Day in the Life of an Average Japanese Salaryman in Tokyo

Day in the Life of an Average Japanese Salaryman in Tokyo

[Music] this is Makoto a 27 year old single seller man living in Tokyo and he’s just waking up her work he prefers to skip showers in the morning as well as skipping breakfast at home very common in Japan and also time efficient his house is relatively large for Tokyo but he shares it with his family who run their business from the first floor looks like the rest of the family is still asleep in summer Tokyo becomes unbearably hot so he dresses in cool biz meaning light attire no tie or suit jacket some traditional Japanese companies don’t agree though and you’ll catch some of these salarymen walking the streets in the video Makoto how long does it take you to get ready so you think are you ready you may leave us [Music] mikoto lives too far from the nearest train station ah cabana to walk every morning so he takes a machete a Japanese slang for mom’s bike many people who live far from the station ride their bikes and park them and paid spaces as a city confiscate spikes in undesignated spots so there’s this unwritten escalator etiquette in Tokyo stand on the left and walk on the right as you can see market is excited to get to work so no standing for him so a coupon is in the northern part of Tokyo right Nick the Saitama Marcoses office is located in Korakuen which is luckily in the northern part of Tokyo as well as so he only has a 30 minute train ride to work which is half the time for a standard Tokyo commute but he does have to transfer at Midway and take two trains to get to work time to transfer trains [Music] mikoto how was the train ride about Saint in your home or not conducive to my gosh Thomas oh look that’s Tokyo Dome that’s pretty cool but the trains must be crazy busy on game day Mikoto works for our company called mobile a sim card provider in Japan Mikoto has hired straight out of university and he plans to stay with mobile his entire career another characteristic of a Japanese salary man so he’s gonna pay with an IC card commonly used in Japan and convenience trains taxis restaurants and even vending machines all with one touch oh how convenient his office is in the same building as the convenience as the youngest employee in the company is always the first one to arrive at the office it gives him family good opportunity and get some work done [Music] Makoto how many people are in the office when you is ruining the image of the intelligence the first person came in and more these two ladies are interns that Mikoto is helping manage and that’s his boss although with the small Koki office you can see that Mikoto sits next to his boss without any barriers open seating style what are you doing now in larger Japanese companies usually an office lady would prepare tea and coffee in the morning but in smaller companies you’ll find the youngest person will be tasked with many of the day-to-day administration seems like Michael does happy to do it though it’s about to get really busy we’re gonna be going to a lot of places but that’s kind of like what happens when you work at a small office you kind of have to do everything and Mikoto you come to in turns on the lights makes a car for everyone I don’t know it’s just like very similar to your country let me know in the comments he’s off to his first appointment now how much time do you have until the meeting so Mikoto’s official title is marketing advisor which is kind of vague in fact his business card doesn’t even have a title on it which will make a bit more sense as a video goes on Mikoto where are you going right now Sherman all I hereby sancocho my shop for the money must get all so funny you give us so Mikoto is visiting a coffee roaster in schema to prepare shipments for the company’s subscribers it seems kind of odd for a SIM card company to be in copies of triptans but the business is part of the company’s initiative as it donates all the earnings to charity called warm hearts coffee club managing this effort is also part of my kotas job right now as we speak oh wait I think I’m missing it now he’s heading to Shibuya from squishy Mount which are on opposite ends of Tokyo another 30 minute train ride so where are you going now Shariati no they missed among I’d already much asorio potato tomato juice a tiny dose if you’ve been working in Japan long enough like me you’ll notice that there’s almost an excessive amount of face-to-face meetings in between companies even though many interactions have already done over the phone Japanese feel it’s important to meet and talk in person to build strong relationships in fact makoto spends a lot of his day traveling on the train between home office and client visits all save you from the monotony and edit out most of the travelling but pay close attention to the time in between locations that gets eaten up by travel he doesn’t have a lot of time for a sit-down lunch so he’s gonna pick up some food at the supe or an English supermarket then head back to the office to grind out emails he missed during the meetings [Music] he’s unconscious in a minute thank us I don’t want to bother him during this lunch so let’s go forward explore on this office that’s the other barrier we came in on there’s a company here so it looks like it’s like three rooms are like three companies on this floor and then you have the men’s bathroom and then you have the women’s bathroom like all videos let’s check out what it looks like I don’t know do you guys looking at other people’s bathrooms or is it just me oh so one toilet on the floor and with the standard Japanese washed it and it looks like they do have this sink area which is pretty centered as well on most floors with like these something’s like small business floors I think it’s like pretty much required to have like a sink and instead of having one office and everyone shares like this like common space you know what’s actually in these boxes are SIM cards like free SIM card service for the rest of your life that’s crazy so I think I found something what’s this what’s this little thing here what’s this Mikoto you travel so much can you use taxis instead to get around factionism oh I know the tension a ghost a Makarov pistol I bet it was great Oscar Thomas hey man it’s not straight not impossible to get question with the answer yes [Music] so now Makoto and his boss are going at me with Softbank their supplier for SIM cards in more formal Japanese meetings it’s normal to take several people from the company in fact I’ve been in meetings with more than ten people from one company attend nice one of the first Japanese business manners to master is the Macy cocon meaning business card exchange at the first meeting Macy : is a must it would be quite embarrassing to not have a card as you would be viewed as incompetent or a person of no importance there are many rules such as how to hold the card with both hands how to dress herself how to set the card on the table and to not put away the card until after the meeting but that’s a video for another day it’s also Japanese business etiquette to show your clients at the elevator and to maintain the bow until the door closes [Music] so it’s five o’clock now and it’s just that kind of quiet I thought this is just finishing up some emails to this time not a lot to do before finishes at 6:00 aside from all the emails that he missed throughout the day so he’s just been working away and you would expect the day wouldn’t be complete without a visit and the delivery yay finally done just a little past 6:00 time to clock out and call it a day or maybe right are you going straight home we’re gonna eat your baby what’s gonna do put you there mother see you later before going to the next spot he needs to buy some postage stamps to send out a few documents luckily most convenience stores have a post box inside oh when electrons get closer you’ll often see these campaign cars near large stations so Makoto’s company also supports an after-school program twice a week he mentors the kids and eats dinner with him not so uncommon for Japanese element to work all these additional hours won’t show you that yes what you’re the kind of us and now the day is done back at his home station [Music] Oh No he still has work after getting home you want you to come out any second off you made it a question though would you consider to keep quite to give me your money cuz getting else that’s a true Japanese salary man spirit finally like most Japanese a bat that night before he goes to sleep I mean who would want to climb in a bed after sweating all day without a bath [Music] all right so that’s the end of Marco Thursday what do you guys think you guys like this day in the life series I’m actually gonna have a bunch more of these so definitely hit that subscribe button the bell button if you want to see more of these videos as you can see Mikoto his his chilling has been quite a long day that he’s had he’d have actually been to so many places traveling on the train sisters just right there just chilling I think his mom just came home it’s just been quite a long day if you guys like this video helped me out and hit that like button if you guys want to see what I’m doing on the daily then definitely check out my Instagram channel and I guess that’s it I’ll see you guys in the next one


