Dem Debate, Trump Lying About Ukraine & Space Force

Dem Debate, Trump Lying About Ukraine & Space Force


  1. People might joke about space force now but I bet it becomes huge in the future. Just think about how much technology has progressed in 20 years. It won't be long till we are fighting in space

  2. With all your hate against this President, one would believe you were hiding something!?! Hmmm… you hang out will bill Maher? I imagine you do! I think you need more accurate resources!

  3. How is he lying? It's in the transcript. He neither threatened nor pushed Ukraine to investigate a company which they're supposed to anyways. Why are you so afraid of an investigation? God knows you start one every election cycle. Anyone who believes this nonsense is willfully ignorant. I can't excuse you people.

  4. The greatest genius in history came up with the space force Idea!!! To be so far ahead of your enemies can give you an eternity of supreme power

  5. How about getting #45 to "autograph" a letter, with official WH header, saying :
    " Dear Mrs Speaker Pelosi,
    I hereby resign.


  6. You know Kimball you don't like Trump we know that but you could tell the truth he's doing a lot of great things for the country how's your stock portfolio looking how is your 401k you can thank Trump for that keep them in there another four more years and just imagine how much better your investments in your retirement will be remember the 8 years of Obama I lost a lot of money you put a liberal you put a democrat in the White House you could say bye-bye to your money

  7. In the end, it's folks like Kimmel that prevent the people from voting for their best interest. Remember, friends, Kimmel would have to pay more taxes if Bernie got elected. Peace

  8. Space force is now looking for space cadets, I find a lot of trump's supporters are space cadets and don't even know it. lol

  9. Trump ruining the whole world? This is propaganda nonsense!! USMCA, China phase 1 deal, prison reform, 2 of the world worse terrorist dead, ISIS on the run, breaking record economy and so much y

  10. How is the world ruined, it's probably cause Kimmel doesn't know what the economy means or when a country attacks our embassy we fight back unlike Obama and Hillary's benghazi

  11. Democrats have been trying to impeach Trump from day one with no proof and Hillary didn't get in no trouble but a slap on the wrist for deleting all her classified emails that anyone could of hacked we honestly don't know how much our security has been breached bc of her and how many she has purposely killed and how many killed from those classified documents

  12. 3:34 signature? That’s a capital G, a bunch of squiggles (like on a cardiac monitor or a sine curve), and then a higher scribble to finish

  13. Trump needs people to cheer for him because he suffers from low self-esteem. Trump knows he's a loser. He's never been able to succeed, and he's always wanted his daddy to love him, the way DJTJ and Eric want daddy to love them. Trump knows he's failed at literally everything, and is unable to find success, and needs to be constantly reassured.

  14. The ageism is tiresome. Making fun of someone for being older than you — and no other reason — makes you look insular and bigoted and narcissistic. If you are lucky, you, too, Jimmy, will some day be 78. Will you still be working? Will you be keeping the schedule that Bernie does–and at the same pace? Will you be as mentally sharp? Will you be able to do the job you're doing now? What will you be doing to improve the lives of your fellow Americans?

    Ditto for demeaning Buttigieg for his age.

  15. It is possible that the guy that got Trump's signature on the impeachment report will indeed get that $100K. If I was an uber rich guy, I would buy it, frame it, and hang it in my man cave.

  16. The president is lying about space force. Asteroid ccoming 13 April 2029
    Full disclosure 2025. No choice to ly because no one will go to work. Third of world will die. Democrats know this
    Last 20 years usa russia china hav been building underground cities. God help us. Only the poor and middle class people hav no idea. Even rich people dont . World elite do

  17. Does everyone remember when black people and almost everyone loved trump before he ran as a Republican 🤔 this is why more minorities voted for trump than Romney that have Conservative views

  18. Hahahhahahahaha if the Senate actually does what they are supposed to and run a fair trial you'll have Trump winning the 2020 elections with a landslide so be careful what you wish for.

  19. Trump should have remembered, that after you have earned a reputation for lying. No one will believe you when you tell the truth. The first impressions you make on people will follow you all through you life. Once a liar always a liar, it can become a part of Trump's legacy..

  20. What if Bernie Sanders did say that a women couldn't win an election and meant to say "a woman can't be president today, and that's a shame". I have no idea in which context he – supposedly – said it but I was wondering if he maybe meant it like that….

  21. Cut SSI benefits food stamps and the homeless issues how will he pay for it can't even take care of people of our country living on the ground.


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