1. So Joe Lockhart knows all the facts? So you don't need to hear from witnesses? What a shill for the Dem's & CNN the most trusted fake news site. It also would have been good to hear more of the Dershowitz clip rather than a soundbite but CNN does all it can to undermine anyone who defends Trump. These anchors are pathetic as well. That guy is a slimy weasel.

  2. If it's a trial, have it in a damned court room !!! … and let the chips fall where they may after all subpoena's have been obeyed.

    All documentary evidence and testimony has been presented, let the evidence determine the outcome.

  3. This man, Dershowitz, is nothing more than a parasite and a corrupter of the laws. He will then the rules as long as it suits him and his wealthy clients. The truth? Not the truth according to Dershowitz. You didn't break the law? No, you didn't break the law, according to Dershowitz. The written law? That's not what it means, according to Dershowitz. This is very typical of the white man's laws. The laws do not apply to them. They can and will rewrite the rules and the laws to fit themselves. But here's the criterion, you have to be wealthy in order to qualify. They will do it for you if you are of any other race other than white, as long as you have the money. He is a joke to the law profession. His license to practice should be revoked.

  4. Berman you are such a dumb propagandist looooooooooser! Dershowitz has been consistent in saying you don't have to have a specific crime to be Impeached but as he said on CNN the other day the case should show a criminal like offense as stated in the constitution. He has not contradicted what he said about Clinton vs Trump. Why did you cut off the beginning and end of what he was saying. Berman you are shameful joke.

  5. I never use profanity before, but, f*** this man Dershowitz, he is a twin of Graham, another lying sob. đŸ‘ŽđŸ»đŸ–•đŸŒ

  6. Alan Dershowitz should explore this issue of whether an impeachment for abuse of power without a crime is actually a feud between two political parties best resolved by applying the tu Quoque doctrine to this Senate trial so that President Trump can bring up Democrat abuses of power relating to him and his campaign as evidenced by the 5 IG reports, the Mueller report and John Durham's investigation.

  7. Again CNN take section of argument of Alan Dershowitz pertinent to their political agenda , distorsion the message derive form specific situation base on different circumstance , with such " political experts" delivering FAKE TWISTED NEWS

  8. 7:03 'is trying to push it through.. uh.. Republicans wanting to be known for is shutting this down period?' ……..bitch what? Did you happen to forget Pelosi withholding sending the documents to the Senate as long as she did?

  9. Alan Douchebag must be so proud of himself for defending Jeffrey Epstein and OJ Simpson. He successfully got a pedophile and a murderer acquitted.

  10. "Trump is not only an American but a product of America, a result of the mechanics that shape and inform the individual and the electorate.
    If there was ever a reason to improve the country's educational systems, just look at where your country is right now.
    It's not an intellectually agile majority that got us to this place."

  11. Dershowitz is full of it. He’s now saying he’s more correct now and that because Clinton was charged with a crime it wasn’t an issue back then. Then Mr. D why did you feel the need to give an opinion on it? The truth is it VERY much was an issue because many felt that Clinton lying about a Blow Job under oath, while criminal, wasn’t impeachable. So of course they all started saying it isn’t just a crime blah blah blah

  12. Alan Dershowitz is a great legal scholar for America's best rule-by-law, which is why he proudly defended the best Americans like OJ Simpson, Jeffrey Epstein and himself (who wore his underwear while being innocently massaged by underage prostitutes), Donald Trump, and hypocritically invasive Israel. The crazy thing is that the infinite universe possibly as an opposite version of our world where Dershowitz is a purely evil spawn from the synangogue of Satan.

  13. Alan Dershowitz spent his entire legal career smugly and cynically using the law to prevent justice from occurring. And patted himself on the back as he got murderers OJ Simpson and Klaus Von Bulow (who murdered his wife with insulin) acquitted; not caring what pain he caused the families of the murder victims.