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  2. very interesting and informative…really enjoyed it…I personally think the we (US) people could learn a lot from tokyo…… effeciency……thanks for the video

  3. why are people writing so many negative comments? he seems like he's enjoying his work and it's a happy environment (the company seems calmed and relaxed, i've seen other terrible stressful working environments). He's doing amazing. And he's working 8-10 hours a day, not 18 like a lot of other people (sadly).

  4. Most of the comment are talking about how he must be so sad, how empty his life is, etc. If the role were switched, I bet the Japanese will think that we per exemple (in France) we don't work enough, we complain to much, we have too much unecessary stuff and we should be more happy and grateful for what we have.

    Depends on the context and the country's society. It's easy to make fun of the Japanese but if they saw how our society works they would probably laugh too.

  5. first ever video watched from your channel, keep up the good work. Looking forward to all your vids from now on 🙂

  6. I lived in Japan for many years and married a Japanese girl. The sad thing is that most people cannot go home at 18:00 but need to stay at work until 21:00/22:00 and the extra hours do not get paid. Also many times the worker needs to go out to have dinner with the boss and other people in the company. Poor population enslaved in an endless cycle of work and chores to be performed daily. Weekends also (when not working), when someone supposed to be free and relaxing, most man’s needs to bring their wife out and about engulfing themselves in endless traffic jams as everybody goes out at the same time.

  7. No wonder their population is in decline. Who has time for relations let alone actually raising your kids or family time. That's tough.

  8. I found it funny how only at the end it was disclosed that Makoto isn't actually a stinking shower-denier but rather just takes his bath in the evenings, haha.

  9. Tobe fair, in small companeis you usually the everything, or at least you need to know how to do everything, because if one person gets sick you have to know how to take over their work. On one hand it is a lot,but on the other I belvie it grows a lot stronger bonds between employees and it s more family like.

  10. yoo
    the girl walking down the stairs in the background
    looks like this scene
    first clip

  11. Is this the future of all men? Just working a job that makes you want to kill yourself with no time to yourself? This is disgusting.

  12. The young man has a very structured lifestyle . I’m impressed with the lack of self with mentoring program he belongs to . He’s doing a good job !

  13. The Japanese are children of Koreans, all ethnic Japanese came from the Korean peninsula. Koreans are Japan's DADDY.

  14. I spent a week in Tokyo and it really is brutal during the summer. It was like 100°F when I went but the humidity was super high so it was just brutal. I can only imagine what having to wear a suit jacket everyday would be like.

