[EPISODE] Behind the Scenes of Big Hit’s Group Photo!

[It’s Big Hit artist group photo day!] [Jimin drops by Lee Hyun’s waiting room] Never seen you dressed like this It’s amazing and weird Why, it’s like looking into a mirror? Didn’t you have much longer hair? Ooh, are you a composer? More like a conductor -You look stunning
-Composer or conductor? It’s like I’m wearing Dad’s clothes Is that a clip-on? Yeah You’re styling today It looks good Clothes really do make the man Not sure if that’s a compliment Hello Stayed up all night I believe at least 5 of us got no sleep last night This is Big Hit’s affection I mean, my affection for Big Hit You got that? Hello -Hello
-Hello Oh my Hello Hello [Photo shoot with the older artists makes him nervous] Why’s my heart racing? Hi Hello Hello First time It’s the first time shooting with so many people Our first group photo Big Hit group photo Lee Hyun is coming too It’s such a new experience -Hello
-Hello It’s Big Hit’s boss -Hi
-Hey guys Did you lose some weight? Still an active-duty idol -Cut it out
-You’re kind of like a mad, -Happy new year
-Mad scientist My makeup is an inch thick Shouldn’t Hyun be in the center? [The photo shoot gets rolling] [First shoot begins with a chic motif] [Having a good time on this rare occasion together] [Carefully checking the photos] We look good together [Unit shoot follows the group shoot] This kind of thing makes me nervous I’m serious Let’s go the other way, to YEONJUN A cool, long stare at YEONJUN I don’t know about being in Team Tall
[Team Tall (?) gathers together for the next unit shoot] Way I see it, we need new equipment We need to trade with TXT Hey, I don’t know about this We’re wearing sneakers They have boots I have no place in the 180s -Hey SOOBIN, how tall are you?
-Our boots… -185
-185? I’ll just wear the Chelseas -I don’t want to be in these
-Every centimeter counts right now My boots, I’m switching to Chelseas Ooh, here come the tall guys
[Jung Kook’s been watching Team Tall] Lucky Tall guys are lucky I’ll be content with being small Next life, I’ll be born taller Maybe like 183 Don’t need to be like SOOBIN How does Team Tall look? I want to see How tall do they look? Best body proportions, right here [Team Tall’s photos draw in Jung Kook] Lucky people I’m just gonna go get changed What is this? You mean how cute you are? What is this? [Photo shoot with the first outfit, done!] Hello Your interviewer today will be HUENINGKAI, Big Hit’s youngest member
[Time for HUENINGKAI’s special interview!] This is the first time since April all of us are together We’re here to take our first group photo shoot How do you feel? It was a dream of mine You know… having a new group join us since it was only us and Hyun in the company and having that sense of family? was my dream It feels like that came true today and it’s super fun too Honestly… I was really nervous at first But you guys were so nice to us so we had no problem at all -We mostly just stood around
-Yeah, we didn’t do much BEOMGYU, how about you? Me… It was new We only did shoots with just the five of us but doing one all together like this was really cool, and so much fun -Me?
-How do you feel? A big group like this, maybe at an award show? Never did any other kind of group photos And now a family photo like this… -This is our first, right?
-Right I think it’s fun Moving on to the next question Our outfit… The dark suits, who do you think wears it best? I think Hyun! -Oh!
-Yup Looks great on him Extremely great It looks like he’s conducting Big Hit He looks super handsome I think it’s j-hope and SUGA who wears it best… But seriously you look really good in those suits So cute -All of us together, it looked really good
-Good times -Wearing different suits like this
-Right It was really fresh and unique We have 13 people, each with his own charm What subunit would you make? Unit? How about me, you, and Hyun sing a ballad really belt it out… I’m gonna have to get voice lessons starting this year Me I think it’ll be fun to make a rap unit -with YEONJUN, j-hope
-Oh j-hope -SUGA and RM
-Sounds fun I think it’ll be fun I’d like to divide everyone into a dance group and a singing group and perform on stage -Thank you for your answers
-All right and thank you for your interview Today’s photo shoot will be so much fun
[HUENINGKAI’s fun special interview is finished!] I will now conclude the interview -Wow
-Big Hit fighting! -Yeah!
-Fighting! Big Hit We’re going to the second set for our next shoot [Second shoot with a different theme] [Everyone is much more relaxed] This time you’ll look at each other but not talk Haha hehe
[Photographer asks for bright laughs without conversations] [Photographer asks for bright laughs without conversations] What am I laughing about again? -He’s so awkward
-No I..haha -The key here is -not to look at your own members [V shares his tip(?) for a great shoot] Hello everyone Welcome to Late Night with Big Hit
[The special interviewer this time around is Lee Hyun] This is reporter Lee Hyun
[The special interviewer this time around is Lee Hyun] Welcome Happy New Year Happy New Year! We’re all here for the first time since April How do you feel? Soobin? -Soobin
-Um… -You’re so handsome
-Oh my, thank you I’m so glad we’re all here I’m very happy to be with you here Which of us do you like the best? -Oh uh…I can’t just choose one–
-It’s all right -you are all so…so…
-Come on -All of us at Big Hit are super chill
-No one is like that No one’ll get upset don’t worry Then just mouth it like this to the camera -He really said it
-No no, no really -I said everyone
-Wow how could you Oh everyone? -Don’t worry
-Then Jimin please tell us how you feel It felt kind of awkward… -This is new for us
-Right I didn’t know what it would be like But now that we’re all here It feels fresh -and it was a lot of fun today
-Uh huh My favorite person here is Lee Hyun Nice -You chose wisely
-There was no choice at all -Now, Jin?
