we’re just a two bunch of junkies. – Two roots in a beer. – First thing we talk
about is the branding. – So it’s not gonna be Coke, sure, but it has all of the qualities of Coke, with none of the caffeine. Are you getting too
hopped up on Coca-Cola, ’cause you’re just drinking
it for the caffeine? What if you drank it for
the taste and the sugar? – This has caffeine in it.
(record scratches) – What, no way. What? – Caffeine content. You ready? And this is the first time I think I’m really trying root beer clean. – That’s cool. – If I had it as a child,
I don’t remember it. I’m gonna try this root
beer for the first time, and we’ll see where it goes. (soda can pops) Huh, (sniffs) huh? What? What? That’s root beer? That’s root beer? It’s vanilla-y and a little spicy. – That’s the nasty. – I kind of like this. – You know I hate agreeing with you, but I think I like it. He really likes it. – Eugene! – You know what?
– Wow. – I think I’m gonna put it right here. – What? I’m so honored. I’m so honored, people die
for Diet Coke, and wow. – What a twist.
– Twists and turns. – What a twist.
– Everywhere. – Ow.
– Oh, I’m sorry. – It’s all right. Thank you. (whimsical music) Yeah, it massages your brain. In a super cool way. Mm, that’s nice. – Ginger Ale. I like anything ginger flavored. Ginger snaps, gingerbread, Ginger Spice. – [Rachel] Is that an Asian thing? – No, it’s Geri Halliwell. – [Rachel] Um? – Oh, liking ginger? I thought you were like,
is it an Asian thing to prefer Ginger Spice. No, I actually really liked
Posh Spice growing up, ’cause obviously. But I always loved all The Spice Girls. (Eugene burps) That tasted like everything. – Smelt like it too. In 2018, a woman filed a
lawsuit against Canada Dry, because it didn’t actually
have ginger in it. – It doesn’t have ginger in it? Did she win? – That, I don’t know. But it comes out of Florida, so– – Oh, well, (beep) that
lady, like whatever. (soda can pops) Hm, wet. Ah. That was good, solid, kind of deeper. I love ginger ale, but after downing these super sugary sodas, it
does taste a little boring. You know what ginger ale is for me? It’s also like a flight drink. Think about it 30,000 feet
in the air, tastes right. I’m gonna put ginger ale
right here, right now. I’m gonna try Diet Coke again, gonna try this aspartame again. (Eugene groans) Oh, God, it’s so bad. And now it’s not as bad again. Next soda. Sunkist, orange soda. Come in here, facts man. – All right, Sunkist is the
top selling orange soda. – Wow, so it sells more than Crush, and it sells more than Fanta. Fawn-ta, fan-ta, fawn-ta? – I’d say fawn-ta. – I’d say fan-ta, am I wrong? It’s both?
– It’s both. – Cool.
– It’s vers. (Eugene giggles) We love a vers, woo. (laughs) All right, later. – I wish I was more vers. You know, sometimes you feel like, you’re not doing both parts
as much as you should. I just have a lot of
control issues, you know? Like, I instinctively lock
all my doors every night, ’cause I don’t want people breaking in. So think about that, when
it comes to bottoming. Just got a lot of hang ups about it. But I wanna get better. I should allow someone to
burglarize my house more. Yeah, come through my back door. Zach’s currently out of office, but he did prerecord his defense, his championing of orange soda. – Hey, Eugene, sorry I
can’t be there in person, but I have to argue for
the best soda of them all. I’m talking about orange soda. Orange soda’s great. It’s funny, it’s orange,
Kenan and Kel loved it. Who loves orange soda? – I like having the ability to pause Zach. He rambles, he rambles, it’s
not because I dislike… I love Zach. It’s just he’s a rambler. The rest of us have cadences. Like, Keith, you know when to come in. With Zach there’s no entry. Terrible bottom. (soda can pops) Mm. Mm? Mm. Mm? Mm. It was weird, ’cause a wave
of nostalgia just hit me, but then my mouth caught up to it, and this tastes just
like an orange skittle. I think Pepsi’s better than it, man. I’m putting it down there. Next soda. Wanna Fanta? Don’t you wanna,
(soda bangs) wanna Fanta, don’t you wanna, wanna Fanta? To tell me a Fanta fun
fact, here is our facts man. – Fantas were invented in 1938, Nazi, Germany. – Oh. – To go a little bit more in depth, it was invented in the
Germany Coca-Cola plant, and the guy who invented it, he didn’t have all the ingredients
