1. Steve, I've tried to stop using Google but you're right, it's much less convenient. Google's world is so seamless, it requires some extra work. I've been ambivalent.

    After this video, I'madding DDG, and will take my privacy more seriously. Thank you sir.

  2. I like to use DuckDuckGo to search with a different perspective, the results are clearly different!

  3. I have been using DDG for well over year. Admittedly there are some differences over Google, the biggest difference….I believe I control more of my privacy.
    I switched my browser to Firefox years ago, driven by a lot of the same concerns.
    Thanks for the review.

  4. If you want to use DuckDuckGo for its privacy, but still occasionally wish to search using Google, simply precede your search with: “g! “ when you wish to search Google. It will return Google results, even though your default engine is set to DuckDuckGo.

    This also works to search other places such as Wikipedia (w!), Bing (b!), etc,

  5. Thanks Steve
    For this video we need to be so careful out on line .
    I thought a bout Duck duck go one time I might give it a try .
    Great video !

  6. The Brave Browser is arguably as good or better than DDG. Brave is open about how they monetize their browser.

  7. Steve, you seem to be suggesting that since the search results are different in some situations, DuckDuckGo must be inferior to Google. Perhaps this is exactly want we want. It is pretty obvious that Google sorts the search results in favour of their own services and makes it difficult to find search results that don't support their business model. If an unbiased search result is what we are hoping for, doesn't that mean DuckDuckGo is closer to the "gold standard"?

  8. Thanks Steve, really appreciate the research and the Pro's and Con's you always provide on subjects like this !!!

  9. Thank you for this content, Steve. You have always been such a Google fan, I didn't know you would do this kind of content.

    I have a question, though. When you were using duckduckgo with Chrome, didn't Chrome relay the information to Google?

  10. I use DuckDuckGo (DDG) but I still found that I was being "followed" by adverts.
    Although I have no "proof" as such, I did notice that this was not happening when I was using Firefox with DDG but if I was using Chrome with DDG it was definitely happening to some degree or other.
    So why would this be?
    I have a sneaky suspicion that even if you are using DDG and you are using Chrome then the Chrome browser is reporting back to Google on your search keywords even though you are not using the Google search engine .
    That is the only explanation that really makes sense.
    To me anyway…
    So I uninstalled Chrome.
    I also think that there is probably something similar going on between WhatsApp and Facebook (Facebook is the parent company).
    As far as "privacy" is concerned, I think that it is a myth – for at least the last 25 years our data and information has been "farmed" by tech companies and is so embedded in modern society that the practice will never be stopped.
    Thanks for the video.

  11. Steve another very useful video, I did switch to DDG since I realize my Chromebook is too old to receive update that a no-no the Chromebook life expectancy I am asking myself if I ever go back to Chromebook anyway I did download DDG also on my Pixel 2 xl. Can you do one of these days a video on that? I allways I enjoyed your videos. Thank you.

  12. Altavista used to be the best way back. No I purely use Duckduckgo, get the results i need, no mess, no fuss, no pages of adds to get to my search.

  13. I used DuckDuckGo when they first started out, and used it for quite a while. I think I might go back to them! Thank you.

  14. I like DDG but I sometimes switch back to Google for currency and science unit conversions in the omnibar. Also Google maps render faster, have Streetview and maybe directions are better (not sure on direction)

  15. Steve Duckduckgo has been my search engine for 4 years now it is excellent. They act as a proxy so your searches are anonymous.

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