-Okay -Being here
-Uh huh with the people I love in this shoot I’m having a blast -Are you sure?
-I’m so happy -You have aggression in your eyes
-No I only ever see him on a boat It feels different being on set together -Right
-Yes. I am so happy right now -Everyone was kind of tired today
-Yes But now that we’re all here, it feels great I think we got so much closer So I’m glad that we got together today Here comes the second question Who looked best in his outfit today? I think I look best in this outfit Oh, you think you look… You… Nobody, except me Got it My outfit’s white and looks young So I think since SOOBIN is very young, he looked best in this outfit -This is hard
-Right But… It would have to be my bias Lee Hyun… Stop it Except me, except me, except me Wow, this is tough to choose I think SOOBIN would also look best -Something’s on my hand
-Thank you I can’t wait to hear SOOBIN’s answer -Do I have to choose only one?
-Of course -Of course
-No pressure at all -We all chose
-True He’ll choose someone he likes the most, I’m sure We don’t get upset over this stuff, right? Of course not You’re both wearing white sweater and white shirt -You both look so good in them, look innocent
-Honest answer Truth spoken I can’t choose If you can make a subunit, how… For example, a ballad group I want me, Lee Hyun with Jin -Who, me?
-and make a dance group That sounds fantastic What a horrid mix I was a big fan of BTS before I became a trainee So I watched a lot of videos I got so fixated on Jin’s rap I want be a rap duo with him Me and you, rap? I can rap -You can rap?
-Yes Well, we have to listen to Jin’s rap I only look forward and run That’s enough Without having time to look around. Okay, I’ll stop here -That’s going to be edited out
-What are you talking about? What kind of subunit do you want to make? Me? I want the best rappers from each team Lee Hyun of Team Lee Hyun Jin of Team BTS Jimin SOOBIN of Team TXT We’ll be a Hip Hop unit Sounds good to me What do you want to do when we get together next time? Fishing! All 13 of us, you remember that big boat we went on? and go octopus fishing again I think it’ll be fun to do something meaningful I wish we could make a song that we’re all in Like a holiday song? -Yes, something like that
-Something like that I had that in mind I… -I want all 13 of us to play games together
-Game! I gamed with SOOBIN before -You like games, too
-He’s good He’s good I think Sports Day might be a good idea with our production staff too Wow, Sports Day That brings us to the end of our interview. What did you think? It was so much fun and I enjoyed it I also had good time It was a new experience to be interviewed with members other than our group It was also my first time to be interviewed with members other than my group so it was new to me You were all so nice to me, so I had a great time. Thank you Happy new year everyone! -Bye
-Bye [For the last shoot, they will lie down and look up] I might fall asleep
[For the last shoot, they will lie down and look up] No, gotta fight it off -It’s curved
-It’s curved? Straight line! Here we go Look at the camera, please How does it look? Here we go It looks good, looks good Here we go [Done with the last shoot!] -Great job
-Great job Thank you Keep in touch Welcome to Big Hit artist’s group photo interview
[Golden Maknae Jung Kook is the MC for the last special interview] This is the first group photo with all the artists How do you feel? Feels kind of, really new a little awkward but still it’s fresh and cool I got to do a shoot today with Lee Hyun and BTS today so I’m really thrilled and I had a lot of fun It was always just the five of us but now there’s 13 -This feels really new
-Me too I saw the photos and I thought “Wow that’s a lot of people” Right, all decked out in black suits it looked great with everyone together It felt great -Now, the outfits you’re wearing now
-Yes Who would you say looked best in it? SOOBIN had this yellow baby chick outfit It was incredibly cute Yes, he’s lucky. Those days are over for me, kinda. -And
-Lucky There was Lee Hyun Baby chick Lee Hyun Been a while since I saw his glorious self I’d have to say my friend HUENINGKAI -Yeah, KAI!
-Ooh, he’s your friend? Yes I’d say me -Yes
-Especially the hat Really stunning And I also kind of Center today? have that brilliant glow That’s what I think He sure is handsome Now, if you can think of putting a subunit together who would it be? -Oh, a unit?