to make the proper Coke and ended up coming up
with the Orange Fanta. – Was he a Nazi? – We did a little research,
he himself was not a Nazi, but in the country.
– Oh. – In the regime, he was– – I feel better about it now.
– Yeah, yeah. – Oh, okay. That would have been a crazy fact. – Yeah. – Here’s your Nazi drink. – Oof. – Here to defend Fanta are none other than Kaylin, YB, and Alexandria. ♪ Wanna Fanta ♪ ♪ Don’t you wanna, Fanta, Fanta ♪ ♪ Don’t you wanna, Fanta, Fanta ♪ Y’all remember the commercials
with the Fanta ladies? They were all in the main
colors of the flavors. – I grew up in Korea, right? And it was really popular
in Korea, the Orange Fanta. – I was so into the commercials, that in middle school, I
made my first e-mail address, which was, [email protected], and I still have it. (women laugh) – And you can e-mail Alexandria right now. – And I’ll probably respond. (soda cans popping) – Oh. – Orange Fanta, let’s see how this tastes. Oh. (women laugh) I think I immediately like
that better than the Sunkist. I’m gonna try to pineapple flavor. – My brother said that’s the best Fanta. – Oh. – Mm. – I’m suspicious of this one. – Maybe I’m just delighted
because I haven’t had a lot of fruit flavors, but– – I don’t like that one. – This tastes like a
flavor drink that Asians especially would like. – Yeah.
– Yeah. – It’s like almost melon. It’s almost melon-y. – That’s not me, I guess. (everyone laughs) – Let’s try the Strawberry Fanta. (Eugene exclaims) So what we do know is, the Orange Fanta is a better orange soda than the Sunkist. For now, I’m gonna put
them right under Diet Coke. Well, ladies, there’s only
one thing you can do now, you gotta conga line outta here. ♪ Wanna Fanta ♪ ♪ Don’t you wanna, wanna Fanta ♪ ♪ Don’t you wanna, wanna Fanta ♪ Sing! – Ah. ♪ Wanna Fanta ♪ ♪ Don’t you wanna, wanna Fanta ♪ – YB, you’re not singing. (everyone laughs) Why aren’t you singing, YB? How many more do we have? My brain is falling apart. What’s this one? – [Rachel] Cherry Coke. – Cherry Coke. Cherry Coke, yes, we
have a variation of Coke that is quite popular. And for this one, we’re
gonna have none other than our producer,
Rachel, come champion it. You look like a Cherry Coke person. – So I wasn’t a Cherry Coke person. Until I started growing two
humans in my body last year. – Ew, I mean… Sorry. I mean… I mean, aw, congratulations. – I wasn’t having that much coffee, I couldn’t have any wine, what did I find? I found Cherry Coke. Facts man.
– Facts man. – Cherry Coke is the first
of flavored Coke products. It was introduced in
1982 at the World Fair, in Knoxville, Tennessee,
but wasn’t made famous until none other, gay mama
herself, Lana Del Ray, started singing about it. – Really? – I added that myself.
– Oh. (everyone laughs) – Facts man has gone off the rails. – I’ve gone off the rails. – This always was one
of those things where, when you went to vending machine, you were excited when they had it. Because it was like that special flavor. It’s like when M&M’s came out with like Crispy M&M’s.
– Yeah. – Let’s do the ah factor. This is gonna be a tough one, I can already feel it. (soda can pops) Ah. – That was a great ah. – I don’t know what it
is about Cokes, man, but they really– Oh. That cherry flavor. – Oh, no. – It’s strong. (Rachel laughs) That cherry flavor is not subtle. It’s a little stronger
than I thought it would be. – It is.
– Right? I’m really bothered by the after taste. I was rooting for you! We were all rooting for you! – How dare you!
– How dare you! I can’t remember the
rest of the Tyra quote. Okay, so honoring your
beautiful daughters, for now, before I close ranks, I’m gonna put Cherry Coke, here. – That is very generous and kind. – I’m gonna put it above Diet Coke and below ginger ale, for now. There’s two more? Oh, (beep), not this one. Oh, no. Mountain Dew. When did they make it MTN? When you talk about branding, Mountain Dew, every commercial
when I was growing up was like, someone doing
a stunt in a race car, or like biking off a cliff and they’re catching a Mountain Dew. Keith, you would know, you usually say this with Mountain Dew, if a Coke had like yellow something– – [Keith] Yellow 5. – Yellow 5. – What did it– – Made your dick tiny.
