Emma Bunton MORTIFIED in #awks Send To All! πŸ˜‚ – Michael McIntyre’s Big Show – BBC

So, who is in the Send To All box
this week? She’s in the most famous girl band
in all of history. WHOOPING
And I’ll tell you what I want, what I really, really want. I want Emma Bunton’s phone! CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Ems! It’s Emma Bunton. A true national treasure… ..is here! Fun, fun, fun. How are you, Ems?
I’m so good! Do you know what? I love this part of the show,
but I never thought it would be me. I can’t believe it’s you, as well.
It’s very exciting. I’m scared. Tell us who you are
here with tonight. I am with Jade Jones, my other half. Jado! Jade’s in town!
CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Go on, Jado! Love JJ. This is my bezzies.
So, I’ve got Wendy and Zoe! Wendy and Zoe! Bezzies are in town!
Oh, yeah! So, tell us about your amazing year.
I’ve been doing stadiums this year with the Spice Girls, and it’s
been… It was the most incredible time for us, because
I think, you know, obviously now we’ve moved on,
we’ve got children, so the kids were there, families there… It was a
whole different experience, really. But I actually cried
every night. So did he. Is that when you saw
the cheques coming in? It was just so… It was so special,
such a special, special time. Yeah, it really was. Amazing. Well,
congratulations on that. Thank you. And what’s the plan for the rest of
the year? Well, now I’m going to be at the Royal Albert Hall for
my very own Christmas show. Ooh! Cos I love Christmas!
Very, very classy. CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Now, let’s talk about other things
you love, Emma. Now… Uh-oh… Jade, you might want to
step out for this bit. So, I did see a little interview
that you did where the question was
“Who is your weird crush?” SHE SHRIEKS Yes. Now… CHEERING AND APPLAUSE I was just wondering, Emma… ..if you can remember who that was. I’m so hot! I’ve gone really hot. I can’t believe you’d bring this up! What did you put as the answer? It was…you. AUDIENCE: Ooh! Hashtag awks! Oh, my goodness! Yes, I did.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. I forgot about that. Don’t say
“did”, babe. It’s ongoing. So, what is it that makes you so…
makes you so hot and bothered? It just… I love a funny man.
Right! Sorry, Jade. I love your suits, I love the way
your hair flops to one side. Keep talking! Keep talking! APPLAUSE She’s out of control right now! Ohhh…! What about oversized calf muscles?
Is that something…? CHEERING Wow! You like a man
with his legs upside down? Well, Jade, this is… I can’t actually get it down! Oh, God! Can you help me? I can’t… This could be you, babe. Sorry. Thank you.
I know it’s difficult. This is not what you expected.
That’s all right. Sorry. Thank you. All right.
CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Well, that was very awkward
for all of us. OK. You are both, of course,
engaged to be married. But this is an ongoing thing,
is that correct? Yes. So, when, Jade, did you propose? On Emma’s thirtieth. It was many years ago. You didn’t have to
get her age in the answer! I would, by the way,
never treat you like that. So, how many years ago was that,
Jado? It was… 13. ..13 years ago now. 13 years ago?
So, what’s the plan, guys? Sorry, I don’t want to
put you on the spot here. Erm, I don’t know.
We’re not in a rush, obviously! You’re not in a rush. Well, you’ve
got an amazing, amazing, amazing relationship. An amazing
relationship. We’ve been together for 21 years now. It’s amazing!
CHEERING AND APPLAUSE I don’t want to put you on the spot,
but do you think you will actually…? Cos you know
what an engagement is? It’s a promise… You know, it’s a promise to marry.
Yeah. So do you think you might…? At some point, Michael.
You could be ordained and marry us. I don’t think you want me
too close on that day. No. I couldn’t deal with it! OK, so, all you have to do is pop
your phone into the cushion there. So, that is going to be
magically brought down. SPICE GIRLS: # Slam it to the left
If you’re having a good time # Shake it to the right
If you know that you feel fine # Chicas to the front
Ha-ha # Go round # Slam it to the left
If you’re having a good time # Shake it to the right… # Thank you!
# Chicas to the front # Hai si ja, hold tight! #
Ladies and gentlemen, I am now in possession –
thank you very much – of Emma Bunton’s
actual mobile phone! CHEERING AND APPLAUSE OK. So, it feels weird, doesn’t it? I just feel a bit faint.
It’s awful. I know! I’m going to plug this into here,
and magically it will be supersized. Oh, yes, there it is!
OK. Emma… Yes? ..can you confirm
this is your home page? We’ve got you and JJ… Yes.
..on the home screen. Yeah. And these are some of your apps.
You’ve got quite a few apps going on. “How Old”? What’s that?
What’s “How Old”? Oh, I love this one! So, you take a picture of yourself
and it’ll guess how old you are. I need to look as young as possible.
Yes. You’ve got to… Yeah. Smile. Smile! If you smile,
it’s the best way. Smile. All right…
Here we go. 30! Whoohoo!
CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Oh, it’s getting better!
I need to smile more! Yes! All right, that’s quite fun.
FaceApp? What’s that? Oh, that’s the FaceApp.
So, you can make yourself older or you can be a baby, I think,
or you can be a woman… How do I work it?
Just take a photo? Yes. Oh, not this again. Your phone’s going to be
full of photos of me! Like it isn’t already. Oh, yeah, baby!
What’s he going to do? WHOOPING So, cool old or just old? Cool old. Just old. Oh, God! I need to change that really quick. What’s cool old? Is that going to
give me a beard and stuff? I still fancy you there.
Really? Yeah. So do I. What else have we got? ASOS? Oh, yeah. I’m always…
..buying stuff. Oh, this is your deliveries.
Is that right? “My orders”! Oh!
innocent story to this. So… I was going
to a party… Yes. ..and it’s a very kind of, er, Gucci
kind of look, where they have the little dresses and the suspenders, so that was the look
I was going for. Brilliant. Jade never got to see
them, I’m afraid. I’m still waiting. Oh, no! Is this the one
you got to see, Jade? I’ve seen those! Can’t win ’em all, JJ. That is amazing. All right, I am going to
compose this text. Let’s start with the word
“finally”… ..in capitals.
Oh, no… Now, I’m not announcing anything,
I’m just saying “starting… “..to organise… “..our wedding…” SHE SHRIEKS
No, no, don’t panic. “..invitations.” It’s only
at that very early stage. “Congratulations! “You’ve made… “..the B-list!” APPLAUSE Oh, no! That’s gone down well
with this crowd! “In the event of cancellations…” Open bracket. “..(eg Posh)…” “..why do you think… “..you deserve to be there?” APPLAUSE “PS…” This is fun! “Any dietary requirements
just in case?” OK, we should go for
some emojis here? Erm… What, fingers crossed?
Oh, yeah, I like fingers crossed, and I like thumbs up. We could have the classic
church with a heart on it. Y’know, that one.
How does that make you feel? I mean, I’m just going to
have to go with it, aren’t I? I think you are! Ladies and gentlemen, that text… ..has gone!
CHEERING AND APPLAUSE And the replies have been flooding
in. Oh, no! I’m just going to go through as many as I can and we’ll
see what happens. All right? OK. We’ll start with Mum.
Oh, no. This is your mother, I presume. She’s quite funny, Mummy.
Well, she’s just gone, “Oh, OK. “Can’t you bump me up to A-list, “seeing as I know you?” And she’s added a very sweet
“Are you drunk?”… ..with that brilliant emoji of
the face that’s all over the place, like that. That’s a good emoji, Mum!
Mum! All right. Let’s go…
She knows me so well! ..on to… ..Phillip Schofield! Phillip has said, “Sorry, can’t make it. “I’m holding out for
Geri’s 60th birthday invite “next year.” Louie Spence. “No dietary requirements, darling. “You know I’ll eat anything. “Also, the reason why
I think I should be “on the A-list and not the B – “after helping you up
at the side of the road in some “state of America
when you drank all the alcohol, “as the other two girls couldn’t
because they were pregnant.” APPLAUSE
There’s more! “And another incident
with your upset tummy in Hampstead. “And many other things. “Don’t put me on the B-list, cow!” Stelios Greek. Who’s that?
Stelios! Oh! Oh, erm, he’s… He’s a friend
of mine. Yeah, a friend of Jade’s. From school. From school.
He’s friends with our… Our kids. Our kids.
OK. So, Stelios has gone, “B-list?” And then a shocked emoji. “Did you not see my dancing
at Jade’s 40th?” Oh, this is a good one.
Chris Moyles. Uh-oh… “Hello again, Michael.” APPLAUSE “Hope the show is going well… “..as this seems to be
the only time we speak. “Are you free for lunch
next Tuesday?” Well done, Moylesy. Holly Willoughby, bless her.
Ohhh! Very close friend. Fellow Send To All victim. “Darling! Finally!
This is the best news ever. “I hope by B-list,
you mean bridesmaid!” Lovely!
APPLAUSE Very sweet. Just a quick text back. “No, it means you’re
not on the A-list.” Oh, Mel C! Fellow Spicer! “Amazing! I’m sure
you’ve got loads to organise. “But have you thought how you could
persuade Geri to stop wearing “all white before the big day? “You don’t want to be upstaged.” Thanks, Mel C. Brilliant! Oh. Louise PJ. Who’s that? Oh, Louise PG, that’s
my brother’s girlfriend. Your brother’s girlfriend. “Is it because I’m northern?”
she’s opened with. Then she’s gone with the “Huh!” And then she’s put, “I’ll eat
taramasalata if I have to.” Good one. I love taramasalata! Jamie Theakston has texted.
We know him? Yeah. “20 years you have been dating. “Why the rush?” APPLAUSE Ladies and gentlemen,
the fantastic Emma Bunton! What a fantastic sport!

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