Do I really need online marketing for my business?

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that stuff out but I want to jump right in because I got a question just the
other day it’s a common question and it’s a fair question and it’s a question
have got a lot of our business owner listeners Watchers ask yes which is do I
really need to do online marketing online marketing being your website your
social media email search engine optimization you know I do all these
Facebook posts I don’t really I don’t really see anything from it the truth of
the matter is only about 8% of business is actually closed online that’s that’s
b2b b2c it’s a little bit higher but not that much higher so do I really need B
to be as business-to-business and Bill C is business to consumer there you go
there you go so do I really need this online
marketing stuff so the quick answer if you’re in a hurry is it’s 2019 yes you
need online marketing if you have two more minutes to hang out with us
what are honestly I mean all kidding aside what are some of the big reasons
that you must in 2019 have an online presence well I mean the biggest reason
is the buyers journey is a very different thing
today than it was 20 or 30 years ago so you know quite frankly 70% of what
they’ve decided about your product is done before they even talk to you those
how why is that because they’re researching it they’re looking it up
they’re seeing who’s who they might get a referral but they’re
gonna go back and they’re gonna check it out 80% of people do online research
before they even start actively shopping for anything right so if you’re not
there they’re not they don’t know you’re there and it’s almost like one of those
things now that even if you say you’re a business and let’s say you don’t have a
website it’s a negative connotation it really is and there’s there’s so much
opportunity to put out your expertise the information about who you are what
you stand for how you can help me solve my problem that if you’re missing if you
don’t have a presence on the Internet you are missing a whole bunch of people
you’re missing out on gold because you can communicate with people in a way far
different than you could by placing print ads or TV ads or radio ads which
we’re not pooh-poohing there are certainly instances where that is a
great strategy but if you’re not utilizing your free online presence
essentially you’re you’re really missing out with interacting and engaging with
your audience is is relative right so it’s not free of time it’s not free of
thoughts or maybe you hire an awesome agency to do a tree right but it is a
way to get to people quickly it’s a way to to track you know how how much are
people looking at this as opposed to that you know if we if we think about
that that newspaper ads like how will you know how many people actually laid
eyes on on that newspaper article or an advertisement so it is a way to measure
and then adapt to what your audience is looking for well exactly right now you
know we we interviewed a fella that is a founder of an internet radio station
recently and remember we asked him you know how how’s the public react
thing to internet radio versus you know their radio in there Clark and he’s
essentially said man if if you’re not embracing this you’re you’re missing the
bus like you’re off the train if you’re not embracing this and I would say the
same with online marketing you’re just not you’re not up to speed if you are
not doing you know with the online marketing if for no other reason because
people are googling stuff they’re always looking stuff up online the more you
have content the more you are in different places the higher your Google
ranking is and so yes you can buy Adwords and you could certainly increase
your your ranking that way but as soon as you stop paying that bill guess what
you’re not on page 1 anymore you’re right but the more you add content the
more your interactive on the Internet the more Google will recognize you and
the less money you’ll have to put out for that kind of advertising and that
our dear viewers is why you need to do online marketing right well done well
done are you good I think so all right cool well everybody once again thanks a
million for hanging out we really appreciate it hope you got a couple of
nuggets from today you’ve been watching duct tape and popsicle sticks where we
make your business better three minutes at a time ciao for now
you’re watching duct tape and popsicle sticks with Mike and Maria Keiser

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