– Made your dick tiny! Did you guys know about that? – [Keith] That was a rumor in the south. – All the boys would talk about it. It’ll make your dick tiny. ‘Cause everyone was chugging Mountain Dew, and you’re like, your
dick’s gonna be tiny. I haven’t had a Mountain Dew in years. I feel like my heart’s gonna stop. (somber music) The ah factor (soda can pops) Already, it’s just electric yellow. Do the Dew. (dramatic music) (Eugene gags and coughs) (Eugene laughs) (Eugene exclaims) This tastes very close to like a… (Eugene smacks lips) Do you remember in your brain if it was… (liquid pouring) Like, that is… As I kid I was like, oh, man, I’m drinking Mountain Dew, I’m crazy. Compared to that, this is
like, Honey Boo Boo crazy. Like, when I had this as a kid, I literally thought I was doing heroin. But it’s not heroin, it’s… (horn honks) Here, just take a sip. Just take a sip real quick, Rachel. Go on the mother. Jesus, Mountain Dew… Guys, Mountain Dew,
– That’s not bad. – is not bad, (beep) me. Oh my God. Am I gonna rank Mountain
Dew higher than I thought? – [Man Off Camera] Whoa! – Do the Dew, bitches. All right, guys, I am thrown for a loop. We have one more soda left. It’s the one you’ve been waiting for, it’s the one that everyone loves to go… When you get sick, who do you go to? Dr. Pepper. Facts man, for the last time. Get over here, Sam. Wait, you haven’t gotten
to champion a drink. – Oh, this is mine. – This is yours? – This is, (blows kiss). – Facts man, it’s like you’ve
been here all along, waiting. I talk about Dr. Pepper. – Dr. Pepper is the only
soda I will guzzle. (laughs) – Now, I gotta tell you. (Eugene burps) (Sam sniffs) I hated Dr. Pepper as a kid. So I don’t think I’ve had a
Dr. Pepper since I was five. (soda can pops) Just smelling it, I’m
like, I remember this. – I don’t like the sound of that. – Here we go. Ah. Not a bad ah. I’m gonna tell you right
now the two flavors I immediately taste. Some sort of cherry-ish
flavor, like a berry or cherry, and almond, those are the two. Boom. The more I drink it, the
more I’m discovering things. I’m kind of liking it. – Yeah. – You know, it’s like, I’m kind of like, I’m questioning myself.
– Ah. – We’ve been there. (Sam laughs) – Do remind me. – The same like, spicy,
uniqueness as root beer, but less vanilla, more berry. (Sam gasps) I’ll put it there right now. It was so great seeing all
of my Try Guys and Try staff, all of the friends here at the office, but none of their opinions matter anymore. I think a few changes need to be made. Let’s get ready to close ranks. Oh, (beep), what did I do? What is this? You know what? No. No. Sorry, Diet Coke fans. (Rachel gasps) Wait, okay. This is very confusing. Because every time I taste this, this (beep) magic, it
sucks, and then it’s okay, and then I like it, and then I hate it. Like, right now– – It’s like I got hypnotized by my (beep) Diet Coke cabal friends, they have a weird cult. – That really didn’t taste bad. But the first time I had it, it was awful. This is… Mm? (everyone laughing) I need to compare it to the lemon-limes. Oh, baby, yeah, solid. I’m gonna… I think that’s right. Fanta’s pretty good. Yeah. I’ve gotta check this Cherry Coke again. Yeah, I’m dropping
Cherry Coke below Fanta. Am I happy with the rest of this? This is the final ranking. The Rank King has spoken. Wow, what surprises,
what twists, what turns, how the hell did Diet Coke end up in the middle of the pack? I know a lot of you love it, I know a lot of you hate it. I experienced both. At the number one spot,
we have the classic, the titan, Coca-Cola. And if you go all the way
down, it’s direct competitor, in the diet version, Diet Pepsi. Sorry, moms of America, it’s not good. Do you agree, do you disagree? Then leave a comment below. I’m right, you’re wrong,
shut up, shit head. – [Rachel] Nope, nicer. – I’m right, you’re
wrong, shut up, dick wad. – [Rachel] Nope. – Okay. I’m right, you’re wrong,
shut up, vagina monologue. (Eugene laughs) – [Rachel] Wait, what? – I don’t know. (upbeat music) Also, I didn’t get much sleep last night, ’cause my new Kimbop, his one thing we found out, is he humps. Not other dogs, he humps dolls. I think it’s cute. His lipstick comes out when he does it. (man off camera gagging) – That is not cute.
– Not cute! – I don’t like the lipstick, like boop.