    It does not get more cynical and amoral than Dershowitz; proving that the law has got nothing to do with justice; and is often the enemy of justice.

  14. TRUMP IS going to BEAT that bullshit impeachment,then win the ELECTION, WATCH. Having ALAN is just ICING ON THE CAKE, ASK O.J

  15. You can't impeach a President without giving him representation to rebut the accusation(s). What the House Democrats did is now being manifested that their case is WEAK. How do I know? Because they want to bring in MORE witnesses to prove their case….yep, a WEAK case, indeed!

  16. Conspiracy to extort personal political favor from a foreign government whether that extortion came to fruition or not is a crime. There has already been presented more than enough evidence to prove this conspiracy even from testimony by Dirty Don's own men. Since this conspiracy was committed within the confines and outlay of the high office of the presidency, then it is a high crime. The president takes an oath to uphold the laws of the land and it is dereliction of duty and criminal to violate that oath.  Dirtshits knows this. Apparently Alan has hitched his wagon to the lying one perhaps so if it is ever determined that he did not keep his undies on during a trip to Epstein's island he can receive pardon. Russians, perverts, tax cheats,  corrupt representatives of foreign government, and business fraud is all you hear about when looking into this president and his associates.

  17. As the libtard drools amd nods they ignore the very title of the video ,so if you don't need a crime to impeach then what do you need?, personal hatred and propaganda?

  18. REMEMBER: Alan Dershowitz was also the lawyer that got OJ SIMPSON and JEFF EPSTEIN jail free. Talk about a sneaky lawyer with a history of working for crooks

  19. There is a special place in hell for men like Alan Douchebag. And it is right next to Johnny Cochran and Robert Kardashian.

  20. The only difference in the constitution between 1998 and today is the bonehead in the White House that Dersh is employed to exonerate.

  21. someone has to prove that what deshowitz said means the opposite…….no one can do that……….no one else has his linguistic skill………….or cnn would have booked them into the same segment …….dershowitz also knows that not liking a president does not rise to level of impeachment, while sticking your cigar up an intern's twat while literally being in the oval office, does…………………

  22. Alan Dershowitz newest TV commercial:

    "Hi. I'm Alan Dershowitz. Are you a murderer, a wife killer, a child molester, or a pedophile?
    Call me now. I want to be your lawyer."

  23. Please sign support share https://www.change.org/p/let-s-put-an-end-to-abuse-of-power-corruption-and-all-crimes-against-humanity-n-o-w-anticorruption-antihumantrafficking-integrity-mmiw-metoo-endit-timesup-thank-you-everyone?recruiter=34708678&utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=copylink&utm_campaign=share_petition&utm_term=share_twitter_responsive&fbclid=IwAR0WRIeCm_VHTL0xXEYIYid1ViHgwmWCJtVdS4kjvSC-IYTagyKb2pi_yas Thank You 
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  24. Don’t forget to show Schumer in 1999 saying there’s no need to bring the Senate witnesses to Bill Clinton’s Impeachment!

  25. We gauge politicians or political appointees by your hatred. If you all start throwing temper tantrums and engaging in your little outrage campaigns. That let's us know he all good and can be trusted. Where as if you all like a conservative politician or political appointee, we know that person is Liberal whore RINO and must be removed.

  26. I was sitting in my next-door neighbor’s kitchen having a
    cup of coffee talking politics as we often did, when her phone rang, it was the
    pharmacy advising, her prescription was ready for pickup. She went to the hall closet,
    got her coat, said she’d be right back, do I mind waiting? I asked, are you
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    lips and all, fulfilling the now accepted 2020 ‘caricature’ of a female television

  27. Republicans have vastly different standards depending on the party of the president. Clinton had an affair and lied about it = he must be impeached. Trump threatened a foreign government to help his reelection and lies about it = no problem here, it's too dangerous to impeach a president!!!

  28. AD has publicly admitted he listened to others and was wrong back then but has since done more research on the matter and today his opinion is clear. Sorry Libtards.

