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What’s going on! Come on in, sit down stay a while. Hey, my name’s Keaton. And I know you get videos like this ALL the time… As an agency under myself, I am constantly being driven into funnels and being sold “the next best thing” So I just want to break the mold on that and just tell you straight off This is not a sales video, I’m not trying to sell you anything I just hope if anything, you get to know me a little bit better and that you feel comfortable with being here. So I do want to talk to you about two really important things that I do think would massively improve your business though because at the end of the day All I’m trying to do is be of service To brands and agencies who take their business seriously and who actually want to help their customers solve a problem the two things I want to talk to you today about are: COPY & DESIGN. First of all, when it comes to copy That’s essentially the story that you want to tell your customer. and in today’s flooded online environment of millions of businesses It’s really important that your story stands out. Whether that’s on social media Whether that’s through your email marketing campaigns, whether that’s through videos whether that’s through your website, *especially your website* The story that your brand tells to your customer is extremely important And the reality is- you don’t have much time to tell that story. People only read about 28 percent of the copy That’s actually on a website or a social media post or in an email. So, your copy better be on point and it better Tell your story Exactly the way that you want it to be told. And another thing that I’m going to talk to you about this design When it comes to design- the average human attention span today in 2019 is seven seconds. When it comes to your website you have less than a second, you have 0.5 seconds to establish credibility with your customer. And of all the other businesses that they can go to to have their services or their needs or their desires fulfilled It’s really important that your design lets them know that you’re a credible source that have their problem solved. So, knowing what I know about THE IMPORTANCE OF COPYWRITING and having a beautiful, creative, unique and high-conversion brand story that actually tells your customer exactly what they want to hear, and it tells the customer the story that you want them to hear… AND, the things that I know about design in terms of only having, really, 0.5 seconds to establish credibility 27 seconds to sell whatever it is you’re selling… I HELP COMPANIES MAXIMIZE THEIR FIRST 27 SECONDS WITH A CUSTOMER. AND THAT’S THROUGH DESIGN AND THROUGH COPY. So if you are looking for someone to redesign your website If you are looking for someone to tell or CRAFT YOUR BRAND STORY in a way that ties Whatever it is that you’re trying to do in business to the heart of your customer then you’ve arrived… I just want to welcome you and I want to thank you for taking the time to watch this video. I want to establish a little bit of trust with you. So what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna offer you THREE high-conversion, unique, creative Beautifully crafted ads for your business or your brand for your small business, whatever it is… FOR FREE. I’m only doing this for a couple of weeks because my goal is to work with high energy brands and agencies Who actually want to solve people’s problems and people who actually care. And the reality is- if you actually care then you probably want to work with someone like me. *mumbling lol* but I actually care and I actually want to solve people’s problems, too. That’s why I’m in business. And that’s why I take my craft and my passion and I put it towards actually Helping people in business and helping people in their lives So if you’re serious about taking the two most important aspects of your online presence Into your own hands, and if you are serious about serving more customers and if you are serious about developing a beautiful, unique, and creative AND high-conversion brand story for your business and if you are serious about taking your website design to the next level and establishing credibility with your customer Then I encourage you to fill out your name and email and the inbox below so that we can get connected. What I’ll do from there and is in the next three days We’ll set up a phone call, hop on the phone with me personally; we’ll talk for 15 minutes I’ll get to know you you can get to know me ask me any of your questions And we will get to work on drafting your three free ads for your business. From there, if you’re not utterly convinced that my services can help you in your business that my services can help you serve more people Then I’ve written you three free ads. And you can go about your way, I can go about mine We can serve people on our own way. But I really think that if you can just take the time… 15-minute phone call, put in your name and email down below That we can really work together to serve more people And I can help you with your brand story and I can help you with your design And ultimately, we can move forward towards a better world of business. So, thank you so much for taking the time to watch this video I hope to take the time to fill out your name and email and I hope you take the time to hop on a call with me. I really want to help you. I really want to serve you; ultimately I really want us both to serve more people. So thank you again, and I hope to see you on the other

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