  1. coke can piss off it has a bad after taste after u drink a 1.25L of coke like really bad apple juice
    pepsi Max is better it doesn't have a bad after taste

  2. I don't drink anything but diet coke of I am going to have a soft drink. If regular coke can clean rust off things, imagine what hat shit is doing to your insides!?!

  3. My step dad is a Pepsi vender and if we actually gets caught buying a Coca Cola product by one of his supervisors he can get fired so no Coca Cola for me lol

  4. I’m dying for you to try and rank Orange Vanilla Coke with the rest. To me it rivals coke cause it’s literally like you put a creamsicle in a coke and it doesn’t sound like it should work but it does!

  5. forgot he’s from texas. the minute he said “the soda you go to when you’re sick” i thought vernors. whoops

  6. Idk if u have this in America but I think pepsi max should be advocated for it's better than normal Pepsi and diet pepsi

  7. In your stomach, one of the chemicals that helps breaks down food. That chemical is called Pepsin. Pepsi actually was made to help indigestion, but then it was proven that it didnt help at all, so they said, "Fuck it, lets do Cola instead." Thanks for coming to my TedTalk.

  8. It’s kind of sad that Eugene is struggling doing what I assume is like 3-4 sips top while I could probably down all of those sodas.
    And I mean sad for me.

  9. Yes Eugene, Diet Pepsi is very much a middle aged white woman drink. My white other in law Joy drinks it. And her white middle aged husband 😂

  10. Eugene, hun I’m a little worried about you. You seem to be having a little bit of a mental break down throughout the video are you all right? Also love you guys so much💜💚💙❤️ everyone like and subscribe 😇

  11. We all love you Eugene… 🥰
    You are my personal favorite because you tell people if they have something in there teeth
    unlike some people cough*my friends*cough

    P.s. don’t be depressed you don’t deserve it
    P.s.p.s I know it’s impossible to just not be depressed……. I have it too………… but enough about me………… WE LOVE EUGENE!!!!!!! 💕

    Oh no poor kid Eugene playing heads up seven up!!!!

  12. Boo for promoting pseudoscience. You know what else kills lab rats in large quantities? EVERYTHING. Salt, sugar, protein, fat, carbohydrates, WATER, etc. Anything in a large enough dose will kill you.

  13. I am a firm advocate for Dr.P. There is almost never anything other than Pepsi to drink in my house, so I'm used to the tastes but Dr.Pepper is my fucking ult bias, my guy. I used to hate Dr.Pepper but then I just started drinking it and now I'm lowkey obsessed

  14. I love all the try guys… but I feel like Eugene gets my humor the most. It’s most likely a Texas thing lol

  15. Because regular Coke has syrup and sugar, which is more dense than air, whereas Diet Coke does not. However, they both have air stuck inside, but regular Coke still sinks.
    We did an experiment

  16. I love Cherry Fanta, even though you didn't try it here, you should definitely get it next time you're at a Wendy's with a coke free style

  17. idk if it's me being asian but i cannot deal with ginger flavored desserts or drinks because it will always taste like some kind of stir fry or soup.

  18. Anyone that puts diet coke above diet pepsi is literally insane. Coke zero, yes amazing. Diet coke? No never not ever not once.

  19. I’m down for Dr Pepper and Barqs, basically nothing else, I for real can’t do Coca Cola, I don’t get it

  20. Important irrefutable facts: There is no more Korea. In 1948 Korea was partitioned into the brand new independent nations of North Korea & South Korea.

  21. I just came from the makeup palettes video, and I’m kind of living for/taken aback by Ned & Eugene’s chemistry and interactions as of late. 😂

  22. Heads up 7 up. Loved that game from school. We would put are thumb up n so many ppl would be in the front of the room. Those kids would tap on the kids who's heads down shoulders. Then after the teacher would turn the lights on n those who were tapped had to guess who did it. If they guessed right they would switch spots..

  23. HOW TO PLAY HEADS UP 7 UP!!! 😁😁💜
    Heads up 7 up is a game where everyone puts their heads down and their thumbs up and then about 7 people go around put down a random thumbs (each person [out of those 7 people ) then the people who got their thumbs put down (or chosen) try to guess the person who put their finger down…if u guess correctly then you take the place of that person
    ~and no, nobody gets punched

  24. I can't be the only one who thinks Coco-cola tastes awful and Sunkist and Dr. Pepper are superior.

  25. I came to the comments hoping that someone explained the 7up game but I was disappointed. I remember it, it's a legit game I played in elementary school, so I'll explain it.

    You put your head down and your thumb up and then a few people go around and they each choose one person by pushing their thumb down. Then everyone that had their thumb put down stands up and tries to guess who picked them. Everyone used to cheat by looking under their desks at the peoples shoes to see who chose them.

  26. Eugene: * holds Diet Pepsi * is this a white mom drink?
    My Mexican Grandpa who drinks only Diet Pepsi: No.

  27. My ranks are Fanta, Rootbeer, Sunkissed, Coke, Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Sprite, Ginger ale, u up, Sierra Mist, the diets and lastly will do cherry coke and Dr Pepper. But if I had to pick my favorites it’s a die between Orange Soda Rootbeer Blue mountain dew and cream soda. Also I am here to say fuck you Eugene in honor of my mum who also fucking loves Diet Pepsi (even tho I ranked it low too lmao)

  28. I lived 23 years of my life thinking Barq's was Bang's because of the logo font. I was shook when I first saw the name written in a plain print font.

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