Dems, President Donald Trump, And Officials Clash Over Coronavirus | Deadline | MSNBC

Dems, President Donald Trump, And Officials Clash Over Coronavirus | Deadline | MSNBC


  1. "Among the many terrifying traits of the Trump administration, one that sticks out is its seemingly bottomless supply of incompetence. It’s not enough, for example, for Donald Trump and Co. to be woefully late to a coronavirus response; they must subsequently double down by tasking a guy known for helping to cause an HIV outbreak with leading the government’s efforts to stop this thing. It’s not enough for that guy to be in charge; he must also gag people who actually know what they’re talking about from communicating with the public. And, it’s apparently not enough to have a president who’s singularly focused on how the bad news will affect not humans but the stock market; we must also have such a convergence of fuckups that, as cases surge around the world and at least six people in Washington state have died, Americans showing symptoms of the virus are literally being turned away for testing.

  2. There could be viruses coming across the southern border, maybe in the last few years. I remember having to have blood tests when I got married in 1988 along with an AIDS test. I’m a man that married a woman! All the more reason to secure our borders!


  4. I think Trump should tell those that have DIED FROM Coronavirus that it is ALL JUST A HOAX, they are not really dead…

  5. Where you people been , Trump addresses the public with the media on the Corona virus everyday, was 2 weeks ahead of anything the dems had to say about it . You dems just using this crisis for political gain, and again pointing a finger at Trump LMAO, you people are something else.
    ''accuse your opposition of that of which you yourself are in fact guilty''-Joseph Goebbels, NAZI.

  6. not a trump fan but he's right about the media spreading fear etc you guys been doing that for years. the media is the devils tool. very manipulative

  7. GOP ONCE AGAIN BLOCKING A BILL THAT WOULD INSURE EVERYONE COULD BE TESTED! GOP blocking coronavirus bill — because it limits how much drugmakers can charge for a vaccine: report

  8. The buck stops with the President -every time he deflects, denies or deprecates, he shows weakness & incapacity. He is no different from the poor, disenfanchised slobs who continue buying his snake oil on a daily basis.

  9. Trump is just incredibly deluded! His parents mustn't have said I love you to him or even hugged him. I can not fathom why he has such a big ego or the fact that he thinks he is soooooo "perfect." Like get a freaking grip mate and come back to reality. The airs just fine down here, maybe that'll help clear the delusions away from between your ears…because I certainly wouldn't say from your brain because you'd have to have one in the first place! LSFMD!

  10. I live in Daegu, South Korea and I posted a video on what it’s like here with the coronavirus. Stay safe everyone!

  11. The Chinese sent out the viral genome for test kits development almost two months ago. Admit it, CDC did nothing. America will now be the least safe place to be against the Coronavirus. Also note that the test is done for FREE in Hong Kong , Taiwan Korea and China.

  12. One month ago , US: we quarantine the Chinese they carries deadly virus. Stop all flights and block all entry to our country
    US again: oh we have an outbreak in our backyard now. It's ok , just live lives as before it's just a common flu don't worry , said Trump on TV.

    I have sympathy for the American, but they deserve the politicians and the government they voted for.

  13. People are so stupid and this Corona virus is a Hoax and the world don't see what it does do with the world and try to do with the election. President Trump is correct.

  14. US Ambassador to UN is grateful to shake the hands of terrorist groups in Syria

    The illegal visit made today by the Ambassador Kelly Craft, the US Special Envoy to Syria James F. Jeffrey and US ambassador to Turkey David M. Satterfield to Syrian territories through al-Hawa crossing is a new evidence of Washington's involvement in supporting terrorist groups in Syria.

    The visit, which was was made without coordination with the Syrian government, aimed at supporting terrorist groups to go ahead with their brutal acts against Syrian civilians and soldiers.

    It violates international law.

    #Syria #US #UN #Turkey

  15. Everyone is putting pressure on you because you are the captain of the ship and we are not seeing real leadership. Just feet dragging, lies, more narcissism, and meaningless rhetoric. The worst part is, there are actually people that thinks the virus is a "Democrat hoax", that everything is a conspiracy to get him, that he can do no wrong and is accountable for nothing.

  16. I guess this is one of the channels where all the trump haters can get together in their safe digital space

  17. Bet trump, the modern day Nero, has cases of BIG MAC scented hand sanitizer in the White House.

    Camus's THE PLAGUE and Dante's THE INFERNO are relevant reading right now.

    Where's Rudy?

  18. OH God stop complaining about Trump. After what the corporate media did to Bernie, nobody cares about your rating rants.

  19. Nicole Wallace says that President TRUMP is terrified of Biden! President TRUMP Doesn't know the meaning of being terrified, Especially of that Joke, Biden!!

  20. Let's spend more money making bombs and nukes while the real threat is going to be silently killing us all…viruses have no affiliation to Democrats or Republicans

  21. He’s just trying to not have people panic. Of course it’s a problem, what are we going to do about it now? It spread and we failed to contain it and so did China. We weren’t ready for something like this, so no one is sure on what to do. If they are going to develop a vaccine it’s not going to reach everyone in time anyways. Let’s just pray that we make it & let’s not point fingers at our leaders.

  22. But you guys…didn’t you see his stroke of genius when he came up with the brilliant idea to try a “solid” flu vaccine on the Coronavirus, lol? You KNOW he thought he’d come up with the most ingenious idea, and that the doctors had NEVER thought of giving that a go.