  15. Watching Beyblade Cartoons in my childhood, I thought they are very happier people with free work like Max's father do in cartoon yet today before watching this video….but Oh man thank God I not live in Japan

  16. I live here in Tokyo and my dad works 13 hours a day. People here really are working too much, no wonder why some Japanese people die from overwork.

  17. Wow it looks so calm to walk those streets, interesting video and its amazing to see what life looks like on the other side of the world.

  18. Well… let’s suppose that makoto earns the minimum wage in tokyo that is ¥1013/h and he works 11hs.
    Monthly he makes ¥245.146, he lives with he’s family so he doesn’t pay rent and bills, he only spends money in food and as we saw he ain’t spent too much on it.
    He can live good, if he wants.
    Remember i made the math with the minimum wage, he prolly make more money.

  19. So pathetic his boss its not japanese but a white old foreigner lol

    No wonder why japan leads one of the first places on suicide .

  20. At japan. It is okay to work like that. They have this environment which is very light. Climate is cold and no heavy traffic. The environment is realy that good for research coz its very quiet and you will able to focus more on what you are doing.

    Unlike in philippines, you are already stressed at the heavy traffic. Super oily foods, hot weather and dirty streets.

    Also. Japanese are well disciplined. Sometimes they got this smoking time and that is the time for rumors, gossips etc. But they dont usually talk about it and they obviously know it. And they will judge you after the work. Not during the work. Lol.
    .mga chismosa at chismoso din but they dont realy care.

    Focus on the meaning of life which they found in the word "work".
    They have this drive that this is their calling. Reason to live and function to their country. Individual effort towards teamwork.

    Issues like suicide not happen in work, its depression that they have life, but its like they are nothing whe?they got home and if a person has a low self esteem, it will affect them multiple times due to the environment.

  21. You mean people don't just take up the whole goddamn escalator and make you wait like their dumb asses over in japan? Amazing. That drives me nuts…take like 3 steps and you'll be there. Or we can wait 2 minutes and you can hold up everyone behind you.

  22. Honestly I prefer this kind of work where you aren't sitting in a office all day and instead stay on the move around Tokyo.

  23. You know, I didn't realize how much Americans stood out in japan until i saw one. That guy's boss stands out like a western thumb.

  24. this looks pretty relaxing to me lol. hours are long but he isn't burning his brain throughout those hours, spending a lot of time traveling. Also at night the volunteer thing only happens twice a week so it's not like he finishes up that late every night.

  25. Can you do an episode with a day in the life a Japanese Bum?, You know like an alcoholic living in the streets. I am NOT trying to fun of anyone, but I met a Japanese guy in Detox one time many years ago (I am clean now) and he told me the intricate differences between an American Bum and Japanese Bum. The one thing that he told me that stay with me was that the Japanese Bums are men that in most cases have a lot of Money, but they choose to live like a Bum because they tried Of the “Rat Race” Of the all the “Work” And the demands placed upon them from their superiors, so they are just like “Fuck It”. I’m going to live the way I wanna live. So they quit their jobs or live off of their pension and spend all day drinking “Sake” and sleeping on “Park Benches”. It was an interesting conversation between me and him. It was our first day in “Detox” and we were overly medicated by the doctor. And then slowly the doctor weans you off every day after the first. Anyway is any there truth to this? I only way we are going to find out is if you do a day in the life of.

  26. I live in uk immigrants work really har except for the ppl whole is born in uk r lazy (not everyone)if its not in their job description they wont do it

  27. You need to introduce Makoto to Emi from your other video. If only so she can get him a job a her company. A 180-degree difference.

  28. In the UK it's normal for the interns to do a lot of the stuff that Makoto did. Showing up early and turning the lights on, making everyone tea and coffee, receiving the post/sending post and going into town to pick up stuff. I'm surprised that the two interns sat opposite him arrived way later than him and didn't leave the office. Interns are supposed to be the first rung on the ladder!

  29. Awesome content. Pretty impressive. I started making daily life videos in Melbourne. This video gave me a head start. keep up your good work. cheers.!!!

  30. There are too many social rules and etiquette in Japan. It's crazy, to hell with that. I'm good with a handshake and a greeting.

  31. I enjoyed the vid. 1 like for that 🙂 but.. I cant live so that so much work lol. Its still best to spend more time with wife and kids. Afterall they're the reason why we keep on living.

  32. wow its so professional and disciplined as expected from japan. What is that covering the bathtub or is it just a place to sit ?

  33. i think that with our "35hours/per week" law in france, we are really lucky! Japanese don't even have time to enjoy their life as i can see…. You only live once! And about coffee for everybody… nope. I don't care about doing it but if you want to drink it, come and get it! lol

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