Dem rep downplays Biden’s outburst over his stance on guns

Dem rep downplays Biden’s outburst over his stance on guns


  1. . So….because your twat of a father was mental you feel that makes it ok to trample all over the Constitution and take away everyone else's rights.
    …BTW, they're called rights for a reason. If you pricks in Washington could simply take them away they'd be called privileges not rights.

  2. Biden …What??? Bernie??? What… Who cares …Stop it ..This is the best the DEMONRATS HAVE???
    It is the best …of the Pandering, Lying Ghetto producing liberal Socialists!

  3. Thumbs up if Trumpturds are happy with their wall, droughts and flood (climate change), their well paying job with vacation pay, health insurance and pensions and huge company matched savings plans or big social security checks that Trump said he will cut after reelection (Biden wants to cut them too).

    Tax cut for the people, not corporations.
    # Vote for new senators on Georgia, Arizona, Maine, Iowa and Colorado. After that, investigate Graham and McConnell

  5. Joe Biden is one corrupt Moran he’s a worthless stupid man .Our commander-in-chief Donald Trump will run circles around …Dumb Joe Biden any day of the week

  6. Dingellis one UGLY woman??? And just like the rest of the DEMONRAT party. They all talk out of both sides of there mouth!! LIE LIE LIE!!!!! TRUMP2020!!WWGAWG1!!!

  7. Bernie Sanders he is one corrupt communist pig.I would like to Buy him a one-way plane ticket to Cuba or Venezuela this guy is corrupt a crook Communist pig

  8. Yes ,to Joe B and Bernie s it's all about "who can beat Trump",,,,, but not what they can or can not do for this county or American's!

  9. Well hope you buckle up lady because neither of your dumpster fire candidates are going to beat Trump. Biden is senile and Sanders its nuts.

  10. Joe Biden will only be the Democrats frontman his vice president will be there true choice, Biden will be replaced as soon as humanly possible.

  11. Chances of Joe Biden making it to the convention alive with the coronavirus spreading around the U.S. and all the people he is around? I dont think old dementia Joe is gonna make it. Plus it wouldn't surprise me if people tried to infect the opposition. Wonderful times we live in.

  12. Joe Biden is a total has been. He needs a seat for the next debate.
    If he can't stand for a debate there's no way can he stand to be President. Even Obama knows he's a jerk. For once Obama said something correct.

  13. Really? You think treating an auto worker this way will fly? Oh, and he told Anderson Cooper he would send law enforcement house to house to take guns. That is not some people! That equals thousands of cops and civilians dead! You should be ashamed of yourself. Oh right, leftist Democrats have no shame!

  14. Biden has for idea how run America….only in the ground like 2008-2016 with Obama… rode coat tail OB. No body wants another bad 8yrs those clown ran. circus 2008-2016 again……..Trump America 2020.

  15. hey all you gun owners ,,,if you vote democrat you’re an idiot. democrats will definitely take your guns. all of them.

  16. Biden really thinks that the Constitution and Bill of rights are completely up to his interpretation. The DNC must have something on him that is really bad to get him to run against Trump. The nomination is actively being stolen from Sanders and being handed to Biden. Truth be told, Obama is the reason Trump was elected. And honestly if the democrats stopped being anti 2nd Amendment they would probably have a good chance at the White House.

  17. Biden cuts down potential voter and is losing his credibility like he lost Hunter to corruption just like his old man. Thanks for the post

  18. Her husband was friends with Biden, better see how corrupt she is too, bet you don’t have to look hard

  19. "Almost" not horseshoes. Stay away from constitutional rights. Your Husband YOUR problem. Taking MY rights away won't help

  20. How many more of these, "human moments" is Joe going to be allowed to have before people admit he's got some serious mental issues?

  21. What the hell does Bernie have to offer except communism which is free stuff for all anyone can offer that living off the idiots that believe it it's getting old Bernie

  22. D DNC wants to ban firearms because they don't want an armed revolt when Americans find out what their implementation of d UN's Agenda21 really is.

  23. 藤原薫子、長谷川薫を自称し悠仁様へ殺意むき出しの在日バカ女 says:

    Joe Biden will be defeated by Donald Trump so easily.
    Joe Biden can't fight with Donald Trump.
    But , Bernie Sanders can fight with Donald Trump.
    Warren's supporters ought to endorse Bernie Sanders.

  24. Biden's behavior is INEXCUSABLE, and has been for months…. We can all debate the reasons for his behavior later, ( and, Joe can participate in that discussion too, if he wants to ), from his home, or whatever home they put him in. As long as that home "is not" the White House.

  25. Does it appear like the Democrats are really scraping the bottom of the barrel to find someone to run for President against Trump or is my thought process corrupt?
    If Senators can stay in office for 40 years why can't our President when we finally find a Great One? That rules need to be changed.

  26. Health care for Dems is Healthcare for communist countrys ,,,That's how those people under those corrupt sick Communist leaders dictators are so Poor ,,,nobody is allow to be rich because of those ridiculous policys. I sure hope people think about it clearly

  27. No industrialized nations have Medicare for all. The current Democrats have taken positions at odds with the same Democrats from five years ago.

  28. It's a human moment when a democrat says something distasteful but if a republican has a human moment they want to impeach. Hypocrisy is deafening.

  29. The radical left said we need to get rid of the old rich white men in the DNC party & here they are backing Joe Biden!
    Joe Biden has a lot of baggage with him, a corrupt son, nefarious dealings with
    his family in the Ukraine & China, signing on for the sale of uranium to Russia, approving the war, in the Middle East, & having memory problems & anger management issues!
    Trump is going to have a field day if Joe gets the nomination! 😃🇺🇲

  30. 藤原薫子、長谷川薫を自称し悠仁様へ殺意むき出しの在日バカ女 says:

    Joe Biden is senile dementia.
    He always forgets his words in his speech.
    Joe Biden will be defeated by Donald Trump so easily.

  31. I think the only way Bernie stands a chance is if he goes after Biden over Ukraine and his lies about not talking to his son about any of it. He has to rip into this guy and make Joe bury himself with his own mouth. because when joe gets heated he speaks the truth and his truth will end himself

  32. The demonrats are like the blind leading the blind ,like dumb and dumber, demonic to there being , and yes bit h he does want our 2nd amendment you lier .

  33. Debbie you're starting to sound like Joe Biden do you have dementia you're stuttering all over the place vote red our president as sharp as a tack promises made promises kept and he's still looking out for the peopleyou will benefit whether you're a socialist Democrat or a Republican

  34. Lol, "he's human, the president did that a lot…" The only difference is that we bash the President for his, and claim Biden is just human…

  35. you're exactly right Debbie if Biden has a gun somebody needs to take it away from him because we can see he's mentally not stable

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