Dr. Fauci sets the record straight on coronavirus testing, prevention

Dr. Fauci sets the record straight on coronavirus testing, prevention


  1. In the United States 60000 people die of the flu every year . It's always the elderly and the very young we know people die from these things but the media is trying to turn this into a possible pandemic and everybody's falling for it they've done this before with The swine virus the bird flu and nothing actually happened the median never questions whether this is possibly a false alarm

  2. It takes time and study to learn how a virus works also takes time for vaccines, we don't have all the information yet stop blaming people who are trying to help you understand it,no one is to blame for a virus unless it is man made . Listen and learn

  3. Our government has already dropped the ball in the very beginning. The glitch he's talking about was because of a decision by the CDC to make the test kits not only detect cov-19 but also the other viruses responsible for previous SARS outbreaks. Because of this the test were complicated and they failed. They started over with a cov19 test only.. This delay is DIRECTLY responsible for an increase in the initial spread and thus making it harder to contain. Thr families in Kirkland are being ignored and the CDC is NOT testing anyone! This guy is not telling the truth. They are trying to declare it endemic which is ABSURD! They are going to allow this to spread through the population to cull the peasant class because the predator class doesn't care about our lives. At this point we should all expect to be infected in the next couple of months so good luck everybody!

  4. The record is STRAIGHT ! Trump already told us not to worry the warm weather will take care of the virus !! The Absolute Dumbest president of all time !! Keep us safe oh chosen Stable Genius .

  5. Well, Chris you're 72 years old. Do you have any preexisting conditions? Have YOU been tested? Just asking.

  6. Dear Fox News. Please get rid of Chris Wallace. He is arrogant, boring and most importantly loves to shed Donald Trump and conservatives in the worst light possible.

  7. "You ain't seen nothing yet!" -Bachman Turner Overdrive (1974). We are WAY behind the curve and the situation is MUCH worse than you have been told.

  8. I appreciate the information but I’d like to hear more about the health risk. Older people are more at risk than children and many children are infected but show no symptoms at all. People with respiratory problems are more at risk than others.

  9. CDC, waited 26 days to let this spread. Oops we won't talk about that right Chris. Man made virus, oops we will can't talk about that . Leftist are blaming Trump for this now, umm. Sounds about right!.

  10. all the city's should start taking more serious precautions  also all the city's should be spraying the streets this is biological warfare may be a Genocide of all of us !!!!

  11. trumpy says no virus, no problems, no worries……his supporters should all book cruises to celebrate fearless leaders judgement

  12. Why are we so far behind? Pre Obamacare if a person needed a test, it was done immediately. After Obamacare, most all test had tone preapproved before done. Some of Obamacare has been repealed but preapproving test has not. That’s exactly one part of what is wrong with the Coronavirus testing…. delay through chain of approval ending up at The CDC for the final approval according to their guidelines.

  13. The CDC, NIH, NIAID and FDA were aware of what was happening in China for a full month and did nothing. They knew the virus spreads quickly and has a high mortality rate. It was evident early on they were giving POTUS false information and repeating what the CCP supported W.H.O. was reporting knowing full well China was reporting false numbers of cases and deaths. POTUS had to create a "Task Force" to address the coronavirus crisis to get more truthful information from the CDC, NIH, and FDA. When questioned about the delay and the faulty test kits the CDC blamed the FDA and the FDA blamed Obama policy. CDC, NIH, NIAID and The FDA are a joke and lost funding because they are inefficient. POTUS needs to scrap those programs along with all their doctors and so called "experts" and create a more honest, trustworthy and efficient program that will make better use of taxpayers' money and not participate in what some have called "criminal neglect."

  14. Let me get this straight … South Korea, China, and most of the rest of the world were using a test that was being mass produced in the 10s of thousands, but the CDC decides to create it's own test? Uh, who's decision was that? I'm guessing Trump has golfing buddies, in the U.S. pharmaceutical industry.

  15. You cannot trust the communist state and federal government they created it it's apart of agenda 21 and their population control agenda people.