  23. Trump-tastrophy wants panic, fear, terror, a lack of communication and understanding is in his favor, he creates a codependency on his "power." He alone can fix it… He is a terrorist on people perspectives. He keeps the truth at Bay. Never allowing the satisfaction of knowing and having a plan. Never allowing a foundation to build on. People fear what they don't understand. He prevents understanding….

  24. Poor Trump. He can't get beyond the hoax. Trump started this investigation by asking Russia, China and Ukraine for help. Now he is an Impeached president. He will never take the blame for anything. Always someone else's fault.

  25. Trump is always saying what a great job he is doing. With what I ask. One out of every 6 people in America go hungry before bed. Mostly seniors and children. Who can afford vegetables today? Who has the health insurance they need. How many people go without food to pay for medicines or visa verse. We have more homeless camps than ever before. The churches that love and support Trump don't do there job by helping the needy. Trump cuts funds to our most important programs. And now people are dying because he is a bully with out a heart.

  26. He always blames President Obama . Yesterday it was about testing. WTF? He's the one who dismantled the rapid response teams set up to handle SARS and Ebola. Chopped em in 2018. Penny wise, pound foolish.

  27. Dismissiveness of the Corona Virus is not going to make it go away. Trump failed horribly at stopping this virus from becoming a pandemic.

  28. They Impeached you Trump No hoax.. You are an Impeached president for all of history. You are trying to downplay this deadly virus hoping you can win an election. You creep. History has shown that deadly viruses are nothing to mess around with. We are talking Polio, Influenza, smallpox, Ebola, hantavirus, Rotavirus, Dengue, 3 forms of SARs, HIV, and now coronavirus. We are talking billions of deaths. A virus can mutate and become more deadly. And that is what this coronavirus is doing. Then it can enter into your system in a way to change or mutate into a bacterial infection. Hope can come from China to America. They have slowed it down. Why isn't America asking for help. Stupid pride.

  29. Trump will lose his presidency because he didn't listen to the experts, but tried to hide from the American people information that could save their lives. When a president says he knows it all, a challenge will show him he doesn't. This is one. I haven't heard that this is a national emergency like his fake border wall. Why.

  30. Trump himself is a hoax, but maybe a deadly one for the Americans. The stock market is more important to him. Shame.

  31. You have to ask yourself when you are driving on the streets of our major cities including Washington DC. Not far from the White House, and see the homeless lying on the streets with no where to go.
    What does that say about a president of this country. Cut backs. That is what it says. We have a president that hates people that have hard times. Of course he has gold faucets. And a bride from another country that cares nothing about America. She can't even speak English for us to understand. But she is subservient. Vote for Biden. Let's get this country back to normal. The man in office loves to say your fired. He has been firing the best of the best Americans that serve this country because they are smarter than him

  32. More people have died from the common flu (B strand especially) than the corona virus. World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that the flu kills 290,000 to 650,000 people per year. What Trump is trying to indicate is that the corona virus hysteria is being blown out of proportion. I had caught the B strand flu and literally never felt so close to death in my life. I'd be more concerned with catching the b strand flu than the corona virus.

  33. "Pin  it on somebody "    ?   isn't what he has been doing all his life ??     hahhahaha

  34. Eww , why did Americans even vote for this trash, we need someone to address real problems and really do something about it. I'm tired of these presidents' running their mouths yet nothing is being done.

  35. absolutely a narcissistic and reckless POS of a man, he needs to stop giving his hunch on a subject he has zero knowledge about.

  36. Typical Drumpf, blame China for coronavirus. It's that kind of deflection that causes violence against Asian-Americans.

  37. BETTER DEAD THAN RED, NEVER FORGIVE AND NEVER FORGET THESE TRAITORS. All of us true American patriots matter and treacherous treasonous traitorous trumpets, RINOS and the faux news propaganda machine don’t care about us. It’s always about him!

  38. Just to show this is a political year , swine flu, in 2009 under the Obama administration and with Biden taking the claim he knows how to handle it the the last 2020 democratic debate . H1N1 (swine flu) was not declared a national emergency until 1000 people died including 100 kids and a million infected in the US alone. Between between 151000 and 575000 people died worldwide. Am I wrong? …the flu killed 12,000 – 61,000 deaths annually since 2010.

    Here’s a medical Article from 2009 about H1N1.

  39. With Spotlight on Democratic Race, Trump Is Increasingly Hooverized by Two Colossal Failures: Coronavirus and the Stock Market; US Now Has 220 Cases and 12 Fatalities, Not the Zero Cases Trump Promised; Public Health Effort Increasingly Crippled by Lack of Test Kits; Trump Is Wholly Responsible but Still Tries to Blame Obama; When Will Trump Start Blaming Xi, Author of the Belt and Road Pandemic?; After Raving Statements, Calls Raised for Trump to Shut Up!

  40. With Spotlight on Democratic Race, Trump Is Increasingly Hooverized by Two Colossal Failures: Coronavirus and the Stock Market; US Now Has 220 Cases and 12 Fatalities, Not the Zero Cases Trump Promised; Public Health Effort Increasingly Crippled by Lack of Test Kits; Trump Is Wholly Responsible but Still Tries to Blame Obama; When Will Trump Start Blaming Xi, Author of the Belt and Road Pandemic?; After Raving Statements, Calls Raised for Trump to Shut Up!

  41. This is why d trump supports are stupid… They tried the impeachment hoax.. he is on the phone asking a foreign power to investigate and american citizen, his political rival. If OBAMA had done that he would have been impeached.

  42. Why Trump doesn't move to Russia and run against Putin, I don't know. It would serve his ego so much better if he won that race.

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