  29. Just another example of CNN's corruption and disingenuousness. Dersh was not speaking on the issue of whether a non-criminal offense could form a basis for impeachment. The issue was not before the Congress. Clinton had already been found to have committed a FELONY. Therefore, Dersh's comment was not 'on point' and neither is CNN's attempt to imply he had a well-versed position that non-criminal offenses, without anything else, were impeachable; because they're not.

  30. There are LOTS of dems that were saying the exact opposite back then.
    If one of the guys that work for me said they had proof of somthing, iron clad proof. But then said they needed more proof, that it would be crucial to them proving somthing, I would be pissed.
    I'm an independent voter and this very point really pisses me off with the dems.

  31. Hey GOP. Your king đŸ€Ž is on trial for being a crook. Why don’t you do America a favor and defend our republic. After all, this isn’t France đŸ‡«đŸ‡· in the 1800s. 🙂

  32. It’s a convenient Truth where up is down, left is right, war peace and truth is contingent upon context and utility.

  33. IF all of these people knew years ago that people today were gonna play back their lives and beliefs today and show how dishonest they really have always been, they would have hide from the cameras years ago. Sheep in wolves clothing, all these white men, so called law makers.

  34. Dershowitz: "flip flops." He said one thing in 1997 and now in 2020 is saying another.
    When was the Constitution amended?
    I can not believe he was a Constitutional professor!

  35. I received my Pelosi impeachment pen holder today! When I stick my pen in her arse she smiles. starts mumbling incoherently and begins waving her hands.

  36. After receiving my Pelosi impeachment pen holder, I received my Schiff pencil neck, bug-eyed bobble head doll. Whenever he lies his head starts bobbing (I can't get it to quit)!

  37. Yeah John Kasich, God bless MLK & all those brave patriots who you all hated and wished were dead back then when they were alive fighting for our civil rights!

  38. Moscow Mitch "the grim reaper" McConnell using Alan "but I kept my underpants on" Dershowitz to defend Donald "grab 'em by the p*ssy" Trump.
    What a cast of characters we have on show from the Republicans and not a backbone in sight.

  39. If prosecutors bring a case to court with no evidence it gets thrown out.
    It's not the job of the jury to investigate the case.

  40. Dershowitz is of course always RIGHT. Meaning? There doesn't have to be a crime to impeach.
    On the contrary, what we need are crimes which happen to actually be "impeachable offences."
    The can't make it up as they go along, which is precisely what they're doing. Total nonsensical theatrics.
    Makes me wonder how the hell CNN overlooked that tiny, yet blatantly obvious detail?

  41. This man use to be a respected, constitutional professor. Now, he is shattered, out of touch, and hypocritical of the law. His philosophy is, "What once was has changed and no longer what is" in the law of the land. When he is called out on this fact, he doesn't have the intestinal fortitude to either admit he was wrong, is wrong, or that he ever made a mistake. What he says in essence is that he was not incorrect in 1998, but he has performed further research and says what he once knew as the law is still the law but it does not apply today. It only applies to certain situations and abuse of power is not a crime or an offense of the US Constitution when it clearly states that it is. You may be able to fool some of the people all of the time, but you can't fool all of the people all of the time. Constitutional scholars see right through this man. He knows it and they know he knows it. He is just doing like most media outlets do, he is trying to gather support and brighten the fire for supporters of a broken presidency.

    Democrat, republican, independent, 12 year old child can see that this is a total cover up and the truth is probably being hidden. If the truth is not being hidden, then let the truth come forth and prove the innocence of an accused president. Anyone that is accused and innocent should want their innocence to be proven.