  16. This whole thing is a setup and a fraud,if it was a real threat they would be closing all borders letting no one in or out, testing everyone quarantining everyone with it stopping it in its tracks,but they are not, which tells me this was orchestrated and engineered by the globalist bankers and their puppet politicians.

  17. We are all supposed to be dead from SARS, swine flu, bird flu, Ebola virus, Asian flu and so many others I can't keep track of them. This is media driven AGAIN! SHAME ON YOU ! IT'S ANOTHER FLU!!!

  18. Deep state vs Trump. This is for all the marbles. They cant afford him 4 more years. The Chinese are not responsible. The virus is not the problem. The repercussions from the media hype is the weapon. Their impeachment failed so the next move is to shut down our economy. Create fear and panic. They will fail again.

  19. The coronavirus is just another mutation of the Flu virus. Stay home, in bed take 1000 milligram Paracetamol 4x a day and only have chicken soup! It will be gone within 5 day's.

  20. Once again, with opinions and professional credentials to feel in control.
    Never results they're sharing for leadership they've accomplished.

  21. Fauci doesn't know what he's talking about. My Almighty All Knowing Lord God Trump declares CV will be gone in April due to warmer weather and the vaccine is available very soon and 1 trillion beautiful test kits are available now! Fire Fauci and hire a New Orleans voodoo doctor

  22. "everything is fine, travel bans would be worse then letting them roam free" a month later "nuke the virus!"

  23. You need to keep your self safe , don't go out to much !
    Eating healthier , clean up your room and your house!
    Take care your yard 😉 looking nice ! Keep your self busy , exercise …?

  24. Christ has turned into such a freaking joke. As serious as this subject is he is still only trying to make Trump look bad. Real nice reporting. I hear CNN is hiring.

  25. The only reason the case load in the US appears to be so light is because the US has completely failed to even test for the disease. You can't get a COVID test right now if you tried. Meanwhile China and SK are testing 10's of thousands of people a day in order to accurately track the spread. The Trump administration has taken the simple approach of sticking its head squarely in the ground and pretending nothing bad is happening. Obviously the markets, US businesses, and the public don't agree with that prognosis.

  26. The young woman who was one of the first positive Corona patient in Florida called the CDC when she landed in the US on return from Italy. She knew she was symptomatic on arrival. The CDC told her to go ahead and board her next flight. What was that about?

  27. Dr Fauci is brilliant and speaks clearly with accurate info. For those interested about his education: Education: College of the Holy Cross, Weill Cornell Medicine, Regis High School

  28. How is it that the US Lost approx 80,000 people to the last winter flu season and that was no big deal. And as of today the US has already lost over 16,000 people to the flu this year. The media needs to stop the BS of trying to scare people about this. Learn to take precautions and keep yourself safe. No one can depend on ANY vaccine working.

  29. They r not stupid to do a mistake like this!! They decided not to test ppl as much, so we wouldn't officialy have a lot of confirmed cases!!!

  30. Da vaccine BEEN made but da shet is toxic and causes bad side effects!! Dont take it if you have common sense!!

  31. We don't want to alarm people…dont get on a cruise ship..
    ☠…history would seem to hold true…yes virus will peak..
    level off …an decline…in that time a vaccine will appear..its on the horizon…mark my testimony 3/9/20..🤔….😌

  32. Wallace sees his only job as politicizing the virus and slimimg President Trump with lies. A globalist turd.

  33. I thought this was probably one of the best un-biased information interviews I have seen on the coronavirus. No blaming, no looking back, just…. we are where we are, what do we do now. Thank you Dr. Fauci.

  34. I have a test for you to purchase: If you have the sniffles and rush to your doctor to be tested for Coronavirus, congratulations! You've passed the Paranoid-Delusional-Hypochondriac Test! Get yourself a case of masks and gallons and gallons of hand-sanitizer and definitely, definitely stay locked in your house until we tell you it's safe…That'll be $2500. I accept BitCoin.

