Disney’s Jungle Cruise | Official Trailer

Disney’s Jungle Cruise | Official Trailer

So what are you doing out here? LILY:
There is a legend… in jungles of
the Amazon… of a tree
that heals all. It could change
the world but if it gets into
the wrong hands… it could awaken
a great evil. [FRANK abruptly
stops playing] LILY:
I believe that the legend is real… FRANK: Which it’s not…
LILY: And I’m gonna find it… FRANK: Which you won’t.
LILY: And when I do… LILY:
…just imagine the lives that could
be saved. ♪♪ FRANK:
I’ve been looking for this tree longer than
anybody… FRANK:
I’ve tracked the legend to every village,
every island. Nothing. FRANK:
You’re searching for something that
can’t be found. LILY:
But you’ve never had the key. FRANK:
Let’s do something that’s safe, let’s go see some elephants. LILY:
There are no elephants in the Amazon and I don’t
even like elephants. FRANK:
Lady, everybody likes elephants. FRANK:
Know this about the jungle: everything that you see,
wants to kill you… and can. FRANK:
Careful, they can smell fear. LILY:
I am not afraid. [Tiger roars] ♪♪ LILY:
Oh my gosh. FRANK:
Who brings a submarine to the Amazon? PRINCE:
Fire! LILY:
Frank! Frank! Frank! Frank! ♪♪ McGREGOR:
Goodnight! ♪♪ LILY: Oh!
FRANK: I got you. LILY:
Woah! FRANK:
Hold on! LILY:
A da da da. LILY: Frank, get it.
FRANK: Hold on. LILY: C’mon.
FRANK: I got it. LILY:
Frank? FRANK:
I don’t got it. LILY:
No, no, no, no, no. LILY:
Goodness sake, just leave me alone! That was
a disaster! FRANK:
It didn’t go the way I planned. ♪♪



  2. Is this a live action adaptation? I’ve never heard of the Jungle Cruise before than again I wasn’t big on Disney movies as a child

  3. Here's to hoping that there is a S.E.A (Society of Explorers and Adventurers) tie in with this movie. I'd love to see a Disney S.E.A extended universe/film franchise with lots of Steampunk and Jules Verne elements.

  4. Okay, so Mary Poppins and The Scorpion King meet in a bar and go on an adventure that's a combination of The African Queen, Pirates of the Caribbean, The Mummy and Indiana Jones.
    Yeah I'm in.

  5. *Disney: We have a ride called Jungle Cruise and want to make a movie about it. So when the movie comes out we already have a ride ready.
    *Any writer: What is it about?
    *Disney: A jungle cruise.
    *Any writer: I can work with that.
    *Disney: Worked for Pirates of the Caribbean.

  6. It actually looks good however I'm not going near a movie theater until the Corona virus is brought under control.

  7. The rock needs to retire.. every movie he makes is action, action, action.. oh, did I mention action.. The Rock makes like 30 movies a Year..

  8. So this is essentially Jumanji, up to and including the weird villain who controls animals. Except here, instead of Bobby Cannavale, who can be very charismatic and likeable, it's Edgar Ramirez, who's dull as fuck.

  9. I feel like they could have used less cgi. And the plot is just fun… as it seems .. well, my country, the actual Brazil, not green screen one, is on a crisis, so, I’m not paying for this kind of shit

  10. 0:56 “There are no elephants in the Amazon.” This made me giggle; it felt like a reference to Tarzan. When the first time Tarzan met Tantor, the adult elephants were saying there are no piranhas in Africa

  11. I smell a flop. At least I hope so. What’s next…? Disney making a live action film of “It’s A Small World”?

  12. how come those special effects look so damn bad? on the scene where The Rock and Emily are on the rope you can even see the blue light of the Bluescreen around them…

    besides that.. well generic Dwayne Johnson Comedy is generic… and a jungle who would've thought!

  13. Hope there are some better visuals that aren't in the trailer cause I just witnessed some of the shitiest CG ever to be pumped out of Disney. Im talking PotC 5 bad people 🙄

  14. Are there any optimistic movie or TV series about pandemic or virus attack? We need some entertainment that is relevant amidst the crisis at hand.

  15. This looks like a Disney movie back when Disney was actually good. Didn't expect to be interested in it but now I am.

  16. The visuals of this film seems to be similar like that of DOLITTLE. But I hope this movie will be better than the former.

  17. Why does noone notice the similarity to Dr Dolittle? An adventure in an exotic world to find the fruit of the tree that heals every desease?! I heard that not so long ago…

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