  42. Trump WANTS a full witness call, a full disclosure trial, because he knows that if ALL of the evidence is tabled then he will not only be acquitted but that his triers, the Democrat Party, will be exposed and necessarily require an investigation of THEM, which will surely, (based on the evidence from the impeachment trial), lead to THEIR indictments and that's the whole point here. They've backed right away now from the original plan to REMOVE Trump, because to do so would require deep digging into many facets of what has gone before this and that will hang so many Democrats out to dry for treasonous scheming and subversive intent, ultimately bound to see them sent to the lock-up. They know that, the reason they are trying to control the witness calls.

    RINOs like Mitch McConnell, Lindsay Graham, (treasonous traitor John McCain puppet), and others are now all afraid of what this trial will expose against THEM. Remember, the Ukrainian phone call is a pivotal piece of evidence in the impeachment proceedings. If it is actually used against Trump to try to impeach him, it will drag in Joe Biden's orchestration of the firing of the Ukraine Attorney General and his ill-gotten means of campaign funding, via money laundering through Barisma Holdings. It will expose the corruption going on between not only Democrats but Republicans and the Ukraine too – money laundering via the Ukraine to fund their election campaigns. So , there is sure to be a moratorium on witnesses to protect ALL of their criminal arses.

    These people are the swamp that Trump is doggedly determined to expose, even those in the Republican Party, who have always clandestinely worked against him, while pretending they are working for him – McConnell, Graham, Jeff Flake, Paul Ryan, Susan Collins, Romney, McCain and the rest. Trump wants to expose them, to rid the Party of ALL of them. Some he has succeeded in kicking out, the rest are hanging on doggedly, engaging every trick in the book to thwart him. Will he get full witnesses to push them into corners so that they begin ratting on each other to save their sorry arses? Let them all fall on their own sword. Americans deserve FULL DISCLOSURE, so pray for President Trump that he wins this one too – a bid for full witness testimony.

  43. Its about $$$ it doesn't matter to dirtywich and the orange joker have $$$ enough said they dont believe in God for those evangelicals if you did not know yet

  44. I thought Trump was supposed to drain the swamp.
    He is only getting richer and making his friends and donors richer. Trump doesn't care about this country because if he did he would have never sold out to RUSSIA. ALL politicians are nothing more than a bunch of liars and thieves.

  45. It’s funny because during the Clinton impeachment democrats were saying all the same things republicans are now with the only difference being that in the Clinton impeachment there was an actual crime. Funny how hypocritical they can be.

  46. Regardless of a trial…..witnesses or not, the GOP in congress will never vote to sack trump. That's why the GOP want a fast trial without witnesses ….they now it's a waste of time.

  47. The football analogy is completely of base. Football refs have to make decisions in fractions of seconds with a video review in some cases. This idea of deciding for witnesses or no witnesses is a far more deliberate process which has far reaching implications for the democracy of the USofA not a game that affects far fewer people of the nation.

  48. We can deceive man but we won't be able to deceive God on Judgement Day when we all stand before Him to give an account.

  49. The precedent is impeachment is coupled with crime… However it is correct there doesn't technically have to be a crime, but the last 2 impeachments were result of crime

  50. Sorry…until Mitch McConnell is less partisan, Dems need to behave EXACTLY as he does. He’s a nasty, cheating, human stain….Dems need to get in the mud w/repubs or they’re not fit for office, sounds bad right… too bad, it’s the way it works now…

  51. The typical “speaking out of both sides of his mouth”. Two diametrically opposed Statements to serve his own agenda. What a tool

  52. Why doesn’t cnn play the video of chuck schumer saying they don’t need new witnesses in bill clintons impeachment trial. Now he’s saying the opposite.

  53. Das showshitz is a perfect example of the difference between a jew and Hebrew, Please stop conflating jews and Hebrews they are different peoples. It clearly has no soul

  54. Doucheowitz is a criminal attorney, not a Constitutional expert. Trump must have videos of him hiding in the ball pit at a Chuckie Cheese.

  55. If Dershowitz is not acting as an attorney for the defense doesn't that Mahe him a WITNESS as an authority to the constitution??

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