Eternals Explained | Eternals – League of Legends

Eternals Explained | Eternals – League of Legends

You’ve been doing cool things in League
for years, but now there’s a way to track and celebrate your sick plays, mad jukes,
and “calculated” long-distance secured kills. Introducing Eternals. Every champ has two Eternals sets, with more
to come. You can unlock a basic starter set with Blue
Essence, or one that’s more unique to your champ with RP. You’ll find and unlock Eternals in the new
Progression tab, where you can track your journey from meta-chaser to master main. Unlocked Eternals are all tracked in real-time,
and you’ll receive an in-game callout whenever you pass a new milestone. You can also check your Eternals progress
via the Eternals panel, or on the Progression page between games. Complete five milestones of a given Eternal
to rekindle it and unlock your per-game Personal Best. As for your opponents, they’ll get a loading
screen preview of your chosen Eternals, and a friendly reminder upon death. It’s not just about stats–completing milestones
will upgrade your Mastery emote so you can further flex on your foes. Every champion has a unique Eternal designed
around their signature plays. It’s not enough to play the champion a lot—you’ll
need to play the champion well. Eternals are live now on PBE and set for launch
soon. Check out the FAQ and /dev article on for more info.


  1. I can't wait for my teammates to be more worried about doing fancy things to up their paid achievements than working together to win.

  2. i think you should make a mode where eternels are the matter not put the eternels to the hands of yasuo main in bronze elo while at ranked xD ….

  3. Other way to swindel money out of game why in gods name id pay for achievements and EMOTES URGH RIOT SWINDELING KIDS MONEYS

  4. youre introducing more ways to spread the toxic game. more ways to show off. lol I predict the number of reports going up after the (maybe) increasing amount of to×icity following the update

  5. I think Riot is finally jumping over the manatee with this one.
    When they monetize tooltips, I'll be quitting cold turkey.
    They won't exactly remove them for freeloaders, but they'll be bare minimum.
    They'll say "This is a tooltip.".

  6. the reasons people were upset with this achievement system in the first place was the pay wall and the lack original achievements per champ. instead of fixing both of these issues. you split them. by making what we actually wanted behind a paywall. and leaving the bland achievements unlockable by blue essence. i dont think an achievement system should ever be a paid system x-x. just doesnt feel right. i dont think what ever work eternals took to create merits money like that either.

  7. Can't wait to disable these so that when they try to flex their paid eternals on me I won't see them or their mastery emotes, Can't flex on someone who can't see them.

  8. So sad that so much people will pay to see their stats. Someone have to tell this EA, so we can get lootboxes with stats!

  9. give us aram raked 🙂 for fun xD or new map bee realy nice 2, don't forget turn off enternals option, + can u can make i can turn off onother ppl emote 2 ? xD help alot xD. or never mind if u realy wanna money just make emotion with midle hand finger for 5k rp xD dont worry ppl buy it

  10. The only problem I have with this is that some players will aim towards getting there achievements and play the game differently

  11. pls I beg you, we didn't ask for this, just nerf sett, senna aphelios, qiyana etc or just remove them, thats ALL we asked for

  12. Funny thing is half the people complaining about this are still going to play the game
    At the very least they give us Eternals that can be bought for BE but hey riot out here forcing people to buy unique ones

  13. let you get a basic eternal set for mastery level 4, and uniques for level 5, level 6 and level 7. you can also just buy them with rp so that rio can still make money

  14. Literally everyone: Fix your client
    Riot: YoU'vE bEeN dOiNg CoOl ThInGs In LeAgUe FoR yEaRs

    You better fix your client if you want me doing anything in your game.

  15. the fact you pay for this is absolutely disgusting, vile and totally makes sense for Riot games considering they ONLY care solely about money and nothing else.

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