  35. Hooray for Dr. Fauci, a responsible, factual, & rational voice in the midst of this attempt of the media – including you Chris Wallace (Trump-hater) to create hysteria and "blame" Trump for the virus. Chris, ask yourself, did you ask those questions to serve your audience or did you try to trap the good doctor in a "gotcha moment". You're no Mike Wallace, never will be!

  36. Lucky for us, you-know-who is smarter than all the doctors.
    Soon he will replace them all with coal industry lobbyists.
    He drained a swamp and voila there they were, ready to go.

  37. .000159% of 330 "MILLION" Americans Is 525 People. They're FIGHTING Donald Trump Who Is MAKING AMERICA GREAT' Again!>>Martial Law Steps Twards Though (The CGI/Building 7) Hillary Didn't (Win It) Deceive Us For it! And After The PELOSI POWER POLITICT Gaslighting of Us JESUS!

  38. Really can't stand Chris Wallace. Unfortunate that he's involved with meaningful news so I have to hear him.

  39. The city now known for it's steaming piles of human excrement all over its streets (which contains C. Diff, E coli, Dysentery, Norovirus, Hematitis A and E, Giardia, Pinworms, etc) holds off a cruise ship with cases aboard that is nothing more than a cousin of the common cold. Bravo SF…the epitome of double standards!

    All that crap is still all over the streets as I write this by the way…I just had to avoid some of it this morning!

    This hysteria is embarrassing to watch…

  40. friend went with symptoms, in Nashville TN, they wanted copy of Insurance before they would see her. She had to go to the ER to be seen.
    Not everyone can get tested unless you say you are from South America and just crossed the border if you have no insurance.

  41. Let's put this into perspective…..12000 americans die in any given year from the flu and 61000 people worldwide. But yet we have a media driven panic over this.

  42. According to Dr. Drew, this is just fear mongering. He still states that the flu kills much more people than this disease ever will. Unless you are in the vulnerable population, nothing to worry about.

  43. The numbers will continue to go up for awhile. Mainly because we’re finally testing for it now. Stop letting the media freak us out.

  44. I’m not panic & I have nothing to fear. Because I trust my President he always America & American First. 🇺🇸👍 🇺🇸👍 Democ🐀Rats traitors & "deep state” they using political weapon to against President Trump!!  Democ🐀Rats they trying to scares peoples about virus corona!! The main things to take down our good economic!! Traitors!! China Communist should be accountable about Virus Corona!! Crooked Hillary killed more peoples than virus corona!!

  45. How is the most deaths in Washington State but positive cases all over the country? That's confusing to me.

  46. Fauci said that we didn't have the vaccine because of a glitch. The CDC has proven that they are a terribly managed agency now and during the ebola virus

  47. Chris 'Jackass' Wallace. A raspy voice is not a reason to test for coronavirus. Good work on consistently ruining the clarity being provided.

  48. The US needs to stop all commuter air flights in and out of this country immediately. No one needs to go on vacation right now. The reason that we have two patients zeros in New York state is because one woman who's a healthcare worker came back from Iran she knew she had it infected everybody on the plane to New York and then continue to infect everybody from the other plane she was on from Iran in The Layover and from the cab that she took from the airport to the hospital. She didn't notify anybody that she had the disease and she infected everyone along the way. People like that should have criminal charges against them. Then the one person who came from Israel spread it also in New York City and Westchester County. Then there's the person who just came back from overseas in Rhode Island or Massachusetts who was told self quarantine. That person refused to self quarantine and went to a function with their job that had 40 people that they infected. That person should be held criminally liable for that also. People are being selfish which is causing the disease to spread.

  49. They need to be testing ppl who show symptoms of the virus! Right now a testing requirement is having to have been exposed to it or traveled to an area ravaged with it. How are we supposed to know if we’ve been exposed or not. Odds are, we have already came in contact with it. Test EVERYBODY with symptoms of it period! (Now that they’ve gone to the private sector, tests will be much more abundant.)

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