-Yeah -I’d have YEONJUN
-Of course and our three rappers together Wow -and make a Cypher
-Wow What’s the unit, what’s it called? Call it, “unit with no background” 3:1 3 on 1, 3:1 You asked for a name out of nowhere, that’s what I got But I think it’ll be great If we ever have a family concert -There could be something in the future
-It would be fun to have a special stage I had the exact same thought -Yes, I think it’ll be fun
-Really? When I was a trainee I listened to all the Cyphers -They have the singing and dancing down
-I know Was I ever in that picture? -Plus a new image
-They’re all-rounders Right, we need V too -There’s his Fakepher
-V’s got to be in it With V we can make -another Cypher together
-Is it 3:1:1 now? Something like that With Jung Kook Lee Hyun -sing a ballad
-The three of you, yeah -I think it’ll be great
-Let’s put it together, someday I’d like Lee Hyun He’s popular He’s quite the dancer A dance duo with Lee Hyun Dance duo What sort of a subunit is that? A unit you’ll never see again Right Something like doing choreography all together make it look really good I think this could happen sometime down the line -Start with Hyun
-Have Hyun in the center BTS on the right, TXT on the left -Mass choreography
-Now that you mention it I think doing a carol together will be fun If we have a chance to get together again What would you like to do? We haven’t done a team dinner yet -Ah, go eat together
-Yeah, all of us Have dinner going out to eat together would be good It’d be nice to get to know each other Chat together, yeah sounds great Could be a restaurant, or at the office just eating together I know I think anything together will be fun -Yes
-That’s right So there we have it our Big Hit artist group photo interview Thank you everyone
-Thank you Applause Thank you everyone Clock out, everyone! -Go home
-Okay -Thank you for coming
-Thank you -The host should leave last
-He’s a great host Why thank you -Such hard work
-Not at all Nice and crisp, right? -A most efficient program
-Yeah The host should turn off the lights This has been the Big Hit artist group photo interview with your host Golden Maknae Jung Kook. Thank you Hello, I’m TXT’s HUENINGKAI It’s an honor to be doing this shoot with other Big Hit artists It feels like a family photo to be together like this It’s was a new and really nice experience I think it’ll be nice to keep having these kinds of photo shoots together Happy new year everyone! Thank you Hello, this is TXT’s TAEHYUN They really made sure we’re feeling comfortable they talked to us a lot, really friendly atmosphere so we’re very thankful I hope 2020 will really be the Year of Big Hit. Fighting for everyone! They were so kind and they made the unit shoots really fun, too so I had a lot of fun I hope only good things will happen in 2020 and everyone stay healthy and safe. I love you guys! Hello, it’s SOOBIN First, thank you so much for cheering us on and giving us your love and being so warm and friendly Please keep giving us your love and care and I wish you only happiness for 2020 Happy new year. Thank you It was such a good time I always thought it’d be so great to have all the Big Hit artists together and take a group photo I had such a great time with today’s shoot Lee Hyun, the BTS members, us I hope only the best things happen for all our Big Hit artists in 2020 Fighting, everyone! Big Hit fighting! Fighting, go go, fighting Hitman Bang Hit it, the second audition let’s dominate ’em all with rap, dance Bye bye For our TOMORROW X TOGETHER boys I wish you only the best of luck so you can grow bigger and bigger For our Bangtan boys I wish for nothing more than what we’re doing now as long as we keep working hard things will keep working out Hyun, I hope you’ll take care of yourself, stay healthy enjoy everything you’re doing now hope your days will be filled with joy All of our artists worked so hard in 2019 let’s have a blast this year too, let’s keep it going Thank you I wish all the Big Hit artists happiness and good health I really do and I hope you can all make some great memories. Thank you Dear Lee Hyun, the idol of idols What’s weighing on your mind this year, I really want to know Maybe this isn’t my place to say this But as someone always learning from you I hope you can do everything you want to do show people everything you want to show them, everything I especially hope you won’t get sick, always stay healthy number one, I hope you’ll be happy. And to TOMORROW X TOGETHER! I’m pretty sure, I think they’re really ambitious and I’ve seen them work really hard I’m sure their hard work will be rewarded So I wish them luck and I hope they’ll be happy To Bangtan Sonyeondan! I hope you’ll be the happiest in the world I hope everything will work out best in the world I love you the most in the world To all of our Big Hit artists From Hyun to BTS and TXT For me, I just want everyone to be healthy and have a fulfilling 2020 and reach every goal you want to reach and have the most amazing achievements Happy new year and I wish you the world! Health is number one You need to stay healthy to keep going in 2020 Fighting I think by now I need to call them family, not members I wish everyone more success this year I hope we can all work hard and have fun together Stay healthy and I wish health and peace in your family In 2020, I hope all of our Big Hit artists will be successful in everything you do A year free of worries and filled with only happiness Big Hit fighting Hyun, BTS, and TOMORROW X TOGETHER We just have these three teams right now but I hope we can keep at it together and really make more great things happen Fighting! Hey guys This is Hyun, your beloved and respected First, our little TOMORROW X TOGETHER boys you did great last year, and I hope the same no, I hope even greater things happen this year Our Bangtan boys I’m suddenly realizing that you’re already veterans So my advice as someone older is to take care of yourselves take care of your health even when you’re swamped with work You’re professionals now, world-class singers I hope you’ll also watch me and cheer me on And I’ll do the same for you, several times over I love you guys and I hope 2020 will be awesome Let’s be happy! Happy new year everyone 🙂


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    Keep the comments clean. Don’t spam unnecessarily. IK it’s beautiful to see fans worldwide (mostly Latin) chanting the same thing “BTS is the best” “Love from xxx”
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