Day in the Life of a Japanese Master Chef

Day in the Life of a Japanese Master Chef

[Music] [Music] this is Hiawatha a MasterChef famous in Japan for his kobe inspired fusion style cooking called Xinhua Shogun which means that new Japanese cuisine and he’s just arriving at his Roppongi Midtown office and I’m just waiting upstairs to greet him all right house on should be coming around the corner any second now good morning what time did you wake up Johanna tokuji gnocchi master for economic hit oh so his day doesn’t start at the kitchen but instead with an internal staff meeting although Hal has established several high-end restaurants in Japan he also runs a popular cupcake shop called Tokyo in Tatsu and in preparation of the new shop opening he has to review the shop implementation details with his staff at this level it’s not enough to simply make delicious food there’s a lot of people involved in the creation of each restaurant [Music] finally all finished against my exciting meaning you really meant long meeting so now they’re hitting halt to his flagship restaurant how you musta Tokyo it’s also located in Roppongi Midtown time to taste some food part of being a master chef is to create new menu items in order to keep the shop relevant especially in Tokyo apparently each batch of cupcakes are made with different ingredient amounts but houses hue relies solely on taste instead of the batch recipe as final judgement it all prepared correctly houses he can usually approve new menu items within three tastings but damn that’s a lot of calories so basically they just finished the taste to see now and some more stuff or the diplomats policy has been what four hours so far and it’s all been meetings he isn’t very much involved in the business process the planning process but the quality process it’s quite amazing it’s like that adage more money more problems I guess of more restaurants more food tastings I think it’s gonna be quite a long day another aspect of being a master chef is a celebrity now he has a photoshoot with a famous Japanese photographer shinny yamagishi known for his portrait gallery of public figures which now how is gonna be a part of damn that’s a lot of bowing I can feel the respect from here [Music] although most people in Tokyo use public transit how must be judicious on how he uses his time running as many business as he does traveling by car is the only practical solution so in the culinary industry what do you think is the difference between Japan and the rest of the world waka equals a thousand I’m a Muslim this man he says that for example in the States talented young chefs are able to find investors to help start their restaurant businesses so even if they fail they can find another investor to start a different restaurant whereas in Japan investors are rare so succeeding the first time is critical in fact when he started his first restaurant in Kobe he had to take on a high interest loan to get the restaurant started diamond genome said sugoku the idea bow position clearly then I don’t know happiness even on the residence [Music] so this is a pseudo restaurant in he BIA oh oh I think something is cut as I at the storefront looks like he’s telling the manager to take it down I guess it’s all in the details even the sign presentation has caught his attention [Music] how how does it taste as you know she don’t we don’t cut their things in the salons because almost okay come on you gotta we don’t have it again so whatever you would have thought to maintain the quality of food and service at each of his restaurants he must schedule periodic visits I asked if you can simply hire someone to do these checks for him but how says it’s difficult for someone to completely know for how each dish is to taste so he has to do it himself [Music] so it’s getting a little bit intense over there as a that teaches the staff how to prepare that who don’t do it Austin feels like a fifth time they brought it out and still not coming out right luckily how’s the nice enough to prepare some we don’t for me so I’m just gonna keep all these over there instructing them how to make a proper we don’t noodles the curry sauce is amazing a little bit spicy it’s a super super thick this is like the best hurry we don’t have ever had noodles hard or not okay we’re getting hands on now how mentions it’s actually common for preparation and flavors to change over time it’s not the cooks fault as this naturally happens but rather it’s a master chefs responsibility to routinely taste the food to ensure that each dish is prepared correctly how what’s wrong with the pork cuts it you module skeleton relations listen hi Toby Pato Brock you be partying at the hotel no captain came upon an avocado into the bees dignity so what do we do the lucky they’re putting the gotta call it Wow how many times have you asked them to remake the noodles q KY Mary damn that’s a lot of bowls well now that the quality has been restored I’m not bid the many specials in Japan it’s common to be written by hand well we’re ready to move on I think it took longer than expected you were working by yourself at first right can I ask if it was easier alone or in a large team like now still yet totally sloppy remember the costume Oh Jeannie you know the project over the vordigan of their motor story that objected Ignis simon cade oh my Tamiya they do hoga a party Universal Dodi al-fayed so on our way back how has decided to stop by two of his other shops to see how to stop a doing oh this is the cupcake shop padronia oh and this is his lounge restaurant it even has a sushi counter he’s really in everything finally back to Roppongi while many workers in Tokyo are caulking out at this time how is just getting started [Music] born in kobane known for its mountains oceans sake and Kobe beef as well as traveling the world all helped influence how to create a new style of cuisine called Xinhua Shoku which utilizes modern techniques to bring out the full potential of Japanese ingredients one of her specialties is a signature rolled Kobe beef filled with sea urchin and talked with smoked caviar but as a master chef he’s able to prepare Kobe beef dishes in many different ways so what would you say the most important thing is when you cook don’t that’s good stuff Mike I might make a yes team or finger salute wow this is what it’s like being behind the kitchen and it’s a it’s actually right-click four or five in different shapes in this like narrow space but they’re all or came together they don’t seem to like bumpin each other everyone works together so well looks like house is gonna be here for the rest of their night so I guess we’re just gonna wait until he finishes how long have you been working here for so what’s the most difficult thing [Applause] [Music] are you not going home yet hell whatever you usually go home don’t know and see the local vivica all right so that’s the day in a life of Japanese master chef what do you guys think if you like this video help me out